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The Spectrum - Philadelphia, PA

Set 1:
Alabama Getaway
Walkin' Blues
So Many Roads
Easy Answers
Don't Ease Me In
Unbroken Chain

Set 2:
Samson And Delilah
Long Way To Go Home
Crazy Fingers
Matilda Matilda
I Need A Miracle
Stella Blue
Not Fade Away

Brokedown Palace

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this was the sickest show I have ever attended!

1st ever Unbroken Chain!!

My ass hurts....

the greatest show in the history of man

my eyes hurt

rub my back for me please

oh yeah and how come there just some places that you can't quite get to with a wash cloth

hey what can I do about the rash between my legs?

Hearing Unbroken Chain for the first time was like candy for my ears! The best I have ever heard Phil sing. Classic Must Have.

Lissen...I heard them bust out Unbroken 5 times in '95...and it was ALWAYS a sloppy mess

I happen to agree that this was one of the worst dead show that I have ever attended. Hate to bum out the historians but Unbroken Chain was a chocolate mess.

Pathetic Alabama Getaway. Great setlist but the performance was just above awful. Still fun though

The exuberance of the first 10 seconds of Unbroken Chain, followed by the silence as we all listened to Phil, was one of the coolest GDead things I ever experienced.

the energy level was low...the playing lackluster...the days of the grateful dead were winding down and we all knew it!

While it is true they were winding down the vibe in the crowd during and after UC was totally cool. That was probably the loudest ovation I heard after a first set. It was down hill from there.

Was there. UC was great, but made me remember why I didn't mind that Phil didn't sing very much.


Screwed up my knee jumping up and down after I heard the first few notes of Unbroken Chain. The rest of the show was average. The playing of Unbroken Chain was one of the few highlights of the 90's.

Listening 10 years later and feeling the goosebumps rise as Phil starts Unbroken Chain. One of sweetest moments in Dead History. MISS YOU JERRY!

Take away Unbroken Chain and you're left with a disaster of a show. This was the night I became aware that we were all on borrowed time.
-nonny mouse

I had been calling for unbroken chain for about ten years.Every show someone would ask me what I wanted to hear and I would always say unbroken chain.After chasing them some 300 show,I finally got what I wanted. My quest was over.I knew it wasover soon. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR.

Everyone was shitting up there back b/c of Unbroken Chain?
I guess it was cool they finally played it... but it sucked, what a mess.
I could of got $200 for my ticket, i was wishing I sold it.
I traded my ticket stub for 8 beers and the dude's dirty-ass cooler coming out.
Philly was great for the parking lot action though.

the dead were never the same. that was their way of saying "that's it!"
I lost a dear friend the night before in a hotel room. if you were on "tour" and not just a wannabe you probably know about it or you might know him. most of my friends did not have tickets but I always mailed ordered. I went in by myself. when I got out my friend asked what they played, in shock and awe I said unbroken chain. he didn't believe me. then it was back to the funeral and no more shows for that tour. but before I left I gave about 15 tickets away after the show.

Just looking at the setlist has put me to sleep,no wonder i can't remember the show

We were front of 2nd level, Phil's side. We could see the lyrics on the teleprompter before a note was played, lol.

We enjoyed it!

BEST of ALL was Jerry turning towards Phil when UBC fininshed and applauding him in front of EVERYONE. That was the handing of the torch, in retrospect.


more like broken chain

I think some of the people commenting on the show are DEAF, i've seen them well over 50 times, this ranks as one of the worst, even unbroken chain sucked. After the show the heads were so estatic over nothing. This show marks the start of the end. In my opinion after '94 they sucked, and I'm a big fan.

what a neat stella blue that was (different) --- i took my teaching companion to this show (it was only her second time) and we both really enjoyed it.

around 1982, woody told me the dead would never play unbroken chain or it would all come to an end. they should have heeded woody.

