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Soldier Field - Chicago, IL

Set 1:
Touch Of Grey
Little Red Rooster
Lazy River Road
When I Paint My Masterpiece
Childhood's End
Cumberland Blues
Promised Land

Set 2:
Shakedown Street
Samson And Delilah
So Many Roads
Samba In The Rain
Unbroken Chain
Sugar Magnolia

Black Muddy River
Box Of Rain

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anybody have a recording of this concert? Last time I heard Touch of Grey.

i don't think any show will ever mean as much as this one

i miss them so much

Greatest Band In The Land

the last dead show. a sad sad time. :(

A less than stellar last show on a crap-filled summer tour. What a mess. Yes, yes, I know that Unbroken is special, but I saw them play it every time, and it always was a complete disaster.
This was the only show where I got to go backstage (only for The Band's set)...for all those years, I was SO jealous of those people who go to go I finally knew someone with connections. Mickey Hart was hanging out watching The Band play, and then got scared away when all the hippies backstage asked for his autograph. Damn! I should have got that stub signed.

I'm glad it's over. Now I can get on with my life!!

Tha fuck is that supposed to mean, Ian? Didn't you have the will power to enjoy the dead and at the same time have a life of your own? Are you so obsessed with one thing that you don't have room for anything else. The Dead arent the only band I ever listened to but i'm bummed that they're no longer playing. What a stupid thing to say, you insensitive asshole. I doubt if you're even a dead head.

The dead changed my life, no doubt about it. More than anything else has i believe. They showed me that there is beauty in everything. Knowing that Box of Rain was the final song they ever did together was very moving, espically after hearing how great they performed it. Amazing. Thank you GD for showing me the light within this circle of rainbows that we live in.

as the words of the last line of the box of rain say and the last line of a song sang by the dead were
such a long long time to be gone and a short time to be there

ain't it crazy the last tune they played was box of rain? they hardley ever played that one!

farts that stink


extra stinky farts

"Such a long long time to be gone, and a short time to be here." - Robert Hunter, Box of Rain.

They weren't the best at what they did, they were the only ones that ever did what they did.

What a long, strange trip it has been.


I belive drugs allow you to quickly take life for-granted,and when you do that, the end is always nearer than it should or has to be, just ask brent and jerry when you meet in the end. Live clean with no poison peddlers footprints on your soul and you can create your own beautiful reality.

it pains me to say this but this show sucked...sure the final black muddy and box of rain were moving but this show was simply a sad footnote to a wonderful era...jerry was so sick by the time they played this show he could barely plunk out a simple little solo on lazy river road...very sad indeed my friends...but thank God for the memories and the tapes!!!

Could anyone send me a tape of this show?

i loved the dead, man. shit, the touch of grey is sweet. 3o yrs of fun!

my butt hurts.........

Their a Band beyond description!


The second set, besides Shakedown, Sugar Magnolia, and the Encore is awful. It is pathetic how bad of a stae Jerry was in. Really sucks. Peace

Kinda ironic that it was the last show and the opener was Touch......"I WILL SURVIVE"????!!????

So many roads to ease my soul...
-Andy Black

hey now!. first off, how are ya'll??? no chat with none of ya'll for a while.. just speak! i'll listen.. so, what's up with Ian up there? "thank god it's over?" what? did he take toooooooooooooo much! sucks to be him is all i have to say.. i just hate the fact that i didnt take enough.. well. okay. i hate the fact that i didnt take more.. and IAN you oughta be lucky we still have nice tapes to listen too, otherwise we would come and shut you up for good.. IE spin till you win.. :) bye.

love you all.

email me at any and all times!


Yeah, Ian's post was pretty stupid.
What a fucking tool.
---Dick Nastee

"Kinda ironic that it was the last show and the opener was Touch......"I WILL SURVIVE"????!!????"

Yeah, what a coincidence! They only played TOG over 200 times.

"There are things you can replace and others you cannot." Robert Hunter

I went to the 7/8/95 show the night before(it was my parents anniversary- I skipped their party to go). I promised my parents I would celebrate their anniversary with them the following night. Obviously I bought tix to the 7/9/95 show at the 7/8 show and expected to go. My parents made me go to dinner with them instead of the show, explaining to me that there would be plenty more dead shows but few opportunities to celebrate special events as a family...good call right? Very poetic, Jerry dies soon after and I had to find out by way of old tapes just how much the GD meant to me. Jerry's voice can always put a smile on my face. Its too bad he was not around longer.

I saw the 7/8 and 7/9 shows, the first night was really good, still remember the soulful Sugaree. When my friends and i met after the second nights show we all looked at each other and said- that was the last one, it's all over. We were right, but after seeing that night i didn't think Jerry was going to play another tour regardless of what happened, he turned to Bobby during Black Muddy River and said to him that he was done. Rock on Phil and Jimmy, everything must evolve

This was my first and sadly my last Grateful Dead show, I was 19 years old at the time and the experienced changed my life and I will never forget it! Jerry looked as if he was carved from stone. I can remember singing Box of Rain, thinking about the next time I would see this band and hell I was seriously considering the Tour, not to be. We miss you Jerry. D. Chicago, IL

For all of us head's and others reading this I have found something that you will all RELISH. You can find virtually any dead show from '65 to the end, '95. Just search for "Grateful Dead" and on the side it should say sort by date. Have fun

P.S. email me and tell me what y'all think

Just forgot to say that you can DOWNLOAD THE ENTIRE SHOWS FOR FREE, like any dead concert should be

This was about my 80th show live, and after it ended I turned to my wife and my best friend "Buffy" and said, "This is it. You have seen Jerry's last show". I told a dozen friends my feelings the next couple of weeks and then Jerry past. Did anyone else see it coming? I only can imagine if Jerry could kick it (synth. "H") once and for all how he would be making wonderful music today. Peace out Jerry as your spirit is free.

