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The Spectrum - Philadelphia, PA

Set 1:
Feel Like A Stranger
The Same Thing
Brown-Eyed Women
El Paso
Tennessee Jed
The Music Never Stopped

Set 2:
Victim Or The Crime
Samba In The Rain
Foolish Heart
The Last Time
Morning Dew

Johnny B. Goode

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I can't believe nobody has commented on this show. Well not the entire show just the first set. Awesome first set. The whole band is playing tightly including Jerry. his fingering on stranger is very sweet and on Sugaree he is really digging into it. dont know what happened in the second set he must have gotten tired or something.

Also the bands 50th show at the spectrum

This was the 50th show at the Spectrum. Only the Garden in Boston had seen that many shows in one venue. Needless to say there were high hopes going in. The first set didn't disapoint. Just smokin'. However the wheels fell off with the first note of the second set and just kept getting worse . Just brutal. Totally lost the energy at the set break. This was the 3rd show of 3 and we all figured they were focussed on getting out of town and just mailed it in.
-Charlie (Cosmic of course!)

- (01/05/2008)

The first set rocked and then they lost it second set must've smoked their lunch! HA! Still it was great to be there!
- (01/05/2009)

i'll never forget 10/7/94 spectrum show as it was my daughter's first show and parking lot footage video of her was put on the screen during morning dew. she was 3 months old, in a snuggle pouch in front of kate smith before the show...
i am looking for ANYONE who may have this - i made a promise that i'd find it for her before her wedding...i've got time on that, but beginning to get anxious 'bout the dew shots of my sweet baby melissa. PLEASE contact if you can provide!!!

- (08/04/2009)

This was a real tight first set performance from the dead that should be included in you collection. I am not the type of head that wants the whole show no matter what, so if you are like me then listen to the others who have commented on hear and scrap the second set. It was weak. Just look at the two song closer at the end. In that great first set, they looked and sounded like they would not want to be anywhere else, but in the second set they looked and sounded like they wanted to be anywhere but there. -
Jerry commented that he did love traveling to the different cities and eating a whole mess of the local favorite munchies for each particular city. My quess is that Jerry had too many cheesesteaks and entimans doughnuts and had really bad gas for the second set, so he hurried it up a bit.
- (11/13/2012)

My last Grateful Dead show. Garcia was nodding and I have seen better looking corpses. The music was horrible. Said my good byes to the band and retired to bedlam. 1995 just proved it all out. The resurrection of the various members has been a blessing, and to see healthy guitar players playing with Bob and Phil is a treat. There ain't an hour goes by that I don't miss the Jer, but this to me was the end of the road.
- (12/27/2012)

Found my notes from the show that night. Bob played acoustic during El Paso. 2nd set: Sound leaping off guitars > Jazzy keyboards > Like a sheet that ripples space > Rain Forest Drums and a Dew that " got me".
- (03/30/2013)

this was my sons first show ever
the first set was awesome

- (07/25/2016)

This was my first show I was 15 years old.
I remember being outside and having a contact high like Iíve never experienced. This might sound kind of crazy but I felt like I was levitating into the show while waiting in line to get into the spectrum on the side opposite of the Kate Smith statue outside the spectrum - i was not on any drugs other than probably a few beers and maybe some mid grade weed. But it was pretty intense. I wasnít familiar with much of their music at the time and remember I just danced to one of the only songs I was familiar with Johnny B Goode -the Encore.
So I canít really comment about the music at that point in time but every time I listen to this show I actually enjoy the second set much more than the first. The samba in the rain and the rainforest drums are so great! They both have the rainforest feelÖ And the that would be something to me is so fresh and good. The morning dew is very raw and although Jerry doesnít build out the ending lyrics guess it doesnít matter anyway like many other morning dews... The raw emotion and intense feeling of a man who had seen so many roads and it was now 1994 the morning dew still held its majesty as a gem - if that makes any sense LOLÖ And Iím a huge morning dew fan - so trust me Iíve heard much better morning dews
But this one is pretty bad ass. Of course it has a lot to do with the fact I was at the show but putting that aside-the second set is to me, not as bad as most people are saying-when I listen back to it I always think of how cool it is specially the samba and drums.

And of course ďthis could be the last timeĒ is pretty damn solid.
That literally was my first show and it was the last time for me. What can you say-30 years thousands of shows multiple tours with in just one year most years-so glad that Phil, Mickey, Billy and Bob have been playing ever sinse that August day in 1995.
Grateful I was able to be there and really feel what it was like to be home. Welcome home 🐻😌
Carve your name carve it in the ice and wind.
-Where ocean breezes blow (04/12/2019)

This was my last show. Somehow entire parts of it I don't remember, and I was mostly sober on the 3rd night. It was a strange and unsettling vibe in Philly. Does anyone remember the Disco/nitrous dance party across the street from spectrum the first night?
-Robert Jack (12/14/2019)

This was my sons very first show he went to.they raised yhe tye dyed banner to the rafters that stayed there till the spectrum was tore down
- (12/22/2019)

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Band Configuration
(05/19/92 - 07/09/95)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Vince Welnick
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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