I think it was a sad show. You knew it was ending soon. They were not even half the band they were a few years earlier. It was still nice to see them, but also dissapointing. Some of those 80's philly shows including the run at the Civic center are classics. That is what the dead were all about.
-Steve (06/29/2007)

here's the local news cast from this run
-Kiersten (12/09/2007)

95 was a very painful year all the way around- this show wasn't much different.
- (05/27/2008)

makes me sad every time i read all the '95 negativity. did we "know the end was near?"

hadnt a clue.
most were having fun and optimistic.
the last couple shows were scary at times, and parts of other shows were also disturbing (jerry lost in "wharf rat"), but there were ALSO alot of really nifty shows in '95. 2/21 in SLC was phenominal from start to finish. the shoreline run had alot of strong moments. vegas was top notch from start to finish (with jerry smiling and bantering with bob and phil) and featured a REALLY strong 5/21 show. hornsby sitting in didnt produce and '90 or '91 flashbacks, but it was solid at worst. the now famous "rain show" was more than just a novelty as it was well played and fun. "unbroken chain" was a pleasant surprise, as was "visions of johanna", "alabama getaway", and "new speedway boogie".

the new songs were developing nicely, the band around jerry was playing stellar, and the papa bear could still pull it all together as often as not.

bottom line is i had no idea it was the end (my last show was 5/21) in part because my last show was stellar, but other than the people that were ACTUALLY at the last shows, NO ONE i talked to saw it one.

.....but now everyone has 20/20 hindsight vision?
i'm not buying it, and its depressing.
again, there are still alot of great (and grateful) moments in 1995, so i recommend you seek them out and avoid all the negativity. just my .02.

-gdjake (09/03/2008)

was fortunate to be at this one


at the 1st Casey Jones in a while
at RFK 1992
-fwwank (12/12/2008)

Unbroken Chain!! A classic! One of only THREE tunes that Phil Lesh ever inked (w/ full credit going to him, that is ... he cowrote several others, including St.Stephen) for the Grateful Dead. (The other two are "Box of Rain" from "American Beauty", a song he wrote for/about his dying father, and "Pride of Cucamonga" from the "Mars Hotel" album, the same platter as features "Unbroken Chain.") In fact, Phil lifted the main title for his recent '07 novel from Chain: the book is titled "Searching for the Sound: My Life w/ the Grateful Dead."

On an interesting note, of the three tunes Phil wrote, only ONE had ever been performed live by the Dead: Box of Rain. It wasn't until almost the very end of the line that another one of Phil's other two tunes would surface.

On 19Mar95, less than 4 months before the Dead would perform what would sadly turn out to be their very last show ever on 09Jul95, they broke out, for the very first time ever, "Unbroken Chain." Better still, is the fact that it was debuted at the Spectrum in Philly, my home town venue! And even better than having Philadelphia, a town that the Dead has always widely acknowledged to be their unofficial "home away from home" (the Bay Area, of course), was the fact that Yours Truly was IN ATTENDANCE and personaly witnessed this major & significant Dead milestone!!

There had been a lotta buzz on the spring tour that year about the possibility of Chain or Pride of Cucamonga surfacing. Jerry was unfortunately in pretty rough shape & taking increasingly less time on vocals, Brent was long gone by '95 and his replacement, Vince Welnick of Tubes fame, never really picked up that mantle, nor had he been expected to.

So, Bobby was singing more & more songs, as was Phil, but Phil's repertoire was minimal at best, and w/ the increased frequency of his turns at the mic, I reckon he was looking to open up his repertoire a little, and started adding more tunes to his meager stockpile of what were primarily Bob Dylan covers, most commonly "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues."

Rumors surfaced as early as Feb of '95 that Phil had performed Unbroken Chain in a sound check or two, but by the time the Winter/Spring '95 tour made it to the East Coast, it had yet to surface & the rumors settled down and pretty much disappeared altogether.

Until the Spectrum shows, that is.