What a way to end! You can hear in their voices that they knew it was gonna end, "one way or another", but I don't think they realized it would be forever. East Coast '95 tour SUCKED overall. The kids coming up on the lot lacked "family" values, their negative energy forced once open circles to close to protect themselves. Things changed for the worse. Jerry was tired, sad, and hurt by the monster that had been created in his name among the teenagers flocking to the scene. "The Other Ones" were helplessly watching Jerry fade away, and the values of the community get scraped for money and narcissism. My old tour friends flew home one venue after another, one death after another. And, to top it all, Jerry gets a death threat! Where did things go so wrong? I'm glad my last show was at Shoreline that summer, I ended on a high note. This last show makes me cry when I hear it. The boys sound so burnt out and deflated. The image got bigger than the band, and they all were suffering under it's weight. It had to end, to transform into something else, to go furthur, to shake off the 99,999 that DIDN'T come for the show. This show is heavy with endings, and not a good example of what made the Dead great.

I was at this show, its funny how many poeple I know that said they were at this show but don't even know who opened up for the grateful dead that night.
On this show I broke down a couple nights before in Deer Creek and got a ride back to Michigan and borrowed my dads van to go to the rest of the shows. What a beautiful day it was that day, pulling into Chicago. "There were people every" shakedown street was busy and you had to move quickly to get inside! Once inside I moved quickly pass the girls spinning at the exit, Once i found a cool spot to stand "the Band" opended up and the sun was starting to go down. After the band performed a nice version of "the Wieght" I saw the dead take stage! Jerry looked kind white in the face and rather tired, As they hoped on stage i notice Mickey hitting his cowbell quietly to start a nice "touch of grey", and the rest history!

i never got to see a grateful dead show and that my home town had the last one it hurts a little more. im only 14 so i couldnt have done anything i would have been 4. grateful dead have changed my life. i hope that everyone else stay together long enough for me to see the dead because its not the same on dvd but i dont know if its the same without jerry.

I just listened to the Black Muddy River from this show and I could hear that beautiful sorrow in JG's voice very heavy in that version. Over the last few years I always thought he was saying 'goodbye' in the ballads. I know his beautiful voice always had that sad quality, but THAT Black Muddy River is something of a goodbye.

last few Standing On The Moon and So Many Roads and Days Between etc....

I REALLY felt he was saying 'see ya' y'all....

thanks JG........!!

I was sad to see them go......I never made so much damn money off dirty hippies after that. Those summer tours funded my life for years to come. Thanks dead-heads for buying BMW 525. Now Phish is gone and I'm retired.

Hey, I'm looking for a t-shirt that was being sold at this show... It said "I saw the Dead on LSD (Lake Shore Drive) " Does this ring a bell with anyone? Know where I can get one 10 years later??

God bless the Dead!

This was the last one for me too. I thank all the powers that be for the life changing experiences that have given me strengthss that I use to the day.....and realize somedays I am stronger than I thought. THANK YOU --JERRY, PHIL, BOBBY, MICKEY, BILLY and Vince

So Many Roads WILL ease my soul

GD was awesome, but the last show sucked, I hate to say that but it did, except for box of rain and black muddy river. This was an example of how sick Jerry was. Thanks GD for the music.

jerry could barely sing by the end. Sad. Scene was revolting.

unlike most people, i didn't really find unbroken chain or box of rain that great...i actually was saddened by this version of box of used to be such a beautiful song and with jerry floating away and Phil smothering the vocals it was just plain bad. I hadn't listened to this show for awhile but as my CD was on random So Many Roads came on...i got goosebumps on my skin...this might be the most moving song i've ever heard...i feel like all that jerry had left was poured into this was a great last hurrah.

peace Jerry, so many roads have eased your soul

Too bad the rest of the band pushed Jerry to tour so much when they knew he was in bad shape. So much for Family! If they really cared about him, they would have cancelled the tour and checked him into rehab sooner. Shame on the rest of them.

Best band ever! all the joy turned to a sad ending - it can happen...

All of the recordings assure eternity for the dead.

I was at this show.. it was decent..

Jerry was a wonderful person who wanted to replicate the rock stars and bluegrass and jazz he loved as a kid growing up listening and learning about music.. his insight and gift was he was able to meld all those american sounds into his own beautiful unique music, which was loved by people all over the world.. god bless you garcia whereever you are tonight... your music has brought many a smile to my face and warmed my heart more than once.. in short, you gave us your best!! REST IN PEACE!

I miss Jerry and the GOOD days. However, in a way I'm glad for him that the 900 pound gorilla called the Grateful Dead is finally off his back. R.I.P. Jerryt. The scene really start to suck and if I hear the work "bunk" one more time ....

Jerry was only good from 68-71. I don't wish death upon anybody but he should have changed his night job to drug hustler instead of musician.

i don't agree with you.sorry that you feel that way....don't be so harrd niggas.for what garcia was going through,he gave his best.we are lucky to have these shows to hear.i am not one who claims,but am a musical expert.i love the allmans,but for all the retards out ther,the brothers were not even close to covering the material the dead did.they had to play way more songs and remember them.some material in common.morning dew by garcia&co is beautiful as is stella blue&days between.sad but promising.fuck the allmans version,not even close.let the good times roll.see you on the way to the haters.u.s. mail-200 mcg.
-mr. taw

I was there and it was a religious experience. The esctacy when they broke into Shakedown at the start of the second set made us all cry. Double encore was a big treat. It was funny after the Star Spangled Banner (HenderiX recording) It started into Purple Haze and it was like OMG a third encore!!!! Then the recording cut.What a tease!

