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Nassau Coliseum - Uniondale, NY

Set 1:
Jack Straw
They Love Each Other
New Minglewood Blues
Desolation Row
Stagger Lee

Set 2:
Iko Iko
Saint Of Circumstance
Crazy Fingers
Wave To The Wind
Long Way To Go Home
The Days Between
Turn On Your Love Light


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Barney the Dinosaur sits in on bass during Iko Iko

From what I remember, this was a crappy show...true? I never heard a tape.

I have the 1st set on tape and was there, I've seen better shows but also have seen a lot worse.


Wave To The Wind and Days Between are outstanding, but apart from that there's nothing worth mentioning. Not a bad show either.
-Andy Black

Wave to the Wind is the worst song written in the history of human kind. It's hard to believe that this would ever pass a sound check or practice session...truly embarassing.
-Anonymous (07/03/2008)

Don't forget Liberty...a regular Bobby Ratdog tune now for some odd reason.
-Perrinswolf (08/04/2008)

My 25th birthday show, yeah to much new stuff for my taste. Could you imagine that next album after Built to Last if it ever came out? Pretty emabrrassing IMHO.
-Anonymous (03/19/2009)

blah blah blah haters, every year is not 1990
-steve (08/27/2012)

Wave to the Wind is very bad, and I too am surprised it would pass muster...but worse than We Built This City? Maybe.

At this point I was on hiatus waiting for them to get better...unfortunately that never happened.
-Bossgobbler (02/02/2014)

Lol, it's pathetic to see so many people hate on tunes the way the previous commenters have. So many bad vibes being brought in because of self absorbed non-sense. If you don't like a tune then that's your problem. clearly the boys disagreed with you. I admit, the 90's tunes have a different feel to em, but to say that the album would have been embarrassing is ignorantly naive. Weather you like a tune or not, disrespecting the memory of any artist and bringin bad vibes on everyone who enjoys the work you don't just makes you seem like a condescending fool. Unless thats what you were going for, in which case, success.
-Murphy (10/01/2014)

Seriously, its not hating it is just unfortunate they were on the downside. it happens to us all. Had there been a new album we would have had.
Picasso Moon
Wave to the wind
Easy Answers
Days Between
Long way to go home
So Many Roads

Just sayin'Murph
- (04/01/2015)

I don't think the boys would put Picasso Moon on back to back studio matter how much they may have liked it.

- (04/02/2015)

All i'm saying is that when the boys weren't completely shot, most of there 90's were quite beautiful. especially so many roads and days between. I know everyones hears somethin different, i just thought that was a little drastic to say embarrassing. But, again, everyone hears somethin different.

I've also found liberty to be a good bouncy tune, when it closed set 1. Never liked as an encore. As for the other tunes, i wouldn't say they are favorites, but i've enjoyed them.
-Anonymous (03/31/2016)

-Murphy (03/31/2016)

I think that album would've been really nice anonymous. I personally wish something would've came out of the studio with Vince. And all 8 of the songs you listed that aren't on an album would make up a good record. Don't forget to add if the shoe fits and samba. Maybe some other covers
-Quadlibet (09/21/2016)

Interesting conversation above about what the album after Built to last would have sounded like. For anyone who actually wants to know, here's a link to what they had recorded of it before Jerry died. And For those who think it'd be an embarrassing album, please... please give it a chance. It's not the greatest when put up against American Beauty or In the Dark, especially considering it's not mixed or mastered as a commercially released album would be, but damn... i really wish it had been finished. You can hear so much potential. If only they had the chance to clean it up.
-Listen before you judge (04/01/2022)

So was it Phil in a Barney costume or some other guy?
-Amy Ryan (04/01/2022)

Phil as Barney for Iko, the Rain encore and how it was totally pouring when we were outside the Coli are how I remember this one.
- (08/01/2023)

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Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
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