The Dead were in town for their usual 3 show run. This year, I remember it was Friday, Saturday & Sunday, the 17th, 18th & 19th of March. I was at the Saturday & Sunday shows but decided to forgo the Friday nite show, because it was St.Patrick's Day, and it doesn't fall on a Friday too much! Friends of ours were planning a big gig w/ lotsa people at a restaurant in the Reading area, and several of our Birdsboro friends were gonna be there, too, so my Irish buttocks couldn't miss this party. So, I ended up skipping the Friday show.

I was recently married in '95, and as a result, I wasn't catchin' too many outta-town shows any more by that time. I'd still always hit all 3 shows in Philly, tho, for the spring and fall tours.

Anyway, like I said, I passed on the St.Paddy's Day show on Fri, but did Sat & Sunday. I remember those 2 shows quite well, and for 2 reasons. The first was that I'd quit partying several years prior to 95, and my clarity & memory of shows had exponentially improved as a result! (Go figure!)

Also, I would find only a few months later, while the memory of the 2 shows was still fresh in my mind, that those would sadly be the last time I ever saw the Grateful Dead - or Jerry Garcia alive - ever again.

Saturday was a really good show. As mentioned, the general health of Jerry and, ergo, the band, was in a constant state of flux by that time, and like the Philadelphia Eagles, you were never quite sure which team would take the field that nite. And even one show could often be equal parts good & bad. Regardless, they looked like they were ready to take on the world that Sat nite, and they came outta the gate BANGING! They launched into a very spirited Hell in a Bucket, a very good WLA Fadeaway, a soulful Ramble on Rose, and I believe that Phil took the mic, too, and did a Dylan tune, prob Tom Thumb. The most positive thing I remember about the 2nd set on Saturday was an awesome Iko Iko! To this day, it still ranks as one of my personal favorite readings of that tune, ever, and that's saying a LOT! I remember Vince closing w/ Rain by the Beatles, and remember also thinking "Eh."

Sunday was a different story altogether. They seemed disoriented & disorganized from Jump Street that nite. They came out and after much dicking around w/ what seemed like one of the longest tunings I'd ever experienced in my Dead history, finally got their shit together & started off w/ Alabama Getaway, an alright tune, but one that by 1995, had pretty much been beaten to near death as a 1st set opener. That's usually the kinda tune you head out for a piss and/or smoke break for ... but not when it's the opener!

So, we just kinda went w/ the flow & kept our fingers & toes crossed for something new and/or different. The 1st set was sluggish & disjointed all the way thru, tho, and I distinctly remember that the band looked almost ready to head for the locker room after only 4 or 5 tunes! That would have been, and probably even still was, one of the quickest 1st sets I'd ever seen. But, as was more & more frequently the case, Phil Lesh had other ideas.

I think that Phil, moreso than the rest of the boys, was acutely aware of how they sounded & looked by 95, though, and how the loyal Heads, although still always in attendance, were become increasingly disgruntled and disenchanted w/ how things were going. So, Phil would more frequently pull one more tune outta midair and almost FORCE the rest of the guys in the band to either pick up and follow his lead, or simply leave him all by himself right there on stage! It seemed like it was a throwing down of the gauntlet to the rest of the guys to buck up, get it together, and try to at least give the appearance of giving the people what they want, what they paid for.

And w/ that mindset at that moment, along came the first-ever ... UNBROKEN CHAIN!!! Even w/ all of that other disenchanting shit going on, tho, it was still an EXTREMELY cool moment, indeed!! And to this day, even w/ the muddled messes-of-a-show that all-too-frequently permeated the tours for the previous couple of yrs, I still look back, remember that show very well, and am glad that I was there to witness such a milestone!

As it turns out, Chain would only ever be played ten times in the span of 39 shows between its 19Mar debut in Philly, to its final rendering at Soldier Field in Chicago on 09July, a show that is a milestone in and of itself, as it would the final performance of the Grateful Dead.