Pretty sad overall. Very surprised at the glowing reviews for both BMR and SMR. I love both those tunes and these versions are horrific, especially if you have a aud copy. Out of tune and his voice is cracking and yet people are raving. Oh well.

If you listen closely to BlacK Muddy River on the first chorus Jerry CLEARLY says LAST Muddy River. Just something to think about...
- (04/09/2007)

Historical footnote aside, this was a shitty show that capped off a shitty tour. The band was clearly falling apart, and it was evident through the speakers. I jumped on at 3 Rivers, which was a crappy show where Bob carried the band, Jerry was barely there, and they played the worst Terrapin ever caught on tape (outside of P&F versions). Deer Creek was tragic on so many levels, not the least of which was Garcia struggling and then abandoning Scarlet/Fire. St. Louis pure mediocrity.... and then Chicago was a the turd to cap it all off.

It was tragic, and a fine example of why it's better for a band to retire on top of their game rather than erode into a pathetic mess.

It's a real shame Garcia didn't take the time to heal himself.... maybe like a few year hiatus after Brent died, so Jer could've been in better shape, and they could have found a keyboardist that worked.
- (05/08/2007)

Wow, it is incredible how all the attitudes here directly reflect what the scene ened up turning into during the final years. I will be forever grateful for the memories and friendships that were made. I pray that everyone landed somewhere safe.

- (05/29/2007)

Whats the longest Dark Star? Anybody know?

-mr. charlie (07/14/2007)

Ok, I'm not a DeadHead, and I unfortunately was born in '89 so I was shit out of luck to see them from the get go. But Now at 19 I listen to all the Dead Shows possible I can get my hands on. And For some reason this is my favorite one. The "So many roads" IS FUCKING INCREDIBLE... Do any of you guys hear what I hear? I hear jerry telling us this was it, and that guitar solo is fucking amazing. I've watched the footage and you can tell he is struggling. He is one of tow top guitar player
1. Jerry
2. Trey
The rest is just music.
-Hugo (08/29/2007)

Ok Best and worst Grateful Dead songs.
-Mr Charlie (09/13/2007)

wow, i am listening to sampson and delilah right this moment for the first time and its rockin! i can see why some people would see this show in light of years gone by but im sure if i had been there at the time i would have thought it the greatest experience of my life, i guess all those shouting for phil to sing must have gotten a dose that night, i was born in hampton august 68 but did not see my friends until i went away to college in 87. it changed so much. i think my version is missing so many roads. samba in the rain is strange but corrina rocks, bob was on that night and is that jerrys awesome solo before the drums? it sounds so much like not fade away at the end and sounds like it will never end with the weird keyboards what a crazy jam band! wow! jerrys all the sudden shooting fire and love from his guitar and drums still is not here or is it drums with jerry leading the way? morphing into some jazz with phil leading the way into drums! it is phil and two drummers jamming; the crowd noise during drums is wild sounds like everyone is going crazy! the rhythm devils do not disappoint that night they seem to take up any slack. cool space actually very percussion like holy shit flashbacks :) into sweetness again looking for familiar faces again...with jerrys solos again just so strong and vince welnick on the keyboards yes its the worst singing but its not jerry could one have ever known it was close to the end. even today it is not stopping. very fun sugar mag with the crowd going wild everyone loves the kind side of bobby near the end of the show and jerry lays it down again on the ax...will they play all night? sunshine daydream wow is it over now no catch your breath and listen to jerry on black muddy river what a beautiful person jerry beautiful sing on brother roll muddy river. box of rain what more could be said?
- (10/15/2007)

It seems like they really dumbed down the setlist, maybe because the previous night was pretty bad as well. Just a great band with nothing left in the tank. Garcia's performance reminds of me of Miles Davis towards the end.
- (11/05/2007)

I was there...It was heaven and hell. The scene in the parking lot was hell while heaven on earth was in the stadium. The show was grate! But, I must admit that Jerry looked quite unhealthy. I was 30 rows back from center and it was a great show. There was an unusual feel to the show...I can't explain it but it was eerie - instead of IRIE! It will be remembered as one of the most historic shows of all! It rivaled neary any show of that decade and I will always be grateful for being apart of it.
God Bless the Grateful Dead and God Bless all Heads!
- (02/07/2008)

What is Barbed Whire Whipping Party? If anyone can help me out, It would be great. Peace Be With You
-Stevie G (02/16/2008)

i couldnt disagree more. spring '95 had some gems (2/21 salt lake and 5/21 vegas immediately come to mind) and while summer tour was a complete mess, the train was really only completely off the tracks during that summer tour. '94 was rough in spots, but had some good along with the bad.

as for the years immediately following brents passing, it wouldve been ludicrous to consider taking a break. jerry WAS healthy at that time, and IMHO the post coma '87-'93 period was the bands best. lots of old classics back in the repertoire ("dark star", "attics", "new speedway", etc.) and lots of good new songs with the "in the dark" and "built to last" material along with "so many roads", "days between" (maybe hunter/garcia's most truly poignant work ever) and some other songs with nice new facelifts like "we bid you goodnight" and "black throated wind".

the playing was tight, and while the singing often wasnt as solid as it was in the 70's, when were the dead really ever about vocals? lyrics yes, but we came to expect some rough vocals here and there.

anyway, i would agree that much of '94 and '95 was rough and a long break during THAT time wouldve made sense (and maybe kept jerry around, though i kinda doubt it) but a break during '90 to '92 wouldve been tragic IMHO as some of those shows are near or AT the top as far as the "best ever" lists go.
hornsby really pushed jerry, and vince added wonderful backing vocals that had been gone since phil losing his voice some 20 years before. God bless Jerry Garcia, and God bless bruce for coming along and infusing him with an added energy that kept the band going full speed ahead.

