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Riverport Amphitheatre - Maryland Heights, MO

Set 1:
Mississippi Half-Step
Take Me To The River
Big Boss Man
Me And My Uncle
Big River
Brown-Eyed Women

Set 2:
Eyes Of The World
Unbroken Chain
Samba In The Rain
He's Gone
The Last Time
Stella Blue
Around And Around


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The Unbroken Chain was slop was the whole tour.

I remember having a very bad feeling after this show. Too bad we didn't go to Chicago.

Final Eyes and Stella...

Me & My Uncle>Big River
274 or 274 times played=last time.


I *didn't* have a bad feeling after *this* show. Things were getting weird, and the show the night before was sub-standard; however, they were really on for this one. It occurred to me during "Last Time" that this *could* in fact be the last time, then "Stella" brought tears to my eyes.
- (11/02/2007)

final Truckin
-Patrick (12/08/2007)

-Aaron V (12/23/2008)

please people, no one knew anything,"i knew it was the end" stop already!
-steve (03/25/2009)

I agree Steve. Everyone seems to have that "feeling"

-Jason (04/03/2009)

I knew it was the end at Highgate '94...surprised they made it this far.
-Anonymous (02/19/2010)

Nothing's over til' we say it's over! The Music Never Stopped!
-bnork (03/07/2013)

I did not see this show but caught several on the west coast. I'll take any bad dead show now man. Wouldnt you?
- (10/29/2013)

Just listened to 1/2 step and about 40 seconds of Take Me to the River. How did anyone find this band listenable after maybe '92? This is pathetic
- (07/26/2014)

My right knee is so very sore. Could that possibly mean that we're expecting rain? I wish I lived closer to Tulsa. I've recently discovered arugula. There's a town called Dublin in Georgia, too. I recently purchased an oscillating fan online. I always prefer spring water over purified water. Macadam roads have better gripping quality than asphalt. I had 3 deer in my back yard last nite, but a few moments later, they had vanished. We saw a Native American crying by the roadside last week, and the bloke I was riding with told me that he was tempted to roll down the window and say, "Hey, smoke a peace pipe, chief", but I quietly advised him against it. I have not picked up a Frisbee in years. My allergies prevent me from buying a puppy. Don't ever use a propane turkey fryer in your garage. Very small rocks don't float in water, but sometimes they will in gravy. No one has ever told me I have junk in the trunk. Perhaps someday. I'm handy with a cordless drill, but just the smaller ones. I've been to the top of the mountain ... almost. Bye for now.
-Hoz (12/18/2014)

-Anonymous (03/24/2015)

For me, no Grateful Dead show was ever 'hard to sit through'. However, from 1993 onwards it was clearly not as good as it had been (and I saw 100+ shows during those last few years). Some might argue that 1992 was also not so hot either. Hmmmmm....yeah, I'll not argue against that either.

But the main reason I'm posting this comment here is because I want to note that there was a Big Boss Man played at this show. What the...? Where did that come from? They had not played it since Summer of 1990, and this version in St. Louis was the only version of Big Boss Man done with Vince.

Considering that Big Boss Man was played on and off going all the way back to 1966, and then basically hung up in 1990, I never thought I was going to see it (I started going to shows in 1988, but they only played it 4 times between 1988 and 1990, and I never saw it during that time).

So yeah, the last few years had a lot of problems, but even a clunker Grateful Dead show was still the best place to be on planet Earth. And the band could still surprise me once in a while with a tune that they would dust off, which I could then, in turn, cross off of my 'trainspotting' list.
- (07/06/2018)

final Last Time
-Anonymous (08/18/2018)

Final Hes gone. Pretty much final everything.
-Kdead (08/12/2019)

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(05/19/92 - 07/09/95)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Vince Welnick
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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