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Portland Meadows - Portland, OR

Set 1:
Let The Good Times Roll
Walkin' Blues
Dire Wolf
Black Throated Wind
Tennessee Jed
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
The Music Never Stopped

Set 2:
Shakedown Street
Looks Like Rain
Samba In The Rain
Terrapin Station
The Last Time
The Days Between
Sugar Magnolia


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My last show. It was actually pretty good. Lots of energy. I felt it flowing if you know what I mean...

Yeah, I agree. Good crowd, Chuck Berry and a ripping Shakedown. I thought the first day at Portland was so-so but this show delivered much more, and along with the Salt Lake shows in February, are the best moments of 95 for me and the coda of the GD run. I also got a good shot of Jer, a color shot that looks B&W because of the light colored sky. Trippy...

I went to Shoreline but that was so non-eventful (other than taking mom to a how) that this show put the bow on it for me...

thanks for sharing!

My last show as well. I flew up from Arizona because I wanted to see Chuck Berry before he died. Morbid I know, but you all know what happened a couple of months later :( It's 2003 and Chuck Berry is still going strong. You never know...

I am writing this message from Japan. It seems so long ago since my last show, which happened to be when Jerry played Portland last. While I am sure many of us have moved on in our lives from the year 1995, I can't help but think that there is a part in all of us that carries on the spirit that we so embraced. Good times had by all. How I wish I could see just one more show. Does anyone remember when Bob said 'did someone say fuck the Christian right?' after which they which they went into liberty. It was the last time I heard the brother sing. Good times my friends. Let us all remember the magic that was made during the shows we saw. Nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile!!!

This was my last show as well. I remember watching the last half of it from the dirt pile across the street from the Meadows. What a show! The first set, is still not in focus and probaly never will be, but I guess that explains why I think I heard Johnny B Goode. Anyway, for me, what a way to go out.......For Jerry, a time well served and so much given to all of us. I will forever remember what the Dead gave to me and I can only hope to give something back along the same lines.

"fuck the Christian right"?? did Bobby really say that?? whatever happened to tolerance and respect for people's beliefs???
the dead community has always been about respecting others and if Bobby made that comment I have to say it was out of line...I love ya Bobby but...

Yeah, I'm sure that the Christian Right has a lot of tolerence for Deadheads... And why can't Bobby express an opinion?

so the response to intolerance is...more intolerannce??

how does that work?

Ahhh... freedom of speach is such a beautiful thing! This was my last show as well and one that I hold very dear for so many reasons. It was in my home town, I was pregnant with my son (HUGE!!!) August West and I had my little brother with me (his first and last show)... I remember laying in the grass during drums and my belly going crazy because the little life inside of me was grooven and I will never forget the shit eating grin my brother had on his face for days after.
Jerry died two weeks before I had my son. I will always treasure the memories of that last show and am forever greatful to Jerry and the rest and all of the wonderfull people that I met over the years. Such sweet memories!
-Katie cahill

Somewhow I don't see Bob Weir saying "Fuck the Christian Right" right before the encore of a Grateful Dead show as being intolerant. The words "Fuck the Christian Right" are shorthand for "I'm angry at the way the Christian Right tries to push their beliefs on others, often through federal and state legistlation, and this next tune, 'Liberty' is about 'finding [one's] own way home,' that is, finding one's own way to Truth, God, the Cosmos, Consciousness, etc., which is the opposite of what the Christian Right is about. Therefore, I voice my anger and disgust at them with my four-letter Anglo-Saxon word, and such is my right under the First Amendment."

Yes, the Dead Community is about tolerance, but there comes a point, I think, when people can only be pushed so far. Expressing anger at those who are "against" you is hardly being intolerant. That's like saying "Fuck Al-Queda" and someone saying, "Hey, we need be tolerant of other's beliefs." Bobby DID NOT SAY "Fuck Christians," he said "Fuck the Christian Right." This is an important difference. The first comment would truly be intolerance against a religious group. The other comment is an expression against a political movement that persecutes the counterculture (and, increasingly, mainstream, empirical, Enlightenment thought).

If you think that Bobby's being intolerant, then apparently "intolerance" now includes a rock star making a somewhat funny comment (He actually said "Did I hear someone say 'Fuck the Christian Right'?" which is much cleverer than just saying "Fuck the Christian Right" all by itself) at his own show about a segment of the population that he disagrees with politically and who persecutes his fans. He is basically expressing his opinion about the people who would like to see his audience not exist. After all, it is the rise of the Christian Right in the 1980s that contributed to the growing conservative U.S. culture (which now, in 2005, controls all three branches of government), which in turn contributed to more heat and police presence on the Dead scene which in turn contributed to the worsening of the scene, targeting of the fans by police, and the ultimate demise of the band (not that there weren't many, many other factors). It would be nice if Bobby had been a little more nuanced in the way he put his position, but, hey, it's an offhand comment at a rock show. It's not like he told the audience to go out and start beating people up. Calling Bobby's comment "intolerant" cheapens what real intolerance is (racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.).

I would also add that intolerance occurs when those in power start rounding people up and putting them in jail for their (peaceful) beliefs and practices. And that has NEVER happened to Deadheads, by the way, right??

for those with poor memories....this comes from my setlist notes,,,,,,,,,,what bobbie said was........."fuck the religious right", and as we now have the ayitola Geo the Dumber Bush, I guess he was right.

