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Oakland Coliseum Arena - Oakland, CA

Set 1:
Touch Of Grey
Feel Like A Stranger
Friend Of The Devil
When I Paint My Masterpiece

Set 2:
Iko Iko
The Other One
Long Way To Go Home
The Same Thing
Wave To The Wind
The Other One
So Many Roads
Turn On Your Love Light

The Mighty Quinn

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I laughed when I saw the set list. Then I actually listened to the show. Now I'm rolling around on the floor in a puddle of my own drool.
-mason's bastard child

first "same thing" in over 20 years
-Rohit Kesarwani

what was up with dropping 'the same thing' for two decades? excellent tune that Bobby could actually sing with feeling.

Yea this setlist is way messed up. But interesting!

not sure whats laughable or "messed up" about the setlist.
i know we have plenty of 70's elitists in our mix, but here's a vote for '87 to '93 as FAR AND AWAY the best years for the dead.
think about it.
bobby had REALLY come to the fore front with his singing, playing, and writing. MANY old nuggets came back ("death dont", "dark star", "attics", etc.), MANY good new songs were written ("so many roads", "believe it or not", "liberty", "corrina" (yes, i LIKE "corrina"!! good dance tune!), "days between", etc.)

also, have we not heard the saying "practice makes perfect?"

these guys had been playing together for over 20 years, and it showed.
phil grew and grew as a player, and in the latter years stepped back out as a more prominent figure than he had since the 60's.
jerry got back the dexterity and coordination he lost in the coma, and what he had lost in pure finger speed, he MORE than made up for with knowledge.
the rhythm section was at their cohesive best during this time.

yea, the singing wasnt as pure as in the 70's, but thats the ONLY area where you could complain, and i would even argue that to a degree. i never cared for donna, and i think bruce and vince did a wonderful job getting back the high notes that had been absent since phil had to stop singing in the 70's.

anyway, thats my .02.

as for this PARTICULAR setlist, i wouldnt say it looks like one of the best ive ever seen, but it looks quite interesting and fun.
"iko> corrina" is a great dance combo, the "other one" reprise is unique and a surprise, and seeing "so many roads" in the post "space" ballad slot is intriguing and rare.
finally, the return of "the same thing" makes this setlist VERY unique.

like many, i had very little desire to hear vince sing anything besides "baba o'reilly> tomorrow never knows" and absolutely NO desire to hear phil sing "wave to the wind", but accept those less than stellar songs with open arms given the rest of the setlist which is both fun AND creative.

just my .02
-gdjake (02/02/2008)

UUUGGGHHH,,,,,,,this show marks the beginning of the heinous 90's tunes era....horrible.....Corrina, Wave to the Wind, So Many Roads, Liberty, Tomorrow Never Knows....why didn't they just throw in a Day Job encore to complete this torturous second set......
-Anonymous (04/09/2008)

The first Same Thing was actually on 12/28/91!! It was KILLER too, coming out of Uncle Johns>Playin>Same Thing!! Smokin dark jams!
- (05/16/2008)

Hey anonymous,

We all have opinions and you're entitled to not like the 90's tunes.
That said if you can't appreciate So Many Roads and Days Between I think you're probably a lost cause.

Personally I liked all the 90's tunes from Bobby and Jerry. I could do without the Vince and Phil tunes but all of Bob and Jerry's songs were solid IMO.
That said I can understand if you weren't into ALL of them but again to not appreciate the above mentioned tunes is freaking crazy. Those were two of the best ballads EVER written no matter what era they came from.
-gdjake (07/02/2010)

I'm partially with gdjake on this one. '87-'93 was a fantastic period especially the second half of 89 through 91. Jerry and Brent's playing combined from '89 to '90 melded so well together.

THAT BEING SAID, some of the new tunes introduced after Brent died were simply awful. Most of them came into rotation '92 to '93, and would've made up the post Built to Last studio album. The four songs that I can stomach are "Corrina" "So Many Roads" "Days Between" and "Easy Answers" (sometimes) but "Wave to the Wind" is painfully bad, as is "Long Way to Go Home" and "Lazy River Road." "If the Shoe Fits" makes me want to vomit. (technically outside the specified time period, but still. awful) "Childhood's End" and "Samba in the Rain" were no keepers either. Despite pretty weak new after Brent died, the Dead played some fantastic shows. The Madison Square Garden runs of September '90 and '91 as well as the Boston Garden runs of '91 and '93 were LIGHTS OUT good. June '91 was fantastic as well. Don't give up on later years Dead. There's some great stuff to find.
-drdougefresh (09/30/2010)

lazy river road is an awesome tune, mr. doug e fresh
-mo (06/26/2012)

87 to '93 as FAR AND AWAY the best years for the dead ... to each their own .. I just can't gather myself and wonder how anyone feels that those years are THAT much better than 69-71 or 72-74 or 76-79 or just 87-90 to be FAR & AWAY .. woah puddle anyone?
-someonespuddled (01/05/2013)

A classic long second set make up for the brief first set.
- (02/14/2014)

I was there...besides The Other One before drums and the Mardi Gras parade during Aiko, show was nothing to get excited about...sorry, just being honest
-Skeets (12/26/2017)

Indeed, 1st "Same Thing" since 1971 was 12-28-1991 Oakland ... but who's counting ? Watch it on YouTube ...
- (01/20/2019)

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Band Configuration
(09/15/90 - 03/24/92)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Vince Welnick
Keyboard: Bruce Hornsby
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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