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Deer Creek Amphitheater - Noblesville, IN

Set 1:
Here Comes Sunshine
Walkin' Blues
Dire Wolf
It's All Over Now
Broken Arrow
Desolation Row
Tennessee Jed
Let It Grow

Set 2:
Scarlet Begonias
Fire On The Mountain
Victim Or The Crime
It's All Too Much
New Speedway Boogie
Attics Of My Life
Sugar Magnolia

The Mighty Quinn

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My first to remember!! Before I knew it, I was with about 100,000 people in a space about 1/3rd the size fit!!! What a trip...still consider it the highlight of my life.
Ironically enough, possibly my favorite song(it changes all the time!) is Broken Arrow....I walked in the show just as it was ending!!! AARRGH!!
I lived though!!

As well, my first show. I got invited to fill a seat and it was a good get-away. Didn't get in, but it sounded great from the lot. It really sucked though, watching all of those ignorant selfish morons crash the fence and the madness that ensued. The pepper spray caught on the wind sucked as well. I just wish kids these days could count their blessings and deal with their situation without making others feel miserable. Remember the kid who complained that he didn't have any shoes, until his father pointed out to him the kid who didn't have any feet. ;-)

This was my first and only show (I did have tickets to the second night ). I was devistated when it was cancelled but I did understand. I went with my sister and when they started with one of my favorite songs (Here comes sunshine) I think I jumped 10 feet high!!!! I have never had soooo much fun anywhere in my life and I am so glad that I was lucky enough to experience it! I still listen to them everyday!

This was my last show and possibly the worst show I ever saw. Got the Dire Wolf though. Jerry was out of it but the crowd did not help. It felt like the end was near.

It was my last show....I couldnt enjoy it because of all the idiots and violence....I agree it felt like the end.:(

This was my last show - as it was for many. It was quite a interesting experience. VERY HOT - kids were dropping from the heat - too much beer - not enough water. It was very Un-controlled. They let far too many people into the parking lot (at $10 per car, I think they were interested in the money they were raking in)
The local authorities were too quick to blame the "DeadHeads" for the problems that happened. You can hardly blame Helium for being lighter than air - when you pack 100,000 people in an area designed to hold 70,000 - you're asking for problems.
The show wasn't as bad as some people say. It was my 12th show and I'm glad I made it an even dozen. We had almost bought tickets for the July 3rd show - which was cancelled. Got ripped by a scalper for $75 per ticket.
I found a 5 year old girl who was lost..helped her find her momma..and momma was very happy to see her. I danced with the little girl for quite a while...she reminded me of my own daughter (who was not at the show).
Sad to say...there was only a few more to go until the end.
I saw what was happening with the fence - how it was being torn down. I must was not a properly built fence, cause it came apart far to easily. Then the crowd kinda went crazy. I saw one kid who was bitten by a police was sad.
Glad I made the show...
Sorry I didn't go to the Chicago show which followed.
This was bad for the Dead's image - but it wasn't their fault. It was the combination of greed, poor planning and the heat!

What can you say? The entire tour was a big fat mess. I was at Deer Creek four times, and never got in (sob sob), and this year was no execption.

It was a scary sight -- watching a horde of hippies storm up the back hill of the ampitheater -- plywood flying -- the ampitheater cops on golf carts with the fear of death in their eyes, trying like mad to stop what could not be stopped.

I think the band should have cancelled the rest of the tour after that incident, and were more than justified in cancelling the second night.

leave it to the idiots who reside in IN to ruin it for human beings who reluctantly went to their state to see the Dead

hey man that is not fair. Im from indiana and there are alot of kids, including myself, who are very peaceful and think its a shame what happened at this show. I also think its a shame that you judge the indiana "residents" like that.

totally have to agree with anonymous is never safe to make generalizations

yeah no shit, why blam people from indiana when half the people that took part in the riot were not even from the state.

If you don't like people from Indiana, don't come to our concert venue anymore. It is one of the top five in the country and you are no longer invited.

Fuck Indiana

It's absolutely laughable to blame Indiana for what happened at this show. Deer Creek was a mecca for Deadheads from all over the country, and a walk through the lots looking at plates proved that every time. No, it was just how the scene came to be that year. The disasters kept on coming, some via mother nature and some via human nature. Deer Creek was the site of this inevitable 'riot' only because it was the smallest venue of the tour and because the fences were so poorly constructed. Been there since? I refer to it as the Verizon Barbwire Detention Center.