The balance of the tour was canceled because of Jerry's poor health, and he would be dead within a month. These are the only 10 times Chain was played:

Almost as a voucher - an affirmation, if you will - to my assessment of the Sunday,19March Philly show where Chain debuted as a sloppy, disjointed train-wreck-of-a-show and also as an acknowledgement of just how short the 1st set truly was that nite, the Spectrum show where Unbroken Chain debuted was the ONLY show out of the ten shows it was performed in where it appeared in the 1ST SET!

Every other time it was performed, it either appeared as a 2nd set opener, mid 2nd set, or one time as an encore. Just click on that link above, look at the setties, and you can see for yourself where it was comfortably slotted.

That being the case, you just know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Phil was feeling down about how that show was going, bad about the band's lackluster performance, bummed that they sounded tired & were essentially looking ready to hit the showers after only 5 songs into the 1st set, and I believe he (Phil) was scrambling to pull the proverbial rabbit out of the hat strictly for the fans.

So, very unexpectedly, he then launched into the initial strains of Chain, which were basically rhymthic noodling on the high end of the bass guitar neck. The true fans that nite picked up almost immediately on the fact that it was Unbroken Chain, tho, and were now absolutely EUPHORIC!! The place went positively INSANE!!

S, like I said, I feel that Phil basically forced the issue w/ the rest of the band, but the fans responded enormously that nite!! All was not only forgiven for their weak-ass performance, but word now RACED throughout the tour circuit that the Dead had performed Unbroken Chain for the very first time in Philly that nite!!

Indeed, every show thereafter, the fans were chanting "We Want Chain!, We Want Chain!" and were also hanging Unbroken Chain signs & banners from the railings & rafters!! Just that one performance of Chain had singlehandedly breathed a new, unexpected life into what I would refer to as an otherwise weary, uninteresting & apathetic tour. Funny how things work, ain't it?!

To this day, tho, I am absolutely CERTAIN that Phil had not planned to break out Chain that nite. Primarily due to the onstage scramble I described to do something special - and QUICK! - for the fans that nite, but also because the performance of Unbroken Chain that nite is largely remembered & described by fans of the band and by bloggers on too numerous-to-count websites as generally being a sloppy, disjointed mess! For that reason, I think that it was as yet unpolished. Perhaps precticed a couple of times, or maybe even just kinda messed around with in a couple of sound checks, but not seriously considered for a set list apperance. Basically, "not ready for prime time." Yet.

It was cool to be there for that initial rendering, tho. And besides, even if it was an awkward, clumsy and unkempt version (and it was), I kinda just figured that that was kinda what was to be expected, y'know?! Heck, like I told a buddy, remember the very first time you were with a girl? Well, you certainly weren't an absolute STALLION in your debut, right?! You certainly didn't come off as a Greek Adonis, a master of the craft, on the 1st attempt! The judges weren't sitting at a table at the foot of the bed holding up 9.6 and 9.8 signs, y'know?! There are natural kinks that hafta be worked out, speed bumps that need to be dealt with and hurdles cleared, before it all starts to gel & take good form, right?! So, I think that all of those folks who so roundly boo & criticize that nite's performance of Chain, just aren't taking in the whole picture.

I.e., - under the aimless & inconguous circumstances I described, and the fact that I believe that Phil also singlehandedly hit the panic button that nite and started up the only thing he could probably think of that A.) was not yet another tired rendering of a Dylan cover, or B.) Box of Rain, I think that taken under those circumstances and in that particular context, it was just fine, an A-OK performance. I think that, as a whole, people are too unwilling to A.) give some credit where it's due, and B.) perhaps a little too critical to begin with.

If you click on the link for the 19Mar95 show at the Spectrum, Dan has a brief but nice comment posted specifically about the rendering of Unbroken Chain that nite. It's about 5 or 6 postings down. It's an accurate statement to the true Dead Head, tho.

