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Polo Field - Golden Gate Park - San Francisco, CA

Set 1:
Hell In A Bucket
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Wang Dang Doodle
Born On The Bayou
Green River
Bad Moon Rising
Proud Mary
The Other One
Wharf Rat
Sunshine Daydream

Set 3:
Forever Young
Touch Of Grey

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Sang Bayou, River, Moon, and Mary with John Fogerty

Forever Young with Neil Young

This show sucked, Forever Young? thats a gay song

Well you're a gay person.....

This show was awesome, don't dis the dead or forever young

What a great day this was. About 79 - 80 degrees. Days like this are few and far between in San Fran. Had a great time and this was the last time the Grateful Dead ever played in San Francisco. Love the "Wang Dang Doodle"!!

Sunshine Daydream finished the Sugar Magnolia played eight days earlier at the Oakland Coliseum (10-27-91) as the first set opener. One of Bill's favorite tunes. Pretty sweet!

Wang Dang Doodle with John Popper from Blues Traveler.

However wrote "this show sucked" probably is a queer Phish fan. And Bounces around the room to stupid ass lyrics that make no sense whatsoever. Phish sucks and Trey should NEVER be compared to Jer...


Some of these comments are not made by heads. Whatever, the show rocked. I have a bootleg recording of it. John Fogerty is the man, very high pitched vocals on proud mary. Awesome truckin' and Hell in a bucket

Phish kicks ass, one of the best bands "instrumentally" ever....Whose comparing Trey to Jer anyway? Your the fucking idiot who brought it up

Best 90's China Cat-->Rider

You all wish you could be jerry


Phish SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not only a great show by The Dead, but by everyone. This show was the epitome of what The Dead were about (for me anyway). I lived up the street from the Polo Fields, and it was amazing to walk out the door to a Dead Show. Like one of the previous writers said, it was a beautiful warm day in The City. The fog bank rolled in at the end of the show, the curtain fell on a beautiful day and a beautiful life.




I just fill screwed because I never got the opportunity to see a show like this, and have to settle with the spine tingles I get when I here a show for the first time, Wow what a band beyond description. I have listened to Phish, good musicians, but the band missed the point. Rock On I am going to go Listen to Providence 84 Peace


Why hate on Phish? Why do people have to be such snobs about music? I love the Grateful Dead and Phish, and if you prefer one band over another it doesn't mean the other band sucks. Music isn't supposed to make people angry. Be Kind.
-August West

there are great sets by csn&y and santana earlier that day. santana and los lobos are playing a great version of bertha!
-aoxommoxoa (05/11/2007)

Bill graham uncle bo bo forever nice tribute
-Stagger lee (06/28/2009)

August has the right idea.
-Anonymous (11/11/2009)

This show was a tribute for Bill Graham who was killed in a helicopter crash a few days earlier. Santana, Crosby, Stills ,Nash and Young. Credence Clearwater, Los Lobos, Jackson Brown, also played to name a few. When the Dead came out and were playing "Hell in a Bucket" a big cargo plane like a C-130 flew overhead and dumped about a million carnations on the crowd which numbered about 300,000
- (12/12/2009)

P.S. To whoever compiled this set list, The song that they closed the show with before the 2 encores is called "Sugar Magnolia" Not "Sunshine Daydream"
- (12/12/2009)

nope, bill, it's only the coda of "sugar magnolia" that they play. they're reprising "sugar magnolia" from a week earlier
- (03/26/2010)

We heard about the show on the radio and hauled-ass to the city from Santa Cruz, made it just in time.

The "Creedence Deadwater" songs were a complete and happy surprise!

Loved the show, but sadly, it was the last time I got to see Jerry play.
- (05/26/2010)

I heard about this show while at the Oakland Halloween shows. I had to drive all the way back to Ventura to work the next day (delivering pizza's) to keep from losing my job. Made enough tip money to drive back to S.F. Got there early and was soo glad because it was a free concert in the park and more people then I'd ever seen at a concert. These are the bands I remember- Bobby Mcfarren, Journey, CSN&Y, Joe Satriani, Huey Lewis, CCR, Santana, Los Lobos, The Grateful Dead w/ Huey lewis,John Fogerty and Niel Young, and comedy by Robbin Williams. Any one else? Was John Cippolina there??? Great show and perfect weather!!!
- (01/30/2011)

Yeah Phish is pretty lame. Let's not talk about them anymore. Thanks for understanding.
-Uncle John (05/19/2011)

Does anyone else find it pretty lame that this was the last time they played San Fran?
-Anonymous (11/09/2011)

This was a great day! I remember the Otis Spunkmeyer plane traveling over head and dumping stuff out of the back cargo door. My first thought was, of course, cookies. I remember thinking to myself, "wow, that's gonna hurt!" Duh, they were dumping stmeless carnations out of the plane. LOL!!!! The whole day was filled with good vibes and great music. Still have the framed poster for the day on my wall.
- (07/25/2012)

Emotional wharf rat for Billy G. Great show in wonderful Golden Gate.
- (02/12/2014)

Robin Williams is chillin with uncle bobo now.
-Anonymous (08/18/2014)

The show that got me on the bus...lived in SF since 1967, went to Dead as a 13 year old, for example the Bob Fried Memorial concert. Not really my thing; went to Orpheum '76, DOG Sept 1976, etc. But I love Uncle Bobo, so I made my way to the park as the Dead were getting ready to come on. Many many people were exiting, so I made my way pretty close...Hell in A Bucket was my ticket back blew me away. Been back to GG Park for all the freebies since, including Strictly Bluegrass, Summer of Love celebrations, etc. Anyway, got another ticket for the Oakland shows soon after this show, and began taping. have 600 or so tapes now, thanks to Dave Gans, etc. Nothing, nothing like this concert. GG Park freebies are the best ever. Wharf Rat, oh my god...anyway, thanks for sharing my joy.
- (03/07/2018)

Oh, forgot, family had ticket connections, saw all the bands of the era, how about Creedance 1969 when I was eight, Johnny Cash, Marvin Gay, Stones Cow Palace 1975, etc. Oh, point is also saw Dead at 3 23 75 Kezar...Dead and the Starship; check 3 23 75 Snack Concert...the 1927 Yankees of music
- (03/07/2018)

This was my first Grateful Dead "show". We left Ashland Oregon at around 3:30am Saturday morning and walked into the Polo Field around the time Los Lobos was playing. I think they did a Bertha. News said there were 500k in the Polo Field and 1.5mil in the park that day. What can I say. Three fourths of Journey. CSN&Y played together for the first time in years that day. Fogerty with the Dead was amazing. It was an amazing day.
- (06/28/2019)

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Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Vince Welnick
Keyboard: Bruce Hornsby
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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