As for the show, I thought it was really pretty good musically. Relatively speaking, of course. Jerry woke up for the Dire Wolf, the Scarlet>Fire transition was unusual on this night, and New Speedway Boogie was a perfect statement on all that was going down (or being torn down). It did palpably feel like the end of an era. And it was.
-Hoosier Head

i blame myself as well as every other head who was in attendance for what happened at deer creek that night. we as a collective body incarnate were responsible for what went down that night and the events that followed for the rest of the tour. it was our moral obligation as a systematic society of followers to all become leaders when the temptation to crash the party became uncontrollable and the vibe for control of the group was washed away and the energy that engulfed those who tore down the fence became fueled by the apprehension of the many to instill tranquility in the few. I blame myself because i was in the lot playing some almost demonic rythm on gigantic rototoms but the drums were playing me that night and i just could not step away from the power of that rythm. it was truly uncontrollable for all of us

First off, being only 21 I never got the pleasure of seeing jerry. but i did see the dead in 04 at deer creek. my first concert. Great show...but i have to agree..its one of the best venues around. I dont believe that its the people from IN that ruined it.. not at all..I just feel bad for the people that did ruin it no matter where they are from. I would pay any amount of money to see Jerry and the rest of the dead. Theres no Dead like live Dead. Long live the Grateful Dead.
-Jonathan (10/23/2007)

good comments jonatahan. it wasnt indianas fault, and it wasnt the fault of the venue.

sadly, the number of "hangers on" kept growing each year, and quite simply it just got out of control.

you had HORDES of people there who didnt care ONE BIT about the music of the Grateful Dead.
they were there for the show (the lot show that is), they were there to people watch, to be a part of their parents' generation, for the drugs, or simply just so they could SAY that they were there.

"its 1 in 10,000 that come for the show."
that kinda rang true this day, and shame on each and every one of the people involved.
if you havent heard keller williams' song about this show, i would highly recommend it. its called "gate crashers suck."
-gdjake (01/25/2008)

SAD DAY! I remember trading some bud for a ticket, grass was really scarce for some reason. I was super excited to go to Deer Creek, because there was always some reason I could not go before. I feel bad becuase I "gave" my stub to someone so they could get stubbed in. Unfortuately, they were probably a gate crasher.

I will never forget being on Phil's side on the lawn and hearing this roar from behind me. It was during Desolation Row, kind of poignant. I was really into this song at the time, only one I ever saw. I looked behind me and there was wood flying all around and the crowd was cheering. I couldnt beleive it, I said "Pay attention to what's going on up here!" I still see myself saying this. Initially the Dead reacted positively to the swell of the crowd. The Let it Grow sent the crowd into a frenzy, I remember this girl next to me had this crazed look in her eyes and was doing this strange dance. The crowd seemed to get louder and louder, until the song came to its crescendo.

As I left the facility I saw the ruins of the wooden fence. It looked like crazed zombies had battered it down. There were holes everywhere. The whole thing was destroyed.

The death of the Dead right before our eyes. The letter that came out was super stern. I am sure that no one has ever admitted to being one of the gate crashers, they were probably wearing a "gate crashers suck" shirt in Chicago. I went to the next show in St. Louis and the two in Chicago. The drop off at each show was noticeable, compared to the quality and consistency of shows in the spring.

I mail ordered for tickets to Devore Field for the fall. I still have a Boston Garden ticket with a stamp of Egypt Jerry on the back.

Seems like another life now. :(
-Anonymous (06/08/2009)

I was also my 1st dead show!! i had tix for both nites drove 6hrs with my lil sis and 3 other friends!! My sis said she wanted to hear FIRE and me I wanted SCARLET!!!! Ran into my future husband (we were on a break!!) My future IN-LAWS and many friends to last a life time!!! Stayed sober for the whole show!!! Danced so hard that my purse gave me rug burn on my neck!!! What do ya know SCARLET>FIRE 1st song 2nd set !!! Didn't even know what was happening till the helicopters were over head! SPACE frickin emulated the choppers so well!! Had a great nite of camping and fun!! Stayed til gates were to open the next day just to see if it (canceled show) was a deterrent...and wasn't!!! what a sad ride home!!!
- (04/24/2011)

Was supposed to be my first deer creek show the second night still have the hologram ticket.
was my first time seeing peaceful hippies turn total evil. We had children with us and were enjoying the show by the lake. I went to the porta potty and when I came out all hell was breaking loose. I was truly saddened that nigh. But went baback to green acres and stayed there for like 3 days partying.
- (10/12/2014)

Seems like the larger issue was the band was out of whack, for obvious reasons: Jerry would be dead in the following month, he wasn't well here at all. The audience certainly seemed supportive in the recording, but that's not a definitive sentiment.
-Anonymous (02/22/2016)

This show was the worst dead show I went to. The crowds broke down the fences and the band had death threats on them that night. I didn't know why then, but the house lights were left on due to the concerned safety of the band. They ended up cancelling the second night due to all the drama and law enforcement wouldn't support the event. Here comes sunshine was awesome though. They brought this song back when Vince Welnick joined the band after Brent died. It was the biggest fake hippie vibe I'd ever seen. I literally parked the car and ran into the venue to avoid all the posers and "miracle" seekers. Too many people had been bum rushing venues for a couple years at that point and Deer Creek is kind of off the beaten path. So glad I got there early. This was my last show until the fare the well shows in 2015. Jerry was clearly in really bad health and it was noticeable. I really felt it near the end after this one and it was little more than a month later that Jerry died. :(
-Randy K (05/03/2022)

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Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Vince Welnick
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
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