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Franklin Field - Highgate, VT

Set 1:
Touch Of Grey
Wang Dang Doodle
El Paso
Ramble On Rose
Black Throated Wind
Loose Lucy
Promised Land

Set 2:
Here Comes Sunshine
Samba In The Rain
Rollin' And Tumblin'
That Would Be Something
He's Gone
Box Of Rain
Standing On The Moon
Sugar Magnolia


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One of the best shows I ever saw, man!

A lot of people went to see them play. This place was jam packed with camping grounds and what not. Was ready for a great set/show and they played a shit show. Setlist was crap. Look at the night after or before and you tell me. Bob Dylan opened and put on a good/great show. It turned out to be my last show, which in sense went out on a bad note.

Great Gig! Lots of fun,

from what i heard this show was one of the "last gasps" from a band whose soul was being drained...apparently jerry looked like "death warmed over" which in hindsight is not surprising...i wasn't there and am glad i wasn't since it sounds like it was a bummer.

I saw this show and had been off tour for a year or so outside of seeing a lone show in the summer of 94. Wow...had things really changed since I had last left home!!!!! Was caught up in a rush of what I thought were gate crashers, but was really the cops tearing down the fence. Feeling confused, but glad to be in. Then the big screens and Jerry. He looked terrible and ready to die at any moment. The show was terrible and reminded me of the last deperate attempt for the band to present the beast that the whole environment had become. Not a great show at all. The most craziest and out of control scene I had ever seen in my 84 shows from 89-95. The tour fromn hell definitley began with the show from hell!!!!

Decent show, too mnay cops, too much acid consumed, too hot. Liberty was beautiful.

it is interesting reading the comments here...jerry is at death's door and some of you are saying "great gig" and "one of the best shows i ever saw man" about whistling in the dark...let's get real here...the show was shit from a band that was on it's last pains me to say this but that is the reality of highgate in '95.

You all can just fuck off! This show ruled. Jerry sounded great, the sunset was awesome, people were in good moods...maybe all you guys did was too many drugs.

To those who say this show sucks, go take a hike cause it may mean more to others than it means to you on your sbd tape. You may have not been there either. It's all about being in one place with good friends and "good God" the Grateful Dead are playing. The memories are what it's about. You are all too damn critical. Yes, sonically it wasn't the best but wouldn't you give anything to see Jerry one more time on stage. It bugs me all these critics. The Dead would get a good laugh reading there comments...Everyone has off days..The Music will Never Stop and neither will the memories..

Now lets be serious all this reviews are filled with jerks who are saying it sucks well u Suck. I would rather see The Grateful Dead on their last legs then see "The Dead" Jerry was their this was my last show i had an amazing time for god sakes they didnt even collect tickets i still have mine untorn so some of u critics should get a reality check and give some respect to the best band of all time
-Grateful Joe

I remember that sunset!!! It truly was I get grabbing at my buddy to check it out with me....
Do you guys recall the para-sailor that came in right over us during Ramble on Rose?!? Best seat in the house. I was up-front and remember people freaking out over JG's condition cause he had his glasses off all of the 2nd set...whatever, maybe his nose was tired.
I didn't have a ticket and sat up in the trees during Dylan's set. People started tearing down the fence while security dudes chased gate-crashers around with big sticks....all this while Dylan belted out Watchtower....unforgettable...
Great show..good vibes...and I'll thank the boys for this time!!!

joe we do have respect for the band...lot's of it...that's why it was so painful for those of us who had been "on the bus" for so many years to see the band in it's "death throes".

when we are being critical of a show we do so just as an honest opinion of one show not as some condemnation of a band that we loved and continue to love to this very day.

have you ever read some of the reviews in the dead's taping compendium books?
they are all written by folks who love the grateful dead and yet simply give their honest opinions that some shows were great, some average and some not good at all.

don't get angry joe when people just state an opinion. we all agree that the grateful dead are "a band beyond description" but also know that some shows were better than others and that '95 had alot of very poorly played shows as a result of jerry being a very sick man which was a very sorrowful thing to see.