Sure, it may not have been the well-rehearsed, polished gemstones like Jack Straw or Brown-Eyed Women of other tunes that had performed probably in excess of 300 times by 1995 .... but it was HISTORY. And anyone who was there to witness it and take it for what it was worth - to simply be in attendance that nite - should acknowledge that it was, indeed, a very special moment, a very special night, for true Heads.

Well, I promised I'd keep it short, so that's all I have to say about that!
-Ceegar Skjellyfetti (12/22/2008)

Nice write up Ceegar.
-Anonymous (12/23/2008)

Hey Ceegar - nice little write up, but what about New Potato Caboose? A Phil song and played with some frequency early on, no?
-Grateful Fred (01/06/2009)

I was at this show , like many countless other spectrum shows, it was good but the best bar none , don't remember exact year,Easter Sunday, best spectrum show ever, started with gimme some lovin (with Sencer Davis) and closed with killer Quin the eskemoo!
- (04/16/2009)

".... but it was HISTORY. And anyone who was there to witness it and take it for what it was worth - to simply be in attendance that nite - should acknowledge that it was, indeed, a very special moment, a very special night, for true Heads."

The Hindenberg was history what. There are hundreds of better Dead moments to have attended...say that time in Hartford where Jerry was soloing and the spotlight guy was on Bob...was that 82 or 83???? "True Heads" were were in the hallway.
-Bossgobbler (07/26/2009)

I have the soundcheck for the 17th and Phil tells Bobby "I want to do this in Philadelphia man" during the UC rehersal.
- (10/27/2009)

I was at the show -- here's the review I wrote that night:

Philly Sunday March 19

SUMMARY: UNBROKEN CHAIN (need we say more?)

Well, it’s 2:20 a.m. here in beautiful NYC, and I really wasn’t going to write tonight, but I got the most LOVELY notes from StellaBloo and Rikkphish about the Saturday review, SO...

All of us strangers who were sitting in the fourth row last night, courtesy of mail order from GDTS, have now been transferred en masse to the lower level, almost directly across from the stage. Nobody around me has a GDP laminate, fake-silk tour jacket, or backstage pass. I feel much more at home. (Although one friendly fellow DOES have an entire box of unopened digital audio tapes. We like him, and let him stay. But I digress... and I haven’t even started yet!)

OK. Alabama Getaway to open the show. I think they will follow with Greatest Story, but Bobby leaves the stage at the end so...

He comes back and they do Walking Blues, which is uneventful to these grumpy ears. So Many Roads follows, filled with mistakes and weak playing from Jerry. He belts out the, “So many roads!” at the end, and everyone is happy:!

Bobby gives us Easy Answers, the song everyone loves to hate. I dunno; I’m partial to the Wasserman/Bobby/Neil Young version on Trios. But more interesting to me, is that Bobby seems to be getting more into a funk groove. I hear a slice of “What Is Hip” by Tower of Power (I THINK) here, and Saturday night he was really into the rhythm funk groove during the space. We’ll get it again during Corina, but I am getting ahead of myself. One nation under a groove...y’all! (Are we really ready to see Bobby playing with George Clinton or Sly Stone? How about a duet with James Brown doing, “Say It Loud; I’m Black and I’m Proud!” Excellent! )

As soon as Easy Answers ends, Jerry jumps into an uneventful Don’t Ease Me In. A five song first set? Yikes! I’m old and infirm enough to remember first sets with more than 10 songs... this is getting ridiculous! And not a “challenging” tune in the bunch (i.e. Bird Song, Let it Grow, Cassidy, Lazy Lightnin’, etc.)

Bobby leaves the stage again, comes back, and then it happens.

Unbroken Chain. Live. For the first time ever.

From the first notes we know what it is; rumors have been swirling about this. (Actually these rumors have been around for YEARS, so...). Phil’s opening is beautiful and perfect. The crowd is going sufficiently ber-serk. And I’m going DOUBLE berserk to make up for the nice guy next to me who, halfway through the tune, asks me what this song is called!

