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Robert F. Kennedy Stadium - Washington DC, DC

Set 1:
Jack Straw
Little Red Rooster
Friend Of The Devil
El Paso
So Many Roads
Promised Land

Set 2:
Iko Iko
Long Way To Go Home
Saint Of Circumstance
New Speedway Boogie
That Would Be Something
The Days Between
One More Saturday Night

Black Muddy River

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This was the only Black Muddy River I ever saw. I would love to obtain a soundboard copy of this show. Please send me an E-Mail so that I can add it to my collection. Thank you!

That was such an incredible show. Lots of energy in set 2. Black Muddy River was really, really special. That show will always mean a lot to me, as it was my last :(
I would really love to get copies of that show on CD or tape. If anyone has it, please, please email me...

Great show! Remember it rained like Hell!

I've got the Sunday show on tape but I've never seen the Saturday show anywhere. If you have it contact me, please!


I'm sorry but this show absolutely sucked. The night after with Hornsby was a far better show. The second set was awful here. We had dropped so much acid that we couldn't find our car. Peace, last time i saw the dead

nick, i keep reading all of your reviews and i fully believe that you are a moron. rag, rag, rag. yes, jerry was on his last breath and his playing became nearly intolerable, but for you to brake down every show as though you even have a small clue as to what the band and the experience is/was about is an absurdity. it is apparent that you are the type of moron that allowed the tour from hell to happen. all you speak of is your drug use, blah, blah, blah. it was never about the drugs. it was/is about the music. always has been. yes, for some, the drugs allowed brought that special space to the front, but you can clearly tell by your writings that there is not a an inch of spirituality in please.......please......please, never write a fucking review of this band again. MORON!

Im sorry guys im going to have to agree with nick 90s dead sucked. I hate to say it but its true,they should of quit in the late 80s.

My last show, Jack told Althea opener was great, it was clear this was it. I walked out on Black Cruddy River.

I keep reading posts where people are saying "they should've quit in the 80's", but we kept going didn't we? What would we have done without the music? What are we doing now?

I would hate to not have some of those spring 90 shows but after that...seriously. And 94/95 they were just collecting money. They had no business playing in front of people, not with Jerry's "condition". And Tim, how about a career, wife, family, and all those show files from the early years...don't get me wrong, I saw my 204.

im gonna give this one a listen because its a very interesting setlist especially given the date. as for the whole "shouldve quit in the 80's," its an absolutely ABSURD statement. the best 2nd set i ever saw was 5/16/93, and '90-'92 with hornsby was generally EXTREMELY good. some of the deads "best ever" category shows were in that time period. tight and FOCUSSED playing (unlike some of the OVERLY long noodling sessions and/or undisciplined playing that was more common in the 60's and 70's) with a larger than ever songbook.

sure, '94 and '95 were rough, but even they had some gems. off the top of my head 2/21/95 and 5/21/95 were both fantastic shows with creative setlists, tight playing (like only a band that played together that many years could), spot on vocals, and nice tempo changes between songs.

ive said this before, but ill say it again. the whole "i knew this was the end" crap is just garbage. '85 or '86 couldve just as easily been the end. 5 song 1st set before jerrys coma? jeez, that didnt even happen in '95. yeah, we knew jerry wasnt right. more nights than not he would flub lyrics and only find the magical "it" for brief moments, but jerry did that in '85 and '86 also only to come back and play the BEST music of his life from '87 to '92/'93, and DURING '95 we all thought he would recover once again.

......but ill always be amused by everyones 20/20 hindsight vision :)
-gdjake (08/27/2007)

I just wanted to give a shout out here to the Days Between - which is passionate and engaging. If you are interested in this song, this is one of the best renditions I know of.
- (08/04/2008)

I had not seen the boys since fall of 94 in the garden.
Jerry to me looked like he aged about 20 years from the show i saw last.
I thought the show overall was not bad especially second set.
the new speedway was very good and black muddy was soulful.
I did not know it would be Jerrys last year alive although Jerry was not in good health.
He was 53 in a body of an 85 year old.
it is sad but I had many a good year seeing the dead and lots of good memories.