Reading all the reviews above make this an intersting show to comment on. This was my 105th show, and I drove almost eleven hours to get there. This was also the first Dead show I ever walked out on. The scene was very dark and there was a nagging vibe of dread within the crowd. The scene had deteriorated to the point where it was 99% drunk and nitrous'ed out people. I saw more domestic drunken arguments in the parking lot. Sorry to report that I agree with the negative comments about the musical performance. I love the dead and expended a lot of mileage and energy to get to this show - the tour opener - and seeing and hearing Jerry sound so bad and fucked up just made me sad. Too bad, really. Dylan was amazing though. And I'm not a Dylan fan.


Drove up from Portland, Maine to see this show. There were way too many people there. The scene was a little off and the venue was weak, but it was my last show and though it wasn't the boys' finest hour I have nothing but thanks for all the great times I've had along the way. Thank goodness for all those tapes which should keep me busy for a long while.

Dylan was awesome.

highgate had too many non fans. same with last year. fun place but a little too many gate crashers.
what gate you ask? there was a gate at some point. not impressed.

I remember Jerry saying to a 'fan' who was yelling at Phil (probably asking for an 'Unbroken') "...ask him nicely." I felt bad for Jerry. The boys needed a hug after this one.

Won't be travelling back in time for this show. Pay the extra money for '72.

Gate-Crashers SUCK! Despite the less than average GD show (Jerry was'nt all there) there was a lot of 'fake-heads'; younger kids, there for the drugs, crashing gates and screwing up the scene. This is around the time things got sh*tty with the crowd scene.

this show was far from par. Jerry was sweating like a hog in all his leviathan glory. i felt bad. i turned to one of the people i went with and said " that man is going to have a heart attack" and ... he did shortly after. i called it. miserable show . Dylan was in good form though .
- (07/31/2009)

I so agree with you guys this show wasn't probably the BEST show the Dead ever played and sure Jerry was close to death, we all knew that...but dead shows were not only about the music...people, vibes, smells, colors, dreams, LOVE... the spirit and energy they drag all along the years, back from the 60's...from the good ol' bus !!! Maybe that wasn't there for some of you, but that was for others. It was my first show. First dead tape I listen to was in 90, 2 months after they played in my hometown (Paris, France) and they never came back. It took me 5 years to be able to fly to US to experience a deadshow with 3 other friends from France. We followed the tour for 2 more shows at the Giant Stadium. This shows for sure matter a lot to me and will be for ever in my memory...the music never stopped!!!

- (02/06/2011)

This was just sad. Jerry reading the prompter and still blowing lyrics. His guitar was turned down but you could see him fumbling.
- (11/18/2013)

Jerry in Red - Trouble Ahead!

What a bummer of a show. Reading these comments I'm listening to an audience tape of RFK from the summer of 1990. My experiences attending these two shows were at the polar opposite ends of the spectrum.

The RFK show was seeing Brent in the pouring rain for the last time and The Highgate show was seeing Jerry for the last time.

Even with all the rain, the RFK show was amazing, the crowd was great, the band was on. The rain started as the show began and ended as the show ended.

By contrast, highgate had beautiful weather with an amazing sunset, but that's where the superlatives end. Jerry was a mess, he could not remember the lyrics, needed to be tugged at at the end He's Gone going into space. Such a shame. I knew right there and then it was the end. Even though we sent in for our mailorder tix for the Fall 95 Tour for the Boston Garden, the expectations were lowered. Ironic thing was the one show we got mailorder for arrived the day Jerry passed.

Bummer of a last show.