When they get to the drum break it’s incredible; that great driving beat. My only regret is that Jerry’s solo is either quiet or halting or both. Phil steps back in and finishes and it’s all there -- even the wonderful, “La, la la”’s at the end. Just a friendly reminder that it DOES all come ‘round again -- all those songs that we once said would NEVER be played do come out...sooner or later.

OFF-THE-TOPIC-TANGENT: There were a couple of postings here [old message board] about the fact that now that the band is using all of that wireless gear, including the earphones that they use instead of on-stage monitors, clever heads have gotten their hands on police scanners. The exact technology eludes me, but basically you can sit outside the hall during sound check and hear not only what they’re playing, but also what they’re saying to each other in between songs. Someday we’ll probably start getting tapes that include not only the music, but all the conversations that go on between band members too.

This technology was used to get the word out yesterday that the band was debating whether they should play Unbroken Chain or not.

Now... I’ve always been one of those people with my ear to the exit door during sound check...if I happen to be around. And I can’t deny that I love all of the latest Dead gossip, theories, and non-ugly rumors. BUT... isn’t this going a little too far? I know that it’s LEGAL -- the radio airwaves are open to anyone -- but is it moral? Everyone knows that cellular phones and cordless phones can also be eavesdropped on with the right electronic gear (that’s why drug dealers and lawyers don’t use them to discuss serious business!) Does that mean that if some well-meaning head can figure out how to tap into the Dead’s phone calls that we should? Be curious to hear your thoughts.


To bring us up to date, Unbroken Chain was a little rough but basically phenomenal and life changing. The rest of the show has been pretty weak.

The guys behind me during intermission are so dosed that EVERYTHING is hilarious, especially me. Highlight of intermission for me is that they’re playing the album “Kind of Blue” by Miles Davis with John Coltrane through the P.A. An incredible album -- buy it now. I am the only one dancing to it during intermission, and the guys behind me are hysterical. Nice to be appreciated!

The lights go down for the second set and they stay low for awhile before the band comes out. Reminiscent of the good ol’ days when they would keep the stage lit but the house lights kinda low during intermission, instead of blasting us with the basketball/hockey lighting.

The second set opens with Samson & Delilah. I like the newer versions, where they ease into it rather than blasting us with the drum beats first. The band seems interested, but maybe I just don’t get it and this rendition is short (for a second set opener) and pedestrian.

Vince does Long Way to Go Home. I’m tellin’ ya, this guy just keeps getting better, although I must confess that this isn’t my all-time favorite Dead tune. (Quelle surprise!)

Jerry starts Crazy Fingers and it’s a mess. IF he’s using the TelePrompTer for the lyrics (some debate on that point) than he needs ANOTHER one to remind him where the jams vs. the lyrics go! This one is saved by a wonderful jam at the end, with Jerry playing loud and strong for the first time tonight. Crazy Fingers leads into Corina. Like I said, I’m apparently one of few people on the planet who really dig this tune (great dancing beat) but it is REALLY sloppy tonight, groove-wise. Again, the jam at the end saves it, leading into a terrific jam that sounds to me like a real song (that is, melody and harmony, not free-form improvisation, which I also love). In fact, it IS a real song, the old calypso tune Mathilda (sp?). Jerry sings it alone in a very soft voice, and the band looks BAFFLED. I give him triple word score for trying something a little different. (It’s been played before, but very infrequently). Drums and space are still one of my favorite parts. A little discordant tonight, but I think it’s swell.

I Need A Miracle comes out of the space. This song has come a long way from the days when we dreaded hearing it. Maybe it’s not the song itself, but rather the slot that it takes up (as you know, this is where one of the big tunes of the night can fit in). Perfect for a night like this, and a whiner like me: we’ve already had the never-heard Unbroken Chain and the seldom-heard Mathilda... what more do you want? (“It takes dynamite to get me off/Too much of everything is just enough).

