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Knickerbocker Arena - Albany, NY

Set 1:
Touch Of Grey
Walkin' Blues
It Must Have Been The Roses
When I Paint My Masterpiece
So Many Roads
The Music Never Stopped

Set 2:
Help On The Way
Franklin's Tower
Samba In The Rain
Estimated Prophet
Terrapin Station
Silent Way Jam
All Along The Watchtower
Black Peter
Around And Around

I Fought The Law

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Miserable show.

Miserable show???? I think not

Yes, Yes, miserable. This entire tour was miserable. I think I heard Jerry play 3 notes out of 15+ shows.

This was my last show ever. Last time I saw Jerry alive. It was well played the "So many roads" was great. Wish you all well

Jerry is dying on the I fought the law

I had sex with some kinda dope but ugly face chick before this show. Then I got really stoned with my friends and entered the Arena. Honestly, the setlist is amazing but what can you expect from a GD 95 show? Jerry can barely play. nice Encore

GOOD GOD WHAT AN AWFUL SHOW...i hope i never have to re-live the memories

My last show too. I guess it was inevitable.To me there was no such thing as a bad show,Some were just better than others. I always had a good time.Wouldn't have had it any other way.Give the guys a break, they gave us all they had.

Awesome night..for me anyhow. Last show for me and alot of my classmates from VT. A mid-day puddle from "Greg" smoothed out everything Jerry had to offer...yeah it was getting pretty bad, but the second set moved me especially for some reason that night...only later would i know why. To each their own.

Summer Solstice nonetheless

Horrible show! Worst of my 23 shows. I smiled with bulging pockets the whole show. Damn those hippies love nitrous.

I expected the bootleg to be a nightmare, having stopped following the dead in 89 and assumed that they were awful. However, though it is not the Jerry of October '77, I realized with a start that I was sitting there drumming my feet and enjoying this music. The guy is still a good musician and the Black Peter is moving. They were still making tunes.

my final show as well. number 108 for me. not bad for being born after the dead has been around for 12 years.
anyway. after the unbroken chain bust out in philly, that ws it, everything sucked. well, even before that. I think I kept going because I didn't want to get a real job. I was really waiting for saint stephen

Final Franklin's-for what it's worth
-Perrinswolf (09/15/2007)

final "franklins" indeed, and while i havent yet listened to this show, it does have a nice setlist.
i get SOOOOOO tired of hearing people hack apart 90's dead. fact is, they played some of their best shows in the early 90's, and even in '94 and '95 there were some gems.

for anyone who thinks all of '95 is bad, i beg you to listen to two shows.
2/21/95 in SLC, which marked the 1st "salt lake city" (played as an opener) and followed with a grate "friend of the devil" with its appropriate line "....spent the night in UTAH" that set the crowd on fire.

a beautiful "so many roads" and "visions of johanna" along with a trippy "drums>space" and a wonderful "liberty" encore. well played from start to finish with jerry's voice sounding as strong as it did in the 70's.

also, check out 5/21/95, which was ALSO played solid throughout and featured a rare "unbroken chain" and "spanish jam" along with hot versions of "the other one" and "sugar mag" not to mention the HAUNTING "so many roads" (best i ever heard i might add) and "days between" (the last AND one of the best hunter/garcia tunes)

listen to these shows, and THEN tell me that ALL of '95 was a trainwreck.

-gdjake (01/25/2008)

GDJake - thank you for trying to shut up some of these people that only want to bash everything about '95. It is the same old comments hashed over and over again, and it is pretty ridiculous I have to say that I saw my last show in 93 but I have listened to shows from 94 and 95 that were still great and even awesome in many cases. I really can not understand why someone would actually go and browse through the ’95 show setlists just for the purpose of bashing the shows that they didn’t like. I mean come’on, our beloved leader was dyeing of an addiction disease and this is all people can say. Pretty sad. I stumbled across all of these comments only because I wanted to hear the 1st UBC, and then was pretty shocked at all of the negative comments of the show (I had to double-check that I wasn’t on a Milly Vanilly site). I thought it was funny (but not so much though) that the Spectrum 3/19/95 show was one of the most commented on shows. Not because most heads wanted to relive the excitement of being there, but to bash the show and then try and show how clairvoyant that they all were.

You know I am sort of happy the Internet was not that far along when Jerry died, and I do hope that Comcast will not ever decide to connect up there. I hate to think of him reading some of these reviews.

BTW - Broken chain (funny stuff)
- (04/10/2008)

I did not attend this show but I would have been glad to of. I think from listening to tapes, I think this show sounded great. Even Jerry.
-j (05/23/2012)

Hey Wolfie- Last Black Peter!!!
-Black Peter (08/08/2013)

Masterpiece powerful with a very poingent "it sure has been a long hard climb". So many roads followed with Jerry woken up from Bob's fired up masterpiece. So many roads one of the best. A unique version unlike no other. Jerry' s "to ease my soul" brings a tear.
-Anonymous (09/21/2013)

This was my last Dead Show. Jerry may not have been firing on all cylinders, but I sure am glad that I was there. The Knick never let me down. I hadn't heard my favorite song Franklin's in 7 years and I was relieved to FINALLY hear it again live! 95 may have been a tough year for the GD but I'll always have positive memories of this show and this band! Peace!
- (12/14/2013)

95....and pretty much 94.... Train wreck. There, I said it. Oh, and I believe it as well. 93 JGB is pretty good, slow, but good.
-Anonymous (10/10/2014)

This was my last show, too. Had tickets for both nights. This night I was hassling to get upfront on the floor again, got caught - near tossed out, so I went over to the other side to try to get down.
Then something in my head said "this might be the last time" so I spun where I was, & started just listening - it was during Masterpiece.
Nearly cried at the line "it sure has been a long hard climb".
Went to my 1st Wharf Rats mtg that night.
Too bad Jerry didn't and died instead.
I HATE addiction!!!
- (02/10/2015)

Yikes! This show is a dumpster fire even for 90s standards. The Franklins Tower doesn’t go out with a bang but rather a sad almost inaudible whimper. Jerry barely plays and comes in and out; he sounds so lost. Terrapin also appears down for the count but is gets off the mat a few shows later (6/30/95). Drums is probably the highlight.

Poor Jerry. He just needed some rest.

A definite “must skip” unless perusing for worst Grateful Dead performances. If so, this is a “must listen!” This is definitely Jerry at his worst.

6/30/95 is the pick of the East Coast leg of the 95 Summer Tour; it is really the only show worth listening. But for Dead standards, it is still sub par.
- (07/04/2018)

This was my last show. I walked out after Black Peter...I couldn't handle seeing Jerry like that or hearing the music be so poor. Still, I'm always Grateful for the boys and what they've did/do/will do!
- (07/15/2019)

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(05/19/92 - 07/09/95)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Vince Welnick
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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