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Paramount Northwest Theatre - Seattle, WA

Set 1:
The Promised Land
Black Throated Wind
Cumberland Blues
Me And Bobby McGee
Mexicali Blues
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Beat It On Down The Line
Stella Blue
Playin' In The Band
Tennessee Jed

Set 2:
Casey Jones
WRS Prelude
Me And My Uncle
Jack Straw
He's Gone
The Other One
Comes A Time
Sugar Magnolia
Ramble On Rose

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This is Donna's first show. Her first song is Playin' In The Band. We are fortunate she toured with the Dead for almost 8 years. Those were the Dead's best years too.

Oh yea, no encore listed here. And they ended the concert with Ramble On Rose. How random is that.

WRS-1st time played. Did not marry Let It Grow till 9/73 Nassau show.

WRS is more of a tease before Me & My Uncle.
How about that 1st set STella?

-Brianmerrilyn (08/09/2007)

If this is Donna's first show, who's that caterwauling on the Academy of Music shows in March?
-Lou Davenport (03/29/2008)

HAHAHAHAHA!! Hilarious man!!
Thanks for the laugh
-gratefuldan (08/05/2008)

MSR indicates that this show ended with NFA>GDTRFB>NFA with no encore. Weir says goodnight and see ya tomorrow.....
-jason (08/29/2010)

does the GD Download Series cut the Promised Land out? My CD starts with Sugaree.
-Anonymous (07/21/2011)

The WRS is a VERY short tease. Then it's as if Bob gets fed up w it or self-consious about it and blows it off and says something like "and now for a history lesson" and starts Me & My Uncle
-Mark (08/18/2011)

Donna haters get a life. It's not like she's distracting you from Pavarotti. The Dead never had a real good singer. They're all fairly poor vocalists, despite being in the greatest band to ever plug in an amp. If she was good enough for Jerry and Bobby, she was good enough for me. Don't forget, you do have the option of not listening.
-oydave (08/26/2011)

Fuck you oydave, they're all great singers. You can go fuck yourself for saying that.
- (04/22/2013)

Donna haters, get a life...all of y'all go on and on about the spring of 77, greatest run ever, mind blowing fantastic shows, or the wall of sound shows, great innovative shows with terrific jams and improv, all the greatest shows you rave about, ALL DONNA SHOWS. If she was good enough for the boy's for all those years, then as far as I am concerned she should be good enough for all of you. I doubt any of you have the credentials of having sung on Elvis records, or toured for 8 years, as a full member, with the greatest touring band ever!
-Kevin (10/14/2014)


This is not Donna's first show. Her first was 12/31/71 at winterland.
-John (06/13/2016)

Nope!!! it was 3/24/72. Before that, any tune she appeared on, she was a guest. She never became an official member and did a whole show until right before Europe '72. This website has all the answers you seek, you just gotta poke around.
-Anonymous (07/21/2016)

And as an addition to the comment i made above this one, i gotta say that Steve hit the nail on the head. Donna was a back-up singer for a lot of good tunes that no one ever gives her credit for. Ever Listen to the song "When a Man Loves a Women"? Cause Donna is on that record and it's a legendary record. Sooo.... even if she may have been annoying on a few Playin' in the bands, her vocal harmonies on every other tune she did were great. Even bobby admited that there was something missing from the harmonies on Looks Like Rain after she left.
-Anonymous (07/21/2016)

Lol, i mean Kevin. Steve makes a good point too. She definitely was part of SOME of the Dead's best years. The Debate over the best year of the dead will go on forever.
-Anonymous (07/21/2016)

I'm with Steve! The Donna years were the best hands down! And I'm muslim! We hate women!
-Dave Fadoul (08/27/2016)

Whoever thinks this is Donna's first show, are you completely oblivious to the existence of Europe '72 or the Academy shows before that?
-Anny Nana Mouse (10/29/2016)

first show with Donna was definitely 12/31/71
-Anonymous (01/09/2017)

Comes A Time,,,Indeed

- (01/26/2018)

Wasnít the encore; NFA>Going Down The Road>NFA?
The first NFA segment is cut off but itís on the GD release, Download Series #10.
- (09/07/2020)

Anyone who complains about Donna wasn't there

- (10/05/2020)

Donna's first show??? Really? Have you never listened to the Europe 72 album? She and Keith are all over it and it predates this show by months.
- (07/21/2021)

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Band Configuration
(07/16/72 - 10/19/74)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Keith Godchaux
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Backup Vocals: Donna Godchaux

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