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The Palace - Auburn Hills, MI

Set 1:
Mississippi Half-Step
Good Morning Little School Girl
Black Throated Wind
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
Big Railroad Blues
The Music Never Stopped

Set 2:
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Long Way To Go Home
Estimated Prophet
Uncle John's Band
Easy Answers
Attics Of My Life
Good Lovin'

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

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Angela Was Here
-Angela McFangela

I can't remember if is saw the 1994 or 1995 shows but I really enjoyed them. "The Weight" as an encore one of the nights was fantastic. The second night was Jerry's birthday if I remember correctly. Can anyone help me out?

Anyone have the 1994 or 1995 show on tape or CD? I'd love a copy.

Horrendous show, the dead should have stopped touring after fall of 1994.

uhh, no, the dead should have taken a nice long break after '90. maybe we'd still have the fat man...

The dead should have packed it in '88. Maybe even earlier.

No, the Dead should have packed it away anytime in the early eighties. Jerry was all strung out by 1982. Would rather have his dope than the music.

What Jerry did in his personal life was not any of my business. I wish he wasn't a junky but those were the cards that we were delt. Be it dope or booze, there is very little anyone can do for those people...especially from the audience. Anyway Skully, that 83 Amherst College JGB had some good notes no? You were there. I think swisser is right...after 90. My 204th and last was Highgate 94 but I have heard these summer 95 shows and they are embarassingly bad...painful, sad.

You guys are all nuts jerry played til the end just like I would expect him to and think of all those lives touched after ninety that would have otherwise not have had their chance.

There remains to be, if one allows it to happen, moments of joy and lucidity while listening to the music of the grateful dead, from any year. I believe that though there was a kind of darkness around some aspects of the band in the later years, the was also an unparalleled level of fun and, sometimes, magic around those shows towards the end. At the end of the day, you guys ought to be glad to have any of this music.

They should have quite after 5-8-77, well, lets just say after 5-31-77 because that was the alpha and omega of their musical years.

They should have quit after Europe wait after, Pigpen died.....wait hold up, after the Wall of Sound era in 74....uh, scrtach that...after Spring wait a minute, they were pretty hot in the early 80' before Touch of Grey?? probably after Brent kicked the maybe after Hornsby left....damn!!! I'm confused....
-Anonymous (07/03/2008)

For all the assholes who said they shoud've packed it in after the early 80's, you miss nearly half of the magic the dead had to bring us. I like anonymous's comment..... I would be confused too if i tried to pinpoint when the dead should have stopped playing.
-The Man (12/09/2009)

I was at this show, and the moments that stick with me are: being so jazzed over the BTW because it was a fav of mine at the time, dancing my ass off to Music Never Stopped, how the transition from Estimated to Uncle was so dark, almost menacing, and a gorgeous Attics.
- (05/07/2010)

The final few shows were tough. Jerry was lost at times and indeed flubbed many lyrics. That said even those shows had their moments.

Prior to summer of '95, the spring was actually fairly solid. The Vegas run was nice with the 21st show being very good. The 2/21 show in Salt Lake is fantastic and worthy of official release. '94 was filled with quality shows.

And '87 to '93 ('89 to '91 to be more concise) were the band's best years in my opinion.
Those of you doing the "they shoulda packed it in" thing are just rotten fans AND you're off your rockers.
I feel sad for you more than anything else.
If you think early 80's is it you're missing SO MUCH wonderful music!!!!!!
1987 was a wonderful year with Garcia's health back and the bands awkward way of dealing with success. '88 and '89 had many fantastic shows including of course the famous Warlocks shows at Hampden. '90 MSG was as good as they've EVER been. Boston '91 (check out 9/26. Wow) was amazing. Vegas '92 was stunning. It just keeps going people.

Take the negativity and shove it where the sun don't shine.
And to the boys I say "thank you for a real good time."
- (06/04/2010)

it's a shame Jer had such joint problems in his fingers :(
-Anonymous (06/11/2012)

Dope or no Dope, living on a diet of cigarettes potato chips and whiskey is not good for anyone. He may have been a doper, but he was a loved doper. So that being said, there is nothing gained by saying they shoulda packed in earlier then they did. The past cant be changed and jerry was gonna die anyway, i'm just glad they built up a base of fans that follow the posthumous groups, like Furthur and Phil and Friends. If it weren't for jerry pushin himself like he did, everything may have ended with his death and then we woulda been left with just phish. Which, i do like phish, but if it weren't for Furthur and P & F, i'd go mad. So in painful moments, the future is made brighter.
Thanks for all you gave Jerry, you just did what you had to.
-Murphy (10/07/2012)

final Black-Throated Wind
-Anonymous (01/31/2013)

final UJB
-Anonymous (01/12/2015)

If Jerry had packed it in '82, we wouldn't have the holy majesty that is 10/12/84
-Anonymous (02/25/2019)

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Band Configuration
(05/19/92 - 07/09/95)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Vince Welnick
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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