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Boston Garden - Boston, MA

Set 1:
Hell In A Bucket
Wang Dang Doodle
Ramble On Rose
When I Paint My Masterpiece
Brown-Eyed Women
Let It Grow

Set 2:
Playin' In The Band
Eyes Of The World
Estimated Prophet
He's Gone
Spanish Jam
The Other One
Wharf Rat
Sugar Magnolia

I Fought The Law

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This was my first Dead show. Does anyone one have a copy??? It was a lot of fun... =)

This was a great 200th...and it was on my 45 birthday...if anyone has the show send a comment...jerry is god!
-andy taylor

the last Dead show for my whole crew, and only my 2nd. I hazily recall that it was underwhelming and uneven in 1st set given what we'd heard about the previous 2 shows that week, by the time they hit EYES it really opened it. We were on right side of the stage w/ view behind screens, and before the encore Jerry did a little jig and jogged out. Law was great.

Set 2 only:
There's a nice Charlie Miller Set 2 AUD (Rich Gastwirt recording) on the Archive. Immediate sound, nice separation with clear bass from Phil.

Playin' gets out there quickly. Though relatively short, the whole band is very focused and driving. Eyes is slower than usual and the song benefits from that type of unfolding. Jerry has a terrific lick about a minute into the song that sounds like a modified version of the Live Dead "Dark Star" lick. This Eyes looks inward more than outward. Estimated suffers from some ill-placed midi keyboard action in the middle of the track. The band picks up once Jerry begins to solo in the last few minutes of the track. He's Gone is standard and average.

The Spanish Jam is nice and the transition into The Other One is deftly handled, with a good jam before the first verse. Jerry misses the peak note leading in, but makes up for it before the second verse. The slow descent into Wharf Rat was sweet, setting up the atmosphere, the rimshots sounding like steps on wet cobblestones. Jerry's entrance is great, and when the Rhythm Devils move to the snares, the song picks up pace. The lengthy (for the era) post-bridge solo section and outro section (with very active drumming) are excellent. A true surprise to get such inspired playing in this era.

There are other great shows in Fall '94 (10/01 and 10/14 are first tier, 10/03 and 10/05 are good, bunch of highlights across multiple shows) but this set stands apart for consistent, hot, committed playing by all. And other than the encore, you could say this was a '77 setlist. Enjoy and pass along to a friend.
-Ed (05/03/2019)

last Other One > to end 2nd set
Wharf Rat >
Sugar Mag
- (07/20/2021)


3/29/84 only other time they played

Spanish Jam >
The Other One >
Wharf Rat >
Sugar Magnolia
- (07/20/2021)

A really nice that resonates with me.

Bucket->Fenarrio->Wang is a great way to start any show. Masterpiece is always a treat and it is hard to argue with a Let It Grow set closer.

Second Set this show takes flight. Playin->Eyes->Estimated is fantastic...Hes Gone a great choice for the 4th pre space slot, but this setlist could have reached the stratosphere if Jer dug deep for a Dark Star, UJB, or Terrapin before drums...not complaining though... Super tight post space jam, great combo of songs. IFTL encore is always welcomed-I know much maligned by most dead heads...but I like the tune.

Second set reminds me of 7/6/2019 Dead And Co at Folsom Field...where they did Playin->Estimated->Franklin->Eyes. Similar combo of songs, different order... AWESOME SHOW!

Newspaper men...
-Eaton Candi (09/28/2022)

This was my first show in about 5 years and my last ever. I just went back and listened to the Let it Grow to see if my memory was off. Unfortunately it's not. Garcia was so low in the mix and played so uninspired. He was just going through the motions if you can call it that. Sad home stretch for this incredible band.

-PhilZ (10/03/2023)

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Band Configuration
(05/19/92 - 07/09/95)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Vince Welnick
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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