....and thats not even mentioning the fact that weir had REALLY come into his own and taken over as an equal frontman along with the rythm section just getting better and better.

"purists" can cite the 70's all day long, but ill always point to '87 to '93 as the deads true "glory years".
just my .02
-gdjake (03/01/2008)


"barbed wire whipping party" is a mostly nonsensical series of chants that was recorded during the "aoxomoxoa" sessions and never released or played live.
david nelson and robert hunter were on the track, and though it was rumored to be released on the "so many roads" boxset, hunter used his veto power at the last moment.
honestly, i can understand why, as the lyrics are very downtrodden and dark. here is a sample of the lyric:

"The barbed wire whipping party in the razor blade forest.
The other day I went to Mars and talked to God. And he told me to tell you to hang tight and not worry. The solution to everying is death."

see why hunter didnt want it released?
apparently nelson was all for it, but hunter said:
"That was my addition to Aomoxoa but when I listened to it I decided it was blasphemy and I wasn't sure I wanted to live with it for the rest of my life, so I decided it shouldn't go on."

thats about all i know, and ive personally never heard the track. if youre looking for more rare tracks i would recommend the material from the 1970 acoustic sets as well as "believe it or not" and "california earthquake" from the late 80's. hope that helps!!

-gdjake (03/01/2008)

I was at the show the night before, and choose not to say for this one. It was my first midwest show and I was not feeling it. The whole vibe was off: felt more agro then I was used to, but I chalked it up to the "midwest influence" (no offense).
It was the worst performance I ever saw, Jerry couldn't even sing most the lyrics and most of the audience was going crazy with excitement! Again, I thought that maybe since I was blessed to see him so often in CA, especially JGB, that maybe my expectations were higher (little spoiled here).
To top it off, my good friend and I were not getting along at all, and the trip almost ended our friendship. But once we heard the sad news, everything was forgotten. Jerry one again had touched my life in the right way at the right time.........
- (03/18/2008)

I seem to recall some CCR at this show... was I just trippin? I know The Band opened, and perhaps CCR was covered? Anyone have the stet list for the GD 7-9-95 show?

Great memories... still miss you Jerry.
-CCR? (04/13/2008)

Clarification... anyone have the set list for the Opening of this GD concert?
-CCR?2 (04/13/2008)

Hey (gdjake) Thanks for the info on barbed wire! So this is not even bootleged?
-Stevie G (07/21/2008)

The afternoon of the last show, me and 2 friends were walking up LSD from where we were camped, down by McCormack Place,,24th street I think. There were large groups of DeadHeads all headed up the same way. As we crossed the south-bound traffic lanes, just as I stepped off the street up onto the sidewalk, I heard a traffic cop yell for people to lookout. Right behind me, a hippie girl just got ran over by a local in a Ford Escort. The driver almost hauled ass,, but the cop was on her pretty quick. Even though I had CPR and First-Aid training,,this one was beyond anything I could do. For a long time the sound of the girl getting ran over was stuck in my head. This pretty much set the tone for the rest of the trip. It was very sad,,I felt so bad for the girl and her friends,,her friends stood right there and watched her die on the street. Does anyone else here remember this??
- (09/21/2008)

LAST Touch Of Grey, Little Red Rooster,
Lazy River Road, When I Paint My Masterpiece, Childhood's End, Cumberland Blues, Promised Land,
Shakedown Street, Samson And Delilah,
So Many Roads, Samba In The Rain, Corrina, Drums, Space, Unbroken Chain,
Sugar Magnolia, Black Muddy River &
Box Of Rain

- (12/23/2008)

Was unimpressed with the show at the time, but didn't realize it was going to be the last one. Unfortunately the scene had to end. It was getting out of hand. "Touch" ruined everything in my humble opinion. Terrible that Jerry had to pass for it to end.

-mk (01/04/2009)

I was a Deadhead of only two years at the time, so I was in heaven regardless...Just being there was like WOW for me. It was only my second show, and obviously last.

The performance was just ok, from memory; and listening to the tapes now, it has it's good and bad moments. I don't think it's their worst, and certainly not their best show.

One thing is for sure, in my opinion, that So Many Roads is absolutely AMAZING. I have not heard a better one yet...Jerry's last shining moment.

peace & love
-Scott#2 (01/16/2009)

"Whats the longest Dark Star? Anybody know?"

12/12/90-12/14/90 Over 48 hours!

-bossgobbler (02/08/2009)

Streaming live on as i type this....set 1 has pretty good energy so far; jerry flubbing lyrics to lazy river badly...
-billymunster (03/28/2009)

and it's all over now, baby blue
-st. stephen (06/19/2009)

Just wanted to hear Jerry's last song again and just realized it is 14 years to the day. Seems like yesterday
-Anonymous (07/09/2009)

GDTS was so kind as to betstow upon me a front row (SEC B, ROW A, SEAT 1) ticket to what turned out to be the only show at Deer Creek in '95. I had no plans to see any other shows after 7/2 and 7/3. When the 7/3 show was cancelled I decided to go to Chi-town to catch the last show of the tour. I paid what was to that point the largest sum ever for a ticket to a concert ($60). In short: My only "Cumberland", done very well; witnessing Bobby f-ing up "Promised Land" not once but twice; and the Dead finishing (ominously) on the lyrics "such a long, long time to be gone and a short time to be there". A big F You goes out to all of the leaches who saw the Grateful Dead as nothing more than a meal ticket, as well as to those who choose to scrutinize to the point of ridiculousness. In my opinion this was a straightforward performance and any shortcomings were more to the fault of one Bobby Weir than J. Garcia. Aboogliaddadayaggimu moogiadayuh.----The Mayor of Colorado