I also think Hornsby inspired Jerry to play with more energy.
Overall I would say actually better than shows I saw in 92 and possibly 93 and I was stone cold sober.
-BP (11/17/2008)

just listened to the soundboard again and Jerry had a lot of energy especially on Days.
He loved playing with Bruce so I am sure he gave a little more.
We gave the best we had to give how much will never know.

I miss the boys but Jerry is at peace and he was not when he was alive at the end.
Heroin to him maybe not as an overdose but it took him none the less.
It was stated somewhere else that Jerry wanted out of the touring for a few years and this is true. I think Phil actually spoke about it but when Jerry said about taking off I think it was fall of 93 that the band said how will these people pay their bills. A lot of pressure for one man already perched on a pedestal by his legions of fans.

The scene had changed dramatically and the people were not really into the music but the drugs they could score.

-BP (12/03/2008)

Final FOTD.
- (01/20/2010)

God rest his soul Wally Stine taped both nights last shows we both went to and now "He's Gone" 5+ years. FUCK YOU ALL HATERS THIS IS GRATEFUL DEAD GOOD OR BAD IT'S THE BOYS!
- (12/22/2012)

I'm listening to this show now, I taped it, haven't heard it in at least 15 years....It's good. RFK kind of sucked but this is good Grateful Dead. I would do it again if given an opportunity.
- (02/12/2014)

and...this tape was not labeled, I listened to the tape, wrote down the songs and found this. I am glad it is here.
- (02/12/2014)

Jerry was a space cadet, thats one of the things that made his playing so incredible, he just flowed with the music like a river. towards the end that flow started to hit a rocky bank and the rapids ensued. But if you ask me, the thrill of the rapids is just as fun as the guarentee of the smooth sailing. If anything, the feeling that your about to crash and burn adds a powerful vibe to the music.

But from a musicians standpoint, no matter how "out of it" Jerry may have been, for him to be able to completely forget where he is and then find the magic in an instant is impressive for any musician. It's hard enough to keep your mind atuned to what your playing at every moment of a show, but when you add the health issues Jerry had into the mix, his talent just shines above all the "mess". The tour from hell was no where near as bad (Sound wise, can't speak for the scene) as everyone likes to make it sound. Jerry may have forgotten shit, but the things he did remember still make me smile, and in the end, thats all that matters. Good to know that people like gdjake are still out there. Jerry probably reads the haters comments from heaven when he needs a good laugh.
-Murphy (12/29/2014)

My last show. Never forget how Phil made an entire stadium vibrate with every note. For those nitpicking critics: Just imagine this was the only GD show you had ever heard. You'd think it was f'in fabulous music!
After "Althea" I turned to the stranger next to me (who became a friend that night) and said, "It's a miracle." He just smiled, smiled, smiled.
- (02/22/2015)

final Days Between, the final Hunter/Garcia collaboration.
-Anonymous (03/11/2015)

My last show was 4/2/1990 Atlanta and like this show the encore was Black Muddy River, a song I had not heard before but enjoyed very much. It was very sad to me when a few months later I heard Brent died from a drug overdose. I decided not to see the band the next year when they came to Atlanta even though friends told me how great the shows were (with Bruce). I was trying to stop getting high and had confused the music as one of the reasons I overindulged in my drug use rather than something that could be good or bad depending on my actions and attitude. I'm a recovering addict now and Thank God I have experienced the music in a better way (clean/sober) with Further and Dead & Company (also DSO and other great bands playing similar music)... last thing. I don't think the band were playing very well in 1995 compared to earlier, BUT there are shows that have surprised me (3/18/1995 comes to mind). For this show I like the energy of Iko Iko which shows Jerry may have been really sick but could still jam with the band like the good ol' days! ....Oh, I see this was last Days Between. Maybe because I'm getting older now I finally can appreciate song. Its a haunting but beautiful song I think.
- (03/13/2021)

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Bass: Phil Lesh
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