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Nassau Coliseum - Uniondale, NY

Set 1:
Let The Good Times Roll
Greatest Story Ever Told
West LA Fadeaway
When I Paint My Masterpiece
It Must Have Been The Roses
Beat It On Down The Line
The Music Never Stopped

Set 2:
Victim Or The Crime
Box Of Rain
He's Gone
That Would Be Something
Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad
All Along The Watchtower
The Days Between
Turn On Your Love Light

Brokedown Palace

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This was my first show& the last Nassau. Crazy time....Bertha was the first song I ever heard...I watched a girl cry during "MHBTR" and after blacking out had a hot little hippeie help my 17years old ass out. I will never forget it!!! but I remember very little.

It was pouring rain that day--I got to the show 3 or 4 hours early to hang out in the lot and score a ticket. Everyone was drenched. The boys rewarded us with a rain-themed second set (Rain, Box of Rain, That Would Be Something (to meet you in the pouring rain...)) I think that was the first TWBS--not sure. A fun show overall.

first TWBS was 9/25/91, forever immortalized on DP 17.
-Anonymous (11/23/2010)

Nassau Coliseum
Monday March 28, 1994

(Review written immediately after the show)

Summary: The Good Ol' Grateful Dead play rock 'n' roll

Every circle of Deadheads that I know have their own language; their own verbal shorthand. For example, some Deadheads I know from Boulder need only say, "Hot China/Rider to open the second set," and their friends know exactly which show they're talking about, who was there, and what happened that day.

Sometimes when I discuss shows with my best buddy Mark, I resort to Deadhead notation too. There are the magical nights where everything fits seamlessly (like last night was for me) and the band "flips the switch". Then there are the shows, often at big arenas out in the hinterlands, where they "play the hits for the folks"; playing all of the new songs, plus one or two crowd-pleasing standards such as Truckin' or Not Fade Away. There are the wild space nights when the band plays "insect fear" and the dreaded off nights when the band looks like they are having a bad day at the factory, so they "clock in and clock out."

And then there are the rock and roll nights.

In my fantasy the Dead come to play at my parents house outside Philadelphia in the backyard. When this daydream comes true, they will play a show like tonight's show. Not the deep, deep, space; not St. Stephen or Dark Star backwards... (Hey, would you pull out this material at my mom and dad's house?) No; you would play rock and roll.

The show opened with Let the Good Times Roll. The band sounded wonderfully relaxed. No pyrotechnics, no brilliant jams, just a lovely song sung just for fun.

Bertha follows. Everyone sings along, and it rocks. Again, not innovative, not thought provoking, not groundbreaking. Just fun. (And what's wrong with fun?) The transition to Greatest Story Ever Told is hit or miss, but the song cooks along. (Old T-shirt: "Thank God for Phil Lesh." Perhaps a bit much, but no less true...)

West LA Fadeaway is fun for those big booming guitar chords but fails to part the Red Sea. (Man am I getting demanding in my old age!)

No cowboy songs tonight. When I Paint My Masterpiece starts off with just Bobby playing and singing through most of the first verse. Once again, I'm reminded that for all his quirks, and for all you're sick of Eternity, this is a great musician. The song builds gradually to a nice peak.

Jerry plays Pegio. I know, I know; Shmogger, who is not only an AOL member but also a gentleman and a scholar (I know, because I met him on the train coming home) thinks that this was phenomenal, but Uncle Grumpy (that's me) thought it was wonderful to hear without any real distinction. Go figure.

Bobby plays Beat It on Down, followed by It Must Have Been the Roses. This is the kind of song that Jerry would sing at my parents house before taking a break for Kool-Aid or more potato salad. It is beautiful and fun to sing. Just a bunch of guys standing around with guitars playing a folk song. We are having fun. What better way to spend a Monday night?

The Music Never Stopped closes the first set. The entire audience sings the backup vocals. I'm sure that this has probably been happening on tour for ages, but it's the first time I've noticed it, and it's wonderful. A nice jam to end the set.

(See Second Set Review)

Now is where the real trouble starts.

We have been suffering through continued rain and cold here in the Megalopolis, so it's appropriate and thoughtful for the band to open with Rain. If you've heard the band do this Beatles song, then you know -- what could be bad when John Lennon is your song writer? A terrific tune.

Victim or the Crime follows, and I worry.

Box of Rain is next. When I grow up (IF I grow up) I want to be Phil Lesh. Even my folks would approve of this song being played in their backyard, over by the barbecue. Tonight is a show for singing easy, beautiful songs.

He's Gone has the nice gospel vocals at the end before leading into That Would Be Something. Hey, we've had a John Lennon song; why not a Paul McCartney number to balance it out? This leads to Goin' Down the Road. Remember, we still haven't heard the drums/space yet! I can hear Shmogger gnashing his teeth already, but I'm tellin' ya, from my point of view (point of hearing?) we haven't heard phenomenal improvisation yet in the second set. (Remember, this is "rock 'n' roll night" in Glen's backyard! Just a bunch of folks getting together to sing some wonderful songs).

Drums/space comes and goes. Maybe it's because I was behind the stage tonight (no; not BACKSTAGE! BEHIND the stage!) that demystified some of this for me. It was great fun to watch Mickey, Bill, and Bralove work, but it wasn't cosmic for me even though it was very well played.

I think I hear The Wheel, I think I hear Throwing Stones, I hope I hear St. Stephen (not even CLOSE!) but Bobby takes us into All Along the Watchtower. It's played really well -- a great rock and roll song performed by a great band. Lots of searing Jerry solos right where they are supposed to be.

Jerry plays The Days Between, which is beautiful, even though I personally am having trouble getting my hands around this one yet. Bobby plays a very subdued Lovelight and we are gone.

(See Part III for encore and guilty pondering).

Part III

The encore was Brokedown Palace; a nice lullaby as the band leaves town.

I met several AOL members on the train home; the aforementioned Shmogger, DeziLu, Sailboarder, and others. Most said that this was an amazing show, and several said it was the best they had ever seen.

Maybe I'm getting too old and crotchety for this game, I guess I just don't know. But I still think -- educated opinions from others to the contrary -- that last night's show, with its pedestrian set list, was the better performance. Maybe "better" is the wrong word. I've learned that some folks like the space music and risky improvisations (that's me), some like the folky songs, some like wild set-lists, and some like rock and roll. I walk away feeling like I've seen a tremendous, RELAXED evening of music. Hard to find fault with that!

Pull up a chaise lounge and pass the lemonade. The Dead show at Glen's backyard is over, but you're welcome to stay and roast some marshmallows.



- (01/01/2018)

I remember when the show was over and the house lights came on the naked guy all the way up in the top row. He had a full on erection. Not normal behavior in polite circles but letís be honest. At a Grateful Dead show all the rules go out the window.

- (12/27/2020)

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