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Madison Square Garden - New York City, NY

Set 1:
Help On The Way
Franklin's Tower
New Minglewood Blues
Ramble On Rose
When I Paint My Masterpiece
Bird Song

Set 2:
Easy Answers
Lazy River Road
Estimated Prophet
Dark Star
Wharf Rat
Throwin' Stones
Turn On Your Love Light

I Fought The Law

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Unreal show! Just spectacular!

Excellent show. One of the best I've heard. Someone is helping on sax.

David Murray plays sax on Birdsong and the entire second set. James Cotten joins on harmonica for Throwing Stones and Lovelight.

From what I remember, this was a mess of a show, sound-wise. Nice to have special guests...but it sounded terrible, from what I remember.

just listened to this for the first time, and it's sweet! the help>slip!>franks opener is super hot, and the estimated>dark star is superb, with the help of dave murray on sax. one of the best 90's shows i've heard by far.

this was my first show .i see it as a blessing

my 1st dark star,sick show,rain shakedown whew

Slipknot grinded me, man

Out of 23 GD shows, this was the worst show I ever attended. The whole show was one long jazz jam.
-Anonymous (01/04/2011)

@Anonymous (1/04/2011) Yeah I know, I hate it when the Dead jams out songs for like 20 minutes.... Jeeeeez don't they know we hate hearing Help/Slip/Franklin and Darkstar on the same evening? HELLLOOOOO BOOOOOOOOORING!!! More Corrina PLZ K THXBAI.
- (10/21/2011)

@anonymous "The whole show was one long jazz jam." And what was the problem? Have you listened to Blues for Allah or Wake of the Flood lately? The Grateful Dead were jazz artists in the most supreme sense of the term. They learned from jazz greats like John Coltrane, Miles Davis, and McCoy Tyner. Bobby modeled his rhythm work after Tyner's piano style. If you don't like jazz, you won't find much to love in the Dead either.
-Andrew (12/27/2011)

I remember hearing bits and pieces of this on Gans's GD Hour and found it rather refeshing to hear David Murray joining in (the interviews with him were fantastic!) and to hear James on harp. Nice to know that the Dead were always exploring for new sounds.
-bnork (08/17/2012)

Easy Answers,,,what up
- (12/02/2016)

This was the 3rd to last Dark star, and one of only 4 shows total to include both Help-slip-franklins and Dark star in same show. (Two shows had them in the same set.)
6-14-91 RFK and 9-10-91 MSG.

-Mike c (03/16/2017)

Anonymous ...hmmmm....guess there are all types of dead heads....but your the first one who's said they'd rather hear Corrina over Help/Slip/Franklin...and complain that's it's 20 min long...and that the night was jazzy!?!?!?
- (09/03/2017)

David Murray Bird Song and did not take him long to find his place and his contribution to Dark Star was sweet. Enjoyed this run immensely - Shakedown the first night was solid...the Help--slip---Franklin was well played...the band turned it up a notch as is usually the case when they are at MSG.

- (05/29/2019)

The one long jazz jam a negative? Is this sarcasm? that's one of the main reasons I be there the nights that they take off...leave the planet for 10, 20, 30 (if lucky) minutes...more corrina (lol)...
- (05/29/2019)

... thank you Sirius for sharing the 9/22/1993 New York, NY show with us today for the 12:00 Noon Hour ...

iko iko forever & a day

- (12/27/2020)

A real tight looking show. Compact, nice, not too long, not too short. Goldilocks show! Estimated -> Dark Star?! COME ON!!!

Do you...
-Mister Jones (09/22/2022)

My last show(1st 9/4/79). To me this is truly the last real good show. I didn't see any in 94 or 95. And I'm pretty happy about that. Hearing tapes of those years, taking to friends and reading reviews they should of hung it up in 93
-Old School (01/02/2023)

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Band Configuration
(05/19/92 - 07/09/95)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Vince Welnick
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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