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Sam Boyd Silver Bowl - Las Vegas, NV

Set 1:
Picasso Moon
Friend Of The Devil
Wang Dang Doodle
Queen Jane Approximately

Set 2:
Here Comes Sunshine
Long Way To Go Home
Playin' In The Band
Uncle John's Band
Easy Answers
Standing On The Moon
Around And Around

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

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dave matthews belongs at the lilith fair!
anyway, ok show. fun to see the dead in vegas.
had tickets for all nights only made it to this one. after all, it's vegas !

During Lucy in the Sky Jerry sang "Imagine yourself on a train in a river" First show of the last tour and hints of a trainwreck were already out there.

i havent yet listened to this show (only made it in to the 5/21 show and ive since heard a recording of the 5/20 show) but im now curious.
the 5/21 show was maybe the last "great" dead show (if there's another one from summer tour, i havent yet heard it) and the 5/20 show was well played (if not particularly inspiring) and even included some stage banter with jerry and bob playfully urging fans to "carry the people that past out up front so we can stack them next to the stage" and had jerry laugh and say "geez, do you think we just do this for fun?"

anyway, i've always been of the opinion that this was the last great ("very good" if not great) dead run, and this many years later the tapes of the 5/20 and especially the 5/21 shows show it.
i'd be surprised if 5/19 was a stinker, but ill check it out and report back. peace.
-gdjake (03/03/2008)

i'm listening to the show now, and jerry does NOT sing "imagine yourself...." though he does SLIGHTLY muff the next line, though the infrequency with which they played this tune usually led to a minor vocal flub or two.
overall, this show wasnt as strong as either of the next two days, but was still a well played show.

in no way, shape, or form do any of these three shows give any indication of the impending trainwreck. jerry seemed in great spirits, was chatting with band and crowd, played wonderfully, and sang with a ton of passion.
this is a stellar run of shows for any year, but ESPECIALLY for '95.

again, ive always wished i hadnt got on the bus after these shows (i had a wife and a 4 year old and after this run i just thought they would be around for a long time to come), but all these years later listening to these performances as well as the summer tour that followed, i'm glad i went out on such a high note, and i'm glad my final show had glorious versions of "so many roads", "days between", and a nice "liberty" that meant the final words i heard jerry sing were "i would die for love....freedom...liberty...leave me alone, to find my own way home."

i hope he's happy in his new home. God knows how much happiness he gave me, and still does today.
-gdjake (03/03/2008)

check that. i meant "get OFF the bus...."
the post wouldnt make much sense the other way around!!
-gdjake (03/03/2008)

I was at the 5/19 show.

Was the only time I saw The Grateful Dead.

We drove from Raleigh, NC to see this and only had tickets for the first night. Well worth it and glad I passed up seeing them again in D.C. several months later.
-the dude (10/25/2008)

This is so cool. Thank you for this site!

Fan-**CK***-ing show. The experience of being with friends, on a road trip from San Francisco, seeing the band in the scorching heat, turned on, tuned in and GONZO as I was at the top of the stadium, everything in motion, Bob sang out "Standing on a tower, world at my command." Righteous!!!

Carrying that torch as a constant reminder we all have that in us.

Peace Out!

p.s. Dave Matthews kinda rocked and I got into him after seeing a live set. Same with Pearl Jam a few years later opening for the Stones at Shoreline Amphitheater.
- (11/29/2019)

Train wreck of a show. Jerry seemed lost during Althea. First time I heard heads saying "I want my money back" after seeing 120+ shows. Next 2 shows on this run were better with a stellar Morning Dew on 5/20 and a great show on 5/21. My last Dead run. RIP Jerry!
- (03/20/2022)

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Band Configuration
(05/19/92 - 07/09/95)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Vince Welnick
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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