The version of Stella Blue that follows is either a new arrangement or a complete mess; take your pick. It is certainly the FASTEST version I’ve ever heard. But it doesn’t strike me as up-tempo (the way Queen Jane has become, rather nicely, thank you) but rather it’s just FAST, with Jerry of all people zooming along, and the rest of the band lagging behind several measures. (I love when I use music terminology, especially since I have no idea what I’m talking about!)

One of my favorite part of any show is the electric blues-style jamming that comes out of the slow Jerry song here, and it’s swell again tonight. Not Fade Away is strong. (Does anyone remember when they would play it to include the licks from Quicksilver’s version of “Mona”? I swear I’m not losing my mind. No, really!)

Anyway, Not Fade Away uh... fades away and the band leaves the stage. Brokedown Palace is a beautiful encore.

Sum up, sum up! Jerry and Bobby looked tired or cranky or old or something. (Wait a minute; maybe that’s ME who is tired, cranky and old! Or something!)

Maybe everyone’s just getting settled in at the beginning of the tour. Phil Lesh is STILL the world’s only living animated cartoon. Here’s hoping that he continues to push them into difficult material. (With the “unthinkable” Unbroken Chain now out, how far behind can The Eleven and Pride of Cucomonga be?) The drummers still show me some of the most thinking going on on-stage. (What can I say? I LOVE complicated space music, and other people seem to hate it. Go figure.)

I love you all. No really! Those heading on to Memphis and Birmingham are in for a real treat.



- (12/21/2009)

People are STILL asking "what song is this" about Unbroken Chain (May 10th 2009 at Shoreline. Amazing) and Ceeger, some nice comments overall, though it should mentioned that "Rain" isn't a "Vince" tune.
Beatles cover as I'm sure you know, and beyond that it was sung by the whole band with BOB taking the "lead" parts. Just an FYI. Peace all.

-gdjake (02/26/2010)

I really enjoyed hearing this show. Unbroken Chain was a lot of fun and so was Matilda.
- (03/20/2010)

My eyes are REALLY bothering me these past few days. My wife says it's probably allergies, but I've never had any allergies in my life! Can you develop allergies later in life if you've never had 'em before?

Puzzled in Pennsylvania
-McGannahan Skjellyfetti (08/17/2011)

I enjoy the to hear the unbroken chain, on tape, due to the timbre of the fans. To me I like very much.
-pancheera (08/25/2011)

Last Golden Road to Unlimited Devotion :(
- (10/15/2011)

This is the infamous show where Pigpen started masturbating on stage, and then flung the semen all over the audience. Luckily, Tom Constanten was there to thwart his horniness by fingering his asshole and sucking his cock at the same time. The show was topped off by a 69 minute Wang Dang Doodle with guest star Janis Joplin who then preceeded to die of anal gonnorhea on stage. I must say however, best St. Stephen since December 6,1991!
-Anonymous (12/10/2011)

This show is unlistenable garbage. The Dead started to lose it in '90 after Brent died and though there are some good if not great shows sprinkled throughout up to and including '94, '95 is unmitigated poop. Unbroken Chain breakout, whoop dee doo! It wasn't that good a song to begin with and every time they played it live it was a disaster.
- (02/08/2012)

had this sent to me by a buddy, terrible. Just horrible. bad set list, worse performace, a total disgrace.
-80s head (06/05/2013)

This show was very weak. Jerry looked so bad it was scary. The night before was great/....that was the last really good show I saw
-Mark (03/21/2014)

best Easy To Love You since the Keith Goudchaux Era!
-Anonymous (05/05/2014)

