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The Spectrum - Philadelphia, PA

Set 1:
Hell In A Bucket
The Same Thing
Stagger Lee
Black Throated Wind
Dire Wolf
Let It Grow

Set 2:
Scarlet Begonias
Fire On The Mountain
Playin' In The Band
Dark Star
Terrapin Station
Easy Answers
The Days Between
Good Lovin'

I Fought The Law

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One of the best 90's shows?

uhhhhhh No

Uh...yeah it is. A very sweet show.

This is probably the last great show I saw and one of just a handful of "better than good" shows that I saw from 90-95. Although after the killer Scarlet>Fire, Playin>DS>Terrapin, they come back post-drums with "Cheesy Answers." Bummer.
-Younger head

my first philly dark star, along with most of you if you were born after 1973.
last philly dark star was 3-24-73.
if you were there (in 93) you remember that was all the talk.
dark star into terrapin! I should have left after the terrapin. no thanks for the rest.

My buddy Dan C. and I had tickets, but not as good as tenth row center. He had been to more shows than me that tour and called the Drk Str after Terrapin. I thought we were going into lala land. I always wondered where the two shlubs were that didn't sit in those seats. You missed a great Dark Star.

I was there! Great Dark Star and Terrapin!


Considered one of the best scarlet>fires.

one of the best shows of the vince era. the pre-drums selections of scarlet>fire, playin'>dark star>terrapin is just outstanding! the jam after terrapin is crazy! vince starts playing a theme that i recognized, but it wasn't until i heard the tapes later that i realized it was from mike oldfield's "tubular bells"!! they returned to it during space also. the i fought the law encore was great too.

I remember having a tape of this from Gan's show on the GD Hour when he aired Scarlet thru Terrapin...what a radio experience!
-billymunster (08/16/2008)

definitely one of the best vince era shows, jerrys guitar tone is sickkkkk, sounds so acousticy and metallic. highly reccomend this show, they were hottttt on this night!
-chris (11/05/2008)

One of my favorite shows. They were on fire! Some may disagree but I don't give a Sh*t!
- (01/05/2009)

My first show. Still stands up as a truly great show and after this experience I was on the bus full-force to this day. Scarlet>Fire had fantastic jamming between the two, Jerry's tone is unbelievable throughout this show. Dark Star was an amazing feeling. The rush that went through that crowd was indescribable!! Let it Gorw seemed bigger-than-life at the show, Terrapin sealed the deal. Thank you Grateful Dead!!
- (02/10/2009)

this show is dead on hot right up until the end of space then i dont know what happened? easy answers and i fought the law? days between is a good tune and good lovin is good lovin but i think they coulda done a little better wrapping up this show especially after how great of a performance they put on in the first set and the beginning of the second. either way theres some awesome music here
-Anonymous (05/13/2009)

Show is in rotation now on Sirius/XM GD Channel. On Jack-A-Roe I tried looking for some info on the show because Jerry's guitar sounds like an acoustic...enjoy!
- (08/12/2011)

For obvious reasons, my favorite show. This was my 23rd birthday, and my friend Shawn and I road tripped from Indiana for the 3 day run. Great stuff - dank you, Jerry!
- (09/13/2011)

Well played show, I can't say that often from the Vince-only era. That said, gotta listen to Weir singing on Playin. It's a train wreck. How could he mess up the lyrics to Playin?
-Anonymous (03/16/2012)

During DS, Vince's casio sounded worse than TC, Jer couldn't wait to bail. Listen to how quick Jer jumped to Terrapin. Even he didn't get Vince on keyboard.
-Anonymous (03/16/2012)

Easy Answers>Days Between in beyond painful.
-Anonymous (03/16/2012)

If you like this show, check out 12-12-90. It's another Dark Star> Terrapin. Jerry was on fire that night, and Bruce added a lot to the show.
- (03/18/2013)

Is it just me (we all hear the strangest things during dead shows) or was Vince playing the Christmas song "Noel" during space?
-Anonymous (01/05/2017)

The Beam,,,Aah Yes

- (12/19/2017)

Am I the only one who hears st Stephen teasing the whole jam out of terrapin . Pretty cool a softer version of the dec 93 st Stephen jam at the l.a. forum . Garcia def fiddling with it softly but itís there .
-Jeff (09/13/2019)

Not a fan of 93 GD but an Amazing Terrapin here
-fz (06/06/2020)

... thank you Sirius for playing 9/13/1993 Philadelphia, PA for us today on the 9PM show ...

iko iko on & on .......
- (11/10/2020)

... thank you Sirius for playing 9/13/1993 Philadelphia, PA for us today on the 12 Noon show ....

iko iko on & on .......
- (11/15/2020)

This is a very good show with an excellent setlist, Cheesy Answers notwithstanding. I believe the Days Between haters must not be interested in lyrics. I know that's true of a lot of music lovers. Because lyrically, it's freaking incredible. Dylan-esqe. If you don't like it, know it's likely because you don't like the music Jerry wrote to go along with Hunter's masterpiece.
-Dr Filth (12/21/2021)

This show looks marvelous on paper. It is hard to argue with:

Dark Star

But what happened out of space? Days Between is a great song, to Dr. Filths point, and Easy Answers is marginal at best. It seems like they rushed to finish this one. I remember seeing Dead and Co at Red Rocks in 2021, the pre-space portion of the second set rocked, massive in scope, and they rushed to finish the show on time with a weak Playin reprise and a NFA reprise from the night before. While it was still a mighty fine show, it felt rushed post space.

Oh well, I said my piece and now I'll get out...

-He Keeps His World Inside of a Leather Cup (09/13/2022)

Ha. I love adding to my comment and using a fake name that is a continuation of my fake name. That's from Dylan's Desolation Row for those folks who are not concerned with lyrics.

But all his sexless patients
They're trying to blow it up
-Dr Filth (11/16/2022)

I could swear they were playing Tubular Bells leading into Easy Answers.

-Anonymous (11/18/2022)

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Keyboards: Vince Welnick
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