-WhatAboutBob (01/29/2014)

Last show I ever saw and definitely a low point, possibly the worst show I ever saw.
-Mike (01/14/2015)

Hands down the worst show ever. Jerry had to let go of his guitar at one point because he didn't even know he was on stage. Sad ugly crowd towards the end. just awful

- (07/07/2015)

Highgate 95 was my first/only show. Drove up from GF, NY. I remember the anticipation, the excitement, and the first time I saw Jerry, Bobby and the boys. It was the first time I saw Bob Dylan. I was with my friends on a glorious June night, I recall the sunset, and can still hear the first few notes of Touch. Wang dang, Peggy-O, HC Sunshine, Standing, amazing. I was happy to be there with good friends. Didn't realize the gates were busted when we walked in, still have the full ticket, not the half you normally end up with when they rip it at the turnstile. Maybe they weren't at their best but they were there and played from the heart. I was there, 19 years old without a care, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.
- (06/11/2016)

I like your attitude, Coles. And I also like the person a few comments above that traveled all the way from France to attend this show and the other two at Giants Stadium.

There was no other place to be...even if the show was not amazing. But make no mistake (for the 'trainspotting' type of deadheads out there there), there is something very special about this show.

In the whole history of the Grateful Dead, they only played Box of Rain out of space four times. This was the final time. The only other times were in Orlando (4/7/91), Oakland (12/9/94), and Shoreline (6/3/95). So mark this show down in the books for that little factoid if nothing else.

The last few years that they were playing I knew the quality was not there, but (perhaps quite pathetically) I was determined to stay the course and at least quest to catch the rarely played songs, rare combinations, or rare placement of songs in certain parts of the show.

So, although insignificant to most, catching a US Blues to close the first set, a Box of Rain out of space, etc, was a big deal for me. How many of you ever saw West LA Fadeaway in the second set or Bobby doing a Smokestack > Spoonful > Smokestack?

This band played around 80 shows a year (give or take) and there were some fun little things to catch...if you paid attention to this kind of stuff. :)
- (07/06/2017)

I drove about 9 hours from NY with some friends and remember very clearly the gates being crashed while Bob Dylan killed his opening. It was Jerry’s turn to open with “Touch of Grey” and he had forgotten many of the lyrics. I’ll never forget hearing all of the people booing and all I could do was cry because I knew that the end was near for him. 😢 Still, it was a great show with a great set list and sadly, my last show. I’ll never forget the almost mile-long Shakedown Street and how It took 2 1/2 days to get back to NY because the entire state of Vermont was in a State of Emergency from the “Deadhead-hippies” (as the local radio station had put it 😉) It may not have been the best show I had seen, but it was still note-worthy in my book.
- (06/09/2018)

This show was a terrible experience for me. I seen the Dead 7 times before this show and it was the 7 best concerts I ever went to. I had too much to drink at this show, I got ripped off a bunch of money, bought fake acid, and got trampled on by a mass of fans trying to get in. As far as Jerry, I was just happy to see him live again. I was really happy they played Loose Lucy and Liberty but I thought this was the worst performance by Jerry in all the years I seen them. But it wasnt the band that was a disappointment, it was me. I was a messed up person in 95.
-Jamie (04/13/2019)

We drove cross country for this show. I had high hopes for Highgate. Let's start~ it took hours just to get to park. We missed Dylan's entire set. My copilot forgot his ticket back at home. The scene was sketchy at best. We decided to try & score a miracle ticket, then out of nowhere the gates & fences came down. Folks yelling free show! It was over crowded & hot. Our one friend said those fatal words "Jerry in Red "It hit me like a bad jolt of lighting. Jerry looked horrible. He attempted Muddy's Rollin & Tumblin. I called it Stumblin & Fumblin. I went to my truck & got the potato vodka I had just bought. sat outside away from the mess & drank nearly the whole bottle mixed with doses. We wound up staying until sun up to let the dark carnival empty out. The gate crashers had arrived, along with the wrecking crew The wheels were starting to come off & the circus tent was beginning to come crashing down.
- (02/26/2022)

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