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Tampa Stadium - Tampa, FL

Set 1:
Jack Straw
Little Red Rooster
Loose Lucy
When I Paint My Masterpiece
Visions Of Johanna
Promised Land

Set 2:
Eyes Of The World
Saint Of Circumstance
Samba In The Rain
Unbroken Chain
Easy Answers
The Days Between
Not Fade Away

U.S. Blues

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best show in the history of the planet

My last show. I will never forget it.

best show? I think you have to go a few years earlier for the best stuff. I was sad to hear how non-existant Jerry's playing had gotten by this point.
I think the best stuff was back in the 60's and 70's.

i would say good show, you can tell jerry dont feel good, sore throat maybe? not much power behind jerry's voice, his playing is good and the band seems really on


Those total posers the Black Crowes opened the do they suck

"best show in the history of the planet"???

hmmmmm...a case of "revisionist history" if i ever heard one!


They were OFF this night. The whole show kind of sounds like a soundcheck. They are truly just going through the motions by this point.

my first Grateful Dead show and unfortunately my last with Jerry around. i did enjoy a killer Red Rooster, Samba in the Rain and Eyes of the World. overall Jerry did seem tired compared to the other shows i've heard. i disagree with Anon above, The Black Crowes are awesome and rock to this day.

i love the placement of Visions of Johanna!

I get so tired of the snobs saying the best of the dead is 60's and 70's. SOME of their better shows were during that time, but they also had ALOT of shows that saw them searching for a sound.
bottom line is that this band continued to grow almost to the end. even in the 90's they were coming up with good new material in "liberty", "days between", "so many roads", "corrina", "eternity" (written with willie dixon) and also playing fresh covers like "i fought the law" and "L.S.D."

these guys had played together for over 20 years.....and it showed.
their music was tight, and their songbook was large.
sure, the 70's had some great shows too, but for my money, the deads best period was actually '87 to '93.
'94 and '95 were very rough in spots, but even in those years, the guys were capable of finding "it" here and there.
if youre looking for their best VOCAL performances then you probably DO need to go back to the 60's and 70's (nothing beats hearing jerry sing "mountains of the moon" or "if i had the world to give"!!) but for their best PLAYING (and isnt that what its really always been about?) with the most FOCUSSED jams you go to '87-'93.
just my .02.

ps- havent listened to this one yet, but im in the process of looking for hidden '95 gems (5/21/95 is the last truly "GREAT" show ive found, but im not done) and i too like the "visions" placement. too bad that song didnt get a chance to hang around more and develop.
-gdjake (03/05/2008)

Hey must be all those CrazyFingers show you been to at the Wharf!
We Miss Richie!!!!
-GratefulEll (07/15/2008)

It was my first and only show. And I didn't totally get it at the time, although I did enjoy it. But listening to it years later after I did "get" it, it's not that bad. Visions, Samba, all good. I'm glad I can say I got to see them.
- (02/15/2009)

This was the last show I got to see with Jerry. I am so grateful!! Loose Lucy was fantastic -- even with Jerry not getting all the words right. It's his song, he can sing it any way he wants right? Visions of Johanna was so sweet -- into a smokin' hot Promised Land!! Second set Eyes opener made the whole arena smile and sing! Unbroken Chain was so awesome -- always wanted it, waited years to hear it -- here it was at my last show!! :) Not Fade Away was special -- always special :) Love the US Blues encore! Thanks for all the years of great music!! So grateful I caught so many especially this last one!! :) I will never forget ANY of the shows I was privileged to see!! :)
- (07/14/2012)

my last of the GD shows I saw. The Black Crowes were great. They were excited to be there and injected some good energy. It was a beautiful day/night in Tampa for an outdoor show. GD lacked energy, Jerry seemed disconnected and it was like the band was pulling him through. Thankfully, Phil Lesh is a lucid man and can run the show. It seemed the crowd was creeped out and not as warm as the weather. Too many people just hanging around and not really there for music enjoyment.

- (10/04/2013)

Post Touch Head gonna Touch on us....again. OK, but why do you care so much what other heads think bro? RE: gdjake
-Anonymous (10/10/2014)

My right knee is so very sore. Could that possibly mean that we're expecting rain? I wish I lived closer to Tulsa. I've recently discovered arugula. There's a town called Dublin in Georgia, too. I recently purchased an oscillating fan online. I always prefer spring water over purified water. Macadam roads have better gripping quality than asphalt. I had 3 deer in my back yard last nite, but a few moments later, they had vanished. We saw a Native American crying by the roadside last week, and the bloke I was riding with told me that he was tempted to roll down the window and say, "Hey, smoke a peace pipe, chief", but I quietly advised him against it. I have not picked up a Frisbee in years. My allergies prevent me from buying a puppy. Don't ever use a propane turkey fryer in your garage. Very small rocks don't float in water, but sometimes they will in gravy. No one has ever told me I have junk in the trunk. Perhaps someday. I'm handy with a cordless drill, but just the smaller ones. I've been to the top of the mountain ... almost. Bye for now.
-Hoz (12/18/2014)

if someone like the 80's - 90's they're a touch head, if they like the 60's and 70's they're stubborn. all you guys are idiots. What ever happened to living in the moment and enjoy the music for what it is... music. Your judgemental attitudes are laughable. There is nothing to "get". People who say that someone doesn't "get" it are just trying to exclusify something that was supposed to bring everyone together. now all you fools just argue about which era is better. the downright hate of '95 is absurd and Jerry may have looked like a 70 y/o man, but all you still kept on comin to see him cause you knew, no one raged like he did. Every year of the dead was a great one. From the first steps of '65 to the final stumbles of '95. THERE IS NO BEST YEAR, this is just the best group of musicians in History.

and I understand that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but when your opinion causes bad energy to infect an air of bliss, then the smiles die. There is so much beauty in their sound and every show was a unique experience on the long strange trip these boys took us all on. if you think there is a best show, then you need to listen to another year, because there is always another show that you'll hear that will top one you think is the "best". everyone focuses on the late 70's and get's malicious when anyone says they think the 80's or early 90's are better. Who cares. if you waste what limited energy and time you are given on this earth arguing about the past then you never see the possobilities that it could hold for the future. Inspiration shall move you brightly, so be inspired. Even in their worst moments, there is inspiration to be gained. You can get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right.
-Anonymous (12/19/2014)

Thanks to whoever accidentally puddled me with more LSD than anyone imagined humanly possible to handle at this show whilst walking in to the show. That experience changed my life for the better albeit it was crazy af. Would love to know what kind of LSD that was and how much of your Sweetbreaths bottle contents ended up on my tongue.

- (06/09/2017)

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Band Configuration
(05/19/92 - 07/09/95)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Vince Welnick
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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