My right knee is so very sore. Could that possibly mean that we're expecting rain? I wish I lived closer to Tulsa. I've recently discovered arugula. There's a town called Dublin in Georgia, too. I recently purchased an oscillating fan online. I always prefer spring water over purified water. Macadam roads have better gripping quality than asphalt. I had 3 deer in my back yard last nite, but a few moments later, they had vanished. We saw a Native American crying by the roadside last week, and the bloke I was riding with told me that he was tempted to roll down the window and say, "Hey, smoke a peace pipe, chief", but I quietly advised him against it. I have not picked up a Frisbee in years. My allergies prevent me from buying a puppy. Don't ever use a propane turkey fryer in your garage. Very small rocks don't float in water, but sometimes they will in gravy. No one has ever told me I have junk in the trunk. Perhaps someday. I'm handy with a cordless drill, but just the smaller ones. I've been to the top of the mountain ... almost. Bye for now.
-Hoz (12/18/2014)

Took too much acid.

When they started Unbroken Chain I cut a huge fart and shit my pants.

True story.

-Anonymous (05/03/2015)

Phil Lesh sings like a space alien who has not yet mastered human languages. I know what you're thinking--"sounds groovy!" Not, it isn't really all that groovy, the dude should have stopped singing and I always wanted to brain the "We Want Phil!" crowd. From what I've heard, for some reason it sounds like he doesn't sing all that badly anymore, and he did some great harmonies in the early days, but in the 80s and 90s the dude did NOT have it.
- (05/28/2015)

Yeah this "breakout" was not quite as special as 10/9/89 or even the 10/11/83 St. Stephen. Just too sloppy and surrounded by a mediocre-at-best show. I did not like the performance and people gushing about it doesn't help.

-Tony (10/28/2015)

Top 10 comments on something bad.The boys should play my suggestions after drumz.1 more sat nite is the only thing that couldv worsened this set.Very buzz kill to harp on .Wont hear anything but good from me when it comes to Jeff.Thisratdog is a rockstar.Keep him happy Bobby.
- (02/29/2016)

This is one of the worst 100 shows ever. Anyone who thinks otherwise is either from Philly or has heard about 10 shows on the archive.
-Get Real (05/02/2016)

Alabama is spirited, and Drums is pretty grate
-Anonymous (03/20/2017)

Hear some of your favorite shows in their entirety at
- (11/16/2017)

to whoever said that Phil "forced" unbroken chain, there is rehearsal tape available on the archive where he specifically mentions he wants to bust it out in the Philly run.
-George C (07/14/2019)

We went to buy tickets at the Ticketmaster in York and they sold out in five minutes. But we went anyway to try to score some in the parking lot. The only person who we found selling any wanted $75 each and we weren't paying that much. My memories of that day were being really hung over from St.Pattys Day and looking for someone selling apple juice all day long. I finally found someone who had one juicebox at the bottom of his cooler just before the show let out. The other two things I really remember we're the guy selling the biggest balloons I ever saw and people coming out of the show and all they were talking about was the boys playing Unbroken Chain. I don't remember anyone complaining about how bad the show was

- (10/09/2020)

This show is horrible sorry people. I love Jerr and the dead but this is depressing to listen.
-Kdead (07/09/2022)

Phil played Unbroken Chain at the request of his son
-Luke (10/07/2022)

Indeed a horrible show BUT my buddy and I had fifth row tix right in front of Phil and while acknoledging it was sloppy who cared? It was euphoria. I was also at the box breaKOUT IN hAMPTON 86 AND THE DECIBAL LEVELES WERE SIMILAR mind blowing if you want to hear the worst show ever I attended

- (03/19/2024)

check out 3-14-93 Richfield coliseaum show this is absolutely the night before was cancelled about 3 hours before showtime due to a blizzard we drove 8 hours through to get there what should have been a 2 hour ride I digress so I have it on good authority and have seen pics the band took this unforseen night off to get really fucked up pics in bar... so they were destroyed I wonder if they even slept before this show attended 110
- (03/19/2024)

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Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Vince Welnick
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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