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Robert F. Kennedy Stadium - Washington DC, DC

Set 1:
Cold Rain And Snow
Wang Dang Doodle
Friend Of The Devil
Mexicali Blues
Maggie's Farm
Row Jimmy
Picasso Moon
Tennessee Jed
Promised Land

Set 2:
Crazy Fingers
Playin' In The Band
Uncle John's Band
Casey Jones
Throwin' Stones
One More Saturday Night

Baba O'Riley
Tomorrow Never Knows

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1st Casey Jones since 84'.......Sweet! Bill with a rack of air horns out of space and then into Casey.....

this is a great show, the space is VERY trippy and the horns or so loud the audience must have felt like they were doomed to be smashed by an incoming freight train... And then WHAM!!!! CASEY JONES!! CHOOO!!!! CHOOO!!!!

The Maggie's farm, One More Sat. NIght, and Baba->Tomorrow, were great great versions at this show. real stoned for this one. Some guy slipped me some crazy shit. sittin upperdeck at friggin RFK stadium man, u have to at that altitude. the sky was amazing.

Rfk is a shitty place to see a show in my opinion. but they always bust out here.
it's about time! they finally played it after all those shows the spring before with that fuckin' train whistle! great first set, only good part about 2nd set is casey jones. I have a first gen dig soundboard.

Casey Jones what more do you want?

How about jerry alive and not on drugs and we would still have GD today, alive and kicking.

Sorry Steve the reality was Jerry was a junkie. Miss him always.

I'll never forget the place just absolutely lighting up when they broke into Casey Jones.

Great memories.

- (02/11/2009)

This was my first dead show ever and boy did the lure of the live show get me hook line and sinker! At the time the only song I knew in the setlist was Casey Jones and they broke it out...I've been on that train ever since! I miss you Jerry!
- (05/19/2012)

One of the best times of my life! The train whistles, Bruce Hornsby fantastic show! Is it just me or was life much simpler back then. I miss the whole scene! The parking lot was so much fun!
- (03/27/2013)

They had been blowin that train whistle all summer at the end of Space. I was outside the gates early in the day when they did their sound check including Casey Jones. Sure enough they broke it out for that nights show. All of a sudden the train whistle we had been hearing all summer made sense.

- (07/24/2013)

I pulled up this show to listen to Corrina. I was at the 1st one in Oakland. This is a good song, but there's nowhere to go with it. Clearly Hornsby influenced and again... nice... I just don't see cheers rising up from any version...and then Jerry remembers most of the words to Mumbly Fingers! I NEVER saw a CF where that many words were sung!Casey Jones is great...

Baba O'riley, TNK... Not so sure
- (08/09/2014)

We had been waiting all summer for the casey jones. They had been soundchecking it all tour and we knew we were gonna eventually get it.
When the train whistle blew this time it sure was way diffrent!! Some douchebags in front of us just kept on chatting when they clearly were busting out!!! Shut up idiots. I Waited a long time to hear that fantastic casey jones solo and it was as amazing as i expected. Dark star is great and all, but the dead playing casey jones in DC was something to behold.
Then they chugged that train to 88 MPH. Just fast enough for time travel. This has to be one of my favorite GD memories!!!
And you know that notion just crossed my mind!
-Mike c (03/12/2017)

... gotta agree with the 1st comment for this show >>>
1st Casey Jones since 11/2/1984 @ Berkeley.......Sweet! and here comes Bill with a rack of air horns out of space and then into Casey.....WATCH Your Speed DC ...

iko iko ...
-Anonymous (04/24/2022)

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Band Configuration
(05/19/92 - 07/09/95)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Vince Welnick
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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