- (08/08/2009)

What can be said, that hasn't been said. What a great man and musician What a lost.We love and miss you Jerry! Play on Dark Star, now you are in harmony with your Birdsong.
Jesus loves dead heads. Please call out to him before we end up dead and gone. Love you guys!Thanks for the fun times!
Romans 10:9-10+13, “that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For with the heart one believes unto to righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation… For whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.”
I love you guys.
- (10/13/2009)

I personally find it fitting and touching that the first song played at Jerry's final concert is "Touch of Grey," signifying that even though he has left our lives, the music and legacy of the Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia will live on. We will get by, and we will survive. RIP Jerry, we all miss you.
Such a long long time be be gone, and a short time to be there.
- (11/07/2009)

Hello. And Bye.
- (11/28/2009)

For me the highlights of this show were "Touch of Grey", "Lazy River Road" and "Cumberland" in the first set, which by the way I thought "Cumberland" was great! "So Many Roads" is ridiculous. I think an official version was released, but find a soundboard of the show because on the SO MANY ROADS box set the song is edited. The version played is much better IMO. The "drums-space" segment was really long that night. "Unbroken" is always a treat, I wish Jerry would have been playing a little bit louder since it sounds like he was starting to play "Morning Dew" before Bob literary overpowered him by playing the opening rif to "Sugar Magnolia". On the brightside SM was rockin'.
The encore is really good. A really nice Jerry tune is followed by Phil Lesh doing one of my favorite songs. LLTGD!
- (03/20/2010)

I saw the 7/8 Sat. night show from 20th row and Jerry was out of it (my 1st show was in '77). Terrapin was abysmal - forgotten lyrics ... Had Sunday tix, went to the Ritz and met Jerry leaving for the show. We talked about the Art Institute; El Greco. Got him to sign a Bear's Choice LP that Bobby and Phil had signed, shook his hand, said "have a good show," and he was gone. I gave away my 20th row Miracle tix since I knew the show couldn't top meeting Jerry. thefasterwegotherounderweget
- (04/09/2010)

Definitely knew that it was Jerry's last show. I'd been saying it all summer. But that last night I was crying for my miracle and when I was miracled in I told the kids who miracled me "this is it, the last one! I'm going to make it count!" When Jerry sang Black Muddy River I bawled for a life was so obviously pained and for the loss of a part of my life that could never be repeated. I'm happy to be where I am now, but eternally Grateful for being there then! These are the Days Between...
- (05/10/2010)

I wish i could have seen him live
-Johnny b (01/18/2011)

my last show was in highgate vt,,,,what a mess,,cant say i was any better,,,summer of 95 tour was awful,,,sound like every body had the same opinion ,,,,,not sure if i was lucky enough to be at hampton beach on 8/9/95 but it was pretty awsome in alot of ways,,,IAN hope your life is better,,,,
- (03/06/2011)

Sixteen years have gone by and there is still no finer band in the land.

- (06/18/2011)

Unhappy anniversary...

-Ithinkit matters (07/09/2011)

Unhappy anniversary 2...

-Ithinkit matters II (08/09/2011)

Thank you to the leader of the band.
- (08/12/2011)

The Dead were tremendous from 1967 through 1980. After Keith and Donna departed, things went downhill fast. And they were a much jazzier, versatile, band with only one drummer. I wish Mickey Hart would have stayed retired!!!
- (09/03/2011)

How can any of you NEGheads out there say youre even a fan. They started in 196fucking5!!! You cant be grateful he gave us 30 fucking years of music. If any of you can do a better job , go start a tribute and book all the venues they played, play all the encores they played, put up with all the bullshit they had to go thru for 30 fucking years!!! Really people ? BE GRATEFUL. yea he forgot a lyric now and then, , any of you do a better job day in and day out ? NO not even a ?. half of you bitchin have prolly never even seen a show and the other half prolly some dope heads that didnt even go for the music. Its about the music my fellow deadheads. If you have the gall to put a negative comment on this website let alone this exact date , how do you sleep at night? "Time there was and plenty, but from the cup no more" - St.Stephenhead
-Tyler (09/05/2011)

Jerry's playing was very poor on this show unfortunately. I remember thinking during his solo on Cumberland Blues this may be the last time I will see them. It wasn't my choice, but turned out to be the last show for me. RIP Jerry
- (09/23/2011)

Best golden road to unlimited devotion ever!
- (10/10/2011)

Pigpen's piano playing was awesome, but sadly that was the only highlight of the shoe. Nevertheless, I still had a great time! R.I.P Jerry, Keith, Pig, Tom, Billy
-Anonymous (11/26/2011)

at nite time i imagine jery standing on the moon singing new speedway into hi time over and over...then there comes a time...
-st of circ (01/19/2012)

Happy 70th Birthday Jerry.