This was my last show and the first show to "hit" me. I guess you could call it my holy grail of shows. I felt like I was the center of the universe. Magic, Magic, Magic. Every move that I made the band was right in sync with my actions. That day I was wearing a shirt with the symbols of all the worlds religions.....pretty trippy. Jerry was wearing a red shirt that day and the following day I got arrested in Mendocino county. Jerry in red trouble ahead! If anybody could do a B+P of this show for me I would much appreciate it.

Im right there with Row Jimmy, I cant like the Dead and belive in God and have Jesues in my heart too? Where does it say one side this and that?

-Stevie (02/28/2008)

This was my last show also. I vividly remember the wind blowing the sound, but the Shakedown made up for it all!! Dire Wolf was epic to hear again finally as well. Remember this.....?
"Fuck the Christian Right!"
Bob Weir
- (05/22/2008)

To those of you who might have been confused about Bobby's comment about the Christian Right - "Fuck the Christian Right!"- first you need to understand who and what the "Christian Right" is. They are a virulent, nasty political group against all others who may be different from them. In 1995 in Oregon the Christian Right had placed a bill on the ballot basically removing all rights from gay people in Oregon. Similar bills had been on the ballot in 1992 and other years, but the language in the '95 bill was particularly hateful. Bobby was absolutely correct in publicly condemning these zealots of intolerance. It was a complacent and "tolerant" populace who let these same evil maniacs get control of the Federal government and bring us the endless war on "terror", the Patriot Act, unwarranted spying, "free speech zones, and TRILLIONS of $ missing that the Pentagon never even bothered to explain. Thank GOD that Bobby used his voice to speak out when we still could have done something.
- (07/31/2008)

I know exactly what it was about, that's why I mentioned it, and will echo it...
I need the SBD of this show please!
My windblown cassette is worn out!
-gratefuldan (01/26/2009)

I'm no member of the Christian Right, not by any means, but would everyone be so willing to defend the comment if it was "Fuck Bleeding Heart Liberal Pussies?"

Of course not. Bobby (and all of us) have the right to say whatever we want, and the Christian Right is certainly not worthy of much defense. But let's not confuse "Christian Right" with good, decent Republicans (who DO exist, by the way). And while we're at it, hate speech is hate speech is hate speech. Just because something is legal and can (to a degree) be morally justified does not necessarily make it right.
-Sean Ay (02/09/2009)

Whatever. Just an awesome show, like most the last one I saw before the end. Some of my all-time faves...Tennessee Jed...Dire Wolf ...Shakedown... Terrapin... Sugar Mag. And then Liberty. Outstanding, a great final act to remember Jerry by.

-Cort (08/12/2009)

Why can't we just talk about the show? Enough about whatever Bobby said. I can't figure out why people care so much. I think this is the best terrapin from 95, too bad there isn't a sbd. Jerry's playing is just so much more crisp than in other renditions of Terrapin in 95.
-The Man (06/29/2010)

We have no idea how we've offended Bob Weir, but considering he wrote "Victim or the Crime" let's just call it even, shall we?
-The Christian Right (10/01/2010)

My last show, too.

The accurate quote Bobby stated before the encore was "did I hear someone say fuck the Christian right?"
- (01/04/2013)

My last shows. The 2nd show had much more energy! Dad died in March, Jerry in August on my birthday. '95 became a sad drug filled year, but the Grateful Dead helped me through it.
-Anonymous (08/03/2013)

wow, so much idiocy from a burnout making a joke. Truly pathetic. but hey, it's not like this was a concert where there was... ohhh whats that thing with the sound again?... oh yeah - Music. They said ridiculous shit on stage their whole career to specifically get a rise out of people. most people (all at certain 60's shows) were tripping and it's just some good mannered fun.

You need to grow a pair of balls and just let it roll off. So what if Bobby "offended" the christian right, it's a dead show, and a pretty good one at that. Get over yourself and your outdated beliefs. all religions have been proven bogus one way or another. So you're all arguing about something completely irrelevant. there is an unexplained force in this world, but it certainly does't look like a bearded grandpa sitting on a cloud judging the world below. If you are offended by anything anyone says, you are just weak at heart. Strong people don't let words have the same effect as a knife or a bullet. So let row jimmy and sean ay be weak, if their belifs were sound enough in their own minds, they wouldn't be worried about people questioning them or disagreeing with them.
-The Dead Center (12/23/2014)

What Bobby said was "fuck the religious right."
- (07/07/2017)

Well, bobby is a conservative, or at least he was back then. Guess he didn't like the religious folks givin his political affiliation a bad name. lol.
-Anonymous (05/29/2018)

I just listened to the show on @3:56 of Track 18, Bob says, "Did I hear someone say fuck the Christian Right?"

That's the exact quote.

The Christian Right--the moral majority, Jerry Falwell, etc, grew out of the anti-integrationist southern movements. They're moralistic and repressive. The problem for those of us who oppose them is not that they're 'offensive,' or that they're 'Christian.' The problem is they're fascist, and their politics are oppressive and stupid. They get a solid percentage of the blame for stopping a solution to climate change, for example.
- (01/26/2020)

I LOVE how you "tolerant" folks pile on RowJimmy for his statement while saying how intolerant the "christiqn right" is...DeadHead hypocricy at it's finest
- (05/24/2020)

What he should have said is fuck ANTIFA and the radical left
-Donald J. Trump (09/02/2020)

For all the MAGAtts who so are upset about Bobby allegedly saying "fuck the Christian right" you can relax and quit whining about supposed double standard because Bobby did not that... Jerry said it to Phil and Bobby half heard so he asked him to repeat, i.e "Did I hear someone say fuck the Christian Right?"

Yes, he did.
Jerry said.
- (06/26/2024)

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