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Madison Square Garden - New York City, NY

Set 1:
Shakedown Street
C.C. Rider
It Takes A Train To Cry
Black Throated Wind
High Time

Set 2:
Help On The Way
Franklin's Tower
Estimated Prophet
Dark Star
Dark Star Reprise
I Need A Miracle
Standing On The Moon
Turn On Your Love Light

It's All Over Now

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Lord knows why, but my ass hurts every time I hear this particular version of Dark Star...

Phil is cranked on this DSBD!

whos on the sax for this show?

I believe it's Branford Marsalis

one of my favorite 1st sets of 91...hornsby and Marsalis!!!!


branford and dark star? hell yeah! one of the best shows after brent died. this was the first and only show I snuck into. only in new york!

-steve (09/05/2008)

Sneaking into either Gardens is an impressive task, I commend you (having snuck into many shows myself).
-Bossgobbler (02/22/2009)

sweet 1st set....all around strong show

-steve (02/12/2010)

Interesting that no one is commenting on the SECOND set considering we have a 25 minute Dark Star sandwiched around Drums/Space.

And yes, the combination of Bruce playing a REALLY strong show (and pushing Garcia to new heights) and Branford sitting in on sax makes this a special show. I would highly recommend downloading it.

There's a wonderful AUD recording available on archive.
-gdjake (08/26/2010)

Shakedown and Help/Slip/Frank set openers in one show, AND a heady Dark Star to split set two? The guy who snuck in picked the right show to give that task a whack. I only know people who have snuck into outdoor venues, but the Garden is impressive.
-Murphy (08/11/2014)

Will be officially released on 30 Trips Around The Sun Box (SEPT 2015)
-M C (06/10/2015)

The Dark Star sandwiching around the drums in the second set is why this band is so special. They made it to 1991 and were still able to sound so great. A truly great 2nd set after a very good first set.

- (05/29/2016)

they should have released a DVD/Blu Ray of this show in the 30 Trips box.
-Anonymous (09/10/2018)

Sneaking in to MSG was the easiest thing in the world. All it took was 2 old ticket stubs taped together and a $5 bill under it. The guy who ripped the tickets would take the 5 and off you went. Me and my crowd from Brooklyn would do this at every show whether we liked the band or not. A night out.
-Ray (04/16/2020)

30 Trips Around the Sun

Disc 1

Shakedown Street 14:04
C.C. Rider 5:45
It Takes A Lot To Laugh ... 4:59
Black-Throated Wind 6:19
High Time 7:43
Cassidy 7:29
Deal 9:29

Disc 2

Help On the Way 4:11
Slipknot! 7:26
Franklin's Tower 10:19
Estimated Prophet 13:04
Dark Star 12:25
Drums 4:56

Disc 3

Space 8:19
Dark Star 12:17
I Need A Miracle 4:15
Standing On the Moon 9:02
Turn On Your Lovelight 7:50
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue 6:48

-Bookkeeper (04/21/2020)

People really need to stop confusing It's All Over Now Baby Blue with It's All Over