- (08/01/2012)

I was too young to see the Dead before Jerry died, but I had an older friend who was on this tour. He epitomized all the things that went wrong with the 1990s scene. He was NOT a Dead Head (more of a Rush/metal fanboy), and he came to the shows for the hippie chicks and the drugs. Some of the commentators above mentioned the new tour kids' lack of "family values" during these '95 shows. This guy is a perfect example. He and his friends were criminals and junkies. They broke into cars in the parking lot, shot dope, and didn't give a fuck about the band. They were there for the parking lot. They never even went inside the stadiums. My friend told me that "I did hear some of the music when the band was playing, but it might as well have been a random song on the car radio in the background. I never paid attention..." I'm glad the scene (and my friend) has cleaned up (although he never became a real Dead Head). When I go to shows today, almost everyone I see is there for the music. I'm sure there are still bad experiences, but I'm glad I never witnessed this.
-Andrew (08/18/2012)

Good god, if it wasn't for the fact this was the dead i woulda turned it off five minutes in. All historic value aside, jerry is gone. He does NOT sound like he wanted to be there. he just... died. I mean, the cumberland sounded like he was just playing cause he had to, no passion in it. It is erie that a month to the day after this he died. I think he knew what was coming and he was probably in so much pain at this point that he wanted to just get it over so he could rest. Very unfortunate that such a cosmic mind fuck of a band ended their stellar career like this. Sorry, i'm a dead head for life, but that doesn't mean i won't be brutally honest. This was depressing. R.I.P. jerry, will love you forever, keep burnin them sweet leaves in heaven with Pig Pen.
-Anonymous (09/03/2012)

the only shows I ever would've gotten too would've been on this Summer '95 tour, and sure I loved the lot...stayed home to live the Lot Life @ home, but don't think the Dead wasn't playing over it all.

I'm sorry it turned out the way that it did, but I've always had a lot of regret over not hitting these Summer shows, namely Highgate, and Meadowlands both nights. Sounds like the younger, drunken fans weren't too welcome as it was. (that's who I would've been) and the music wasn't appreciated.

I don't know how it would of been, but I know how it is. I love you guys, I love Jerry, and I love what's left.

Roll away the Dew
- (09/13/2012)

Nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile... He's gone and nothin's gonna bring him back. He's gone...

Thank you! Lots of love!
- (09/15/2012)

It did piss me off how many young kids were there just to drop acid or smoke weed. But I do think it would have been awesome to hear a Black Peter that night.
- (10/06/2012)

It's quite amazing to look back over 17 years later. The Saturday show was my first show, and I was only 15 years old. I went for the music. But I was happy to partake in the drug scene. It was my first show. So I was happy to hear any song they played. It was my first lot too, so I didn't know any better. I knew the music wasn't their best, but I was happy to be a part of it. Please don't generalize the new kids as being the downfall of the scene. We were there to dance, smile, laugh, and enjoy the best of what was still good. And it is still good, to this day and forever.
- (11/29/2012)

I am waiting for more video of this night. Only so many roads has been released. Lucky to have been tenth row center. It represented 22yrs. Of my devoted summer vacation. Still saddened but the audio from this night is a good board boot.
- (05/16/2013)

Just gotta poke around. Some of set 2 is on Youtube:
-Anonymous (09/03/2013)

Just pulled out the DAT tapes and gave a listen for the first time in over 10 years. Yup, not the greatest of shows, but a memorable one, non the less. Not a technical masterpiece by any stretch, and the winds in Soldier Field were wicked on the mics. Kinda prophetic that I found myself in tears during "So Many Roads" and did not know why. Makes sense now. Choose the right one.
- (10/20/2013)

I keep rereading the set list, cuz I was there and I was so certain that they played Broken Down Palace. I remember even saying at one point saying "Man, way too many of these songs sound like he's saying Good bye". I don't see it on the list, so maybe it was just a dream I dreamed one afternoon long ago. Love and peace to all.
- (10/29/2013)

I think Jerry's voice got better with ageand experience.
- (12/22/2013)

I can sill remember so many roads,his voice was so bad but his guitar was so sweet
- (01/14/2014)

Was that Jerry playing the Star Spangled Banner at the end??
- (01/20/2014)

Ease your souls.
-Me (06/05/2014)

Any show is a great could hear jerry breaking up during so many road....and did any one catch jerry saying Last muddy river the first time around.....they were done after first encore....Phil said fuck it, we are doing box of rain.....I was happy to get a miracle to this show Monday after they crashed the gates at DCMC....if you didn't like the sets,than screw and hop on tour with Dave Mathews....they gave us so many shows and roads.,..johnny porter

- (07/26/2014)

And for all that feel they are so rightiously dead....cut off your dreads,credit card heads spending daddies money to suck some nitrous....I was blessed by this show....yeah the set could have been hotter but jerry was worn out....hell I even enjoyed samba.....and Vince held the cops at bay with a knife while he slit his throat as he was so upset about Brent and jerry any head that bitches about this show....take off your head merit badge,...I hear Mikey Cyrus and Taylor Swift are going on tour...hop on that bus and try to find some family....JP
- (07/26/2014)

I was there. 243rd show (started in spring '68), and this one was the best by far.
-Wiley (09/22/2014)

My right knee is so very sore. Could that possibly mean that we're expecting rain? I wish I lived closer to Tulsa. I've recently discovered arugula. There's a town called Dublin in Georgia, too. I recently purchased an oscillating fan online. I always prefer spring water over purified water. Macadam roads have better gripping quality than asphalt. I had 3 deer in my back yard last nite, but a few moments later, they had vanished. We saw a Native American crying by the roadside last week, and the bloke I was riding with told me that he was tempted to roll down the window and say, "Hey, smoke a peace pipe, chief", but I quietly advised him against it. I have not picked up a Frisbee in years. My allergies prevent me from buying a puppy. Don't ever use a propane turkey fryer in your garage. Very small rocks don't float in water, but sometimes they will in gravy. No one has ever told me I have junk in the trunk. Perhaps someday. I'm handy with a cordless drill, but just the smaller ones. I've been to the top of the mountain ... almost. Bye for now.
-Hoz (12/18/2014)

This show was absolutely STAGGERING when just considering how many songs were played for the very last time that night! Here's a list of some of the songs that were played for the very last time at this show .... Touch Of Grey, Little Red Rooster, Lazy River Road, When I Paint My Masterpiece, Childhood's End, Cumberland Blues, Promised Land, Shakedown Street, Samson And Delilah, So Many Roads, Samba In The Rain, Corrina, Unbroken Chain, Sugar Magnolia, Black Muddy River and Box Of Rain were ALL played for the very last time!! Even drums and space were never played again after this show!! Staggering. There's never been another Dead show that featured so many tunes, all being played for the very last time!! And believe me, I checked!
-Johnson Envy (12/18/2014)

A career unmatch by any one before or since. The Dead will never die, the deadication of the tapers ensured that. Jerry may have sounded like he was on his last drops of energhy, but i still think it was a beautifully fitting end to the craziest music group to walk the earth. I've never seen a jerry show, too young, but i would have taken their worst show if i had the chance to see even one. Them at their "worst" is still wilder then most others. It's like saying you found the worst slice of pizza in NYC, it's still better then anywhere else.
-Murphy (01/02/2015)

The show on the 8th was my last. I came back by myself on the ninth with two tickets hoping to bump into some familiar faces - no cell phones back then, ha! I was beat form the night before and had to work the next day. On my way up to the gate I saw this beautiful young couple holding a miracle sign. I obliged and went home. Little did I know that would be the last decision I would ever make regarding the Boys.
- (01/10/2015)

July 3-5, 2015 - Soldier Field. Billy, Mickey, Bobby and Phil w/ Trey Bruce and Mr. Chimenti. The "last" time the original members will be on the same stage according to Bob. Mail Order Starts Tuesday the 20th. Almost 20 years to the day, lets hope they make it count.
-Anonymous (01/16/2015)

Stinky farts in the mouth
-Big dick (01/21/2015)

Lots of great stories read here, thanks...
Listening to the 95 recordings I can hear the pain in Jerrys voice. No doubt he was powered by H. a lot of the time but he's a great artist. As we know, H. has taken a lot of artists out many much younger...
Those who saw the last few shows should feel fortunate, I would think most folks in that physical shape would have been laid up in bed...Jerry was out PLAYING, right to the bitter end...Who would not want to have been at those shows.?.
Amazing, like Renoir, who in his final days painted from a wheelchair with the brush tied to his hand!
Amazing... JERRY Lives on...
PS. I listen To GD Tapes on Sirius Sat, they have a GD channel 24/7 no commercials, it great...
"When I Paint My Masterpiece"... Peace and Love, Peace and Love...
- (02/11/2015)

too many trolls in these forums -___-
-Anonymous (05/16/2015)

Have enjoyed GD since 1971. Long live the great tunes. I miss the shows and all the fun I had. There will never be another GD or a band like them. Rock on to all and peace to all my brothers and sisters.
- (05/28/2015)

The show wasn't their best by any means but the So Many Roads will never leave me.
- (06/27/2015)

Wow that twenty years went by fast....July 4th weekend was great sitting on the deck jammin' Sirius/Xm over the satellite out in rural America. Thanks for all the good times all those years ago!
-Bossgobbler (07/09/2015)

20 years later and I've finally mustered up the courage to listen to this show in it's entirety. Still buzzing from being in Santa Clara and streaming the last three shows in Chicago. Love you Jer.
- (07/09/2015)

The So Many Roads, the complete and unedited version you can find on YouTube is the most honest, soulful and tear jerking version you will ever hear. I'm haunted by it and have instructed my kids to be my burial song...
- (07/09/2015)

Its sad to hear so many hurtful posts for these last shows of 94 and 95. Blaming is everywhere. Shoulda, coulda, woulda. Who are we to pass judgment on these men; this man? Would any of us have been up to the task of carrying us all on our back? Even the hardiest of us heads didn't do 80 shows a year. Those guys did. For thirty years. Enough time for many of us to pass into and back out of the scene, while they kept going, kept going. Touch of Grey success created the need for more shows, bigger payrolls, more shows - a fish eating its tail. We dragged them mercilessly along, demanding more, and then bringing our own mind-blown trips along for the ride, all the while criticizing them for THEIR drug problems. Please. Stop. It was one-for-all and all-for-one, starting back in 68-69. They carried us. We carried them. 76-85 it was just pure appreciation for them, the scene, each other. Then it became a monster, and we were it. And we demanded they feed us, and we were HUNGRY. And we blame THEM for not holding it together and giving us a Spring '77 every time they hit the road? Ease up, ladies and gents. The scene was beautiful, right up until the last note of the last show. Every note played, every verse sung (whether or not they were "on") was played with the same love for us.You Tube the So Many Roads vid from 7/9/95 - the show we all bemoan for its lameness. Watch that vid. Every minute of our 30-year story is held in Jerry's voice in that song, rising to a power so strong, it boredered on a wail. I believe it was his way of saying, "you folks just have no idea..." I've watched that maybe 20 times. Never once could help but cry. Mickeys farewell words in Chicago 7/5/15: "Be kind". We all created something singular; the band, the roadies, Graham, the camp grounds, the tapers, the Miracle tickets, the parking lot, seeing faces from last year's venues, hugs, sharing. That will never be broken, and arguing about the date on which it should have ended, or wishing people got healthy is like turning away from mortality in denial. Think back to the best show you ever attended, from the scene outside to the rocking energy inside, and be ecstatic that you ever had even a single chance to know in person what the Grateful Dead could do for you. DID do for you. "When I had no wings to fly, you flew to me, you flew to me". Thank you Jerry. Thank you for hanging in for so long after you wanted out. I'm sorry we asked for so much. I believe GD50 was our way of saying good bye. (We) love you more than words can tell...

- (07/20/2015)

Wise words George. When it's put down so simply, the hippocracy of the judgements people make becomes so much clearer.

There is a picture circulating from the first night in Santa Clara of Jerry's Face in the moon, a dear friend of mine snapped it without realizing while she was dancing. The light of the moon shining through the clouds formed the image of Jerry peering through the nether-verse. We weren't the only ones saying goodbye that night, Jerry did too. our collective love that night not only brought a rainbow out for the end of Viola Lee Blues, but helped Jerry come back for a minute so we could show him that the love never died, if anything, it's only grown in his stead.

I will forever be indebted to the boys for keepin the bus rollin for so many years. Not sure anothe week of my life will be able to compare. Can't wait to see how John Mayer does with Dead and Company. He may be a pop star in a certain right, but he does have skill and soul with a guitar, so it should be an interesting experiment. Plus, Halloween in NYC is insanity, so how could it not be a raging party.
-Murphy (08/25/2015)

I was at this show and watched Jerry walk off the stage with vince. There were fifty or so of us by the side ramp and right before he got to the tunnel he put his arm up and waved. I didnt know it would be the last time he walked off stage but I will never forget it
-Blake Whittington (09/15/2015)

Oh.I forgot to say. Best part of the night by far SO MANY ROADS!
-Blake whittington (09/15/2015)

blesses, gratefulness and ises to all-
-black peter (10/28/2015)

So many roads is heart breaking, Black muddy River was really nice as well,Box of rain was terrible, Phil cannot sing.
-J. (12/12/2015)

So proud the GD ended their run in Chicago, and Soldier Field. It's a hard concert to listen to: Jerry will be dead in a month and he sounds in poor health to boot. "So Many Roads" is a real achievement here, the best version I've heard, and "Black Muddy River" is also exception. The tone is overall very somber, even in the midst of the usual excitement Deadheads brought to every concert for 30 years straight. A must-have for any collector, period.
-Chris (02/18/2016)

Back stage photo i took of Jerry about to go on stage. His last show, Soldier Field.


- (04/15/2016)

As we take in forever what this band has meant to all of us,I merely give appreciation and sincere thanks for "So Many Roads" they have taken me through in my Life.The scene,the people,the Music,the experience enveloped in the Grateful Dead experience is part of who I am and who I will always be until we sing our own Last song to the wind.Thank You Grateful Dead.
- (04/19/2016)

Hey Vince carter commented Jerry was only good from 68-71 and should have become a drug dealer after 71. Your a complete dickhead. Jerry brought joy to so many lives and unfortunately was caught up in a serious drug addiction. So you commen is offensive on many levels. Wtf have you done with your life that makes you be able so sit up on your high horse and judge....anonymous
-Anonymous (06/02/2016)

It wasn't the drugs that killed Jerry man, the CIA was done with their experiments and Jerry (the greatest undercover CIA operative they ever did have) was "eliminated" to cover up everything they did. Pretty wild, the other boys had no clue they were on stage with a master operative and they were just pawns in an offshoot of the MKUltra tests. Why else would they destroy certain records man, jerrys name was all over it. Still gotta thank the agency for 30 years of great music, even though it was a big mind control experiment.
-Anonymous (06/30/2016)

Wish Weir wouldn't have cut off the Morning Dew after Unbroken Chain.
-Anonymous (07/07/2016)

Masterpiece is a keeper
- (10/23/2016)

Okay, I doubt anyone is going to say this is their favorite show and the band was in great form. As I commented on another show from 1994, in the '90s they seemed to have trouble putting a good show together and then near the end JG would play Dew or Stella like he was 30 years old and his voice was so smooth it could bring you to tears as he dragged out the lyrics.

And that's why I think anyone that cares about them and the music they made miss them so much. No one else did what they did for so many years. Box of Rain with Phil on vocals is a fitting way to end their run considering it was written for Phil's dying dad.

So even though they were not at their best in the '90s, we are lucky enough to have those shows after JG almost died in the mid-80s. They still had the magic even if in some shows it was only for a set or even just one song.

Considering how much good cheer and joy they gave us fans, I am grateful they had the best 30 year run anyone could want instead of a 25 year run. And I still really really REALLY miss them.
- (02/18/2017)

I was finally allowed to attend a concert at the age of 17 after graduating from high school. My friends and i made plans and bought tickets to the GD concert at solider field on 7-9-95. I have nothing to compare this show too, so for me this concert is the very best show that I ever saw. What a first concert experience for someone to have, i count my blessings that I saw Jerry and his long time friends play together before he moved out of earth
- (06/26/2017)

Standing on the moon i see ian peeking, no wait he's in the lot tweaking..
- (10/21/2017)


- (03/04/2018)

Dec. 15, 1986 - Jerry's first show back, they open up with Touch of Grey (I will get by / I will survive).
July 9, 1995 - The Last Show. Open up with Touch of Grey.
-The Doo-Da Man (04/05/2018)

Happy Birthday
-Bossgobbler (08/01/2018)

I finally get 2nd row seats.....for the last show.
- (11/17/2018)

well at least you didn't give them away, the way I did, a very bad choice
- (12/30/2018)

For a last show, at a time when the band was at its worst, there are a surprisingly large amount of performances from this show i enjoyed. Lazy River Road, Childhood's End, So Many Roads, Corrina (yes really), Drums>Space, Unbroken Chain(even though the performance is a trainwreck it's still special in a way) and that beutifully sad Black Muddy River. So even at the end and at their worst the Dead could still do some great suff.
-Snow the Jam Man (10/24/2019)

I know this is a special show but not for nothing it sucks. There i said it
-Old School (07/16/2020)

Unhappy anniversary, those years went by fast...

-Bossgobbler (07/09/2021)

all the years combine...
- (11/17/2021)

"Jerry was only good from 68-71.'

I'm sorry I came to this page because that is literally the dumbest thing I've ever read since the inception of the internet. Well done, I guess.
-Anonymous (11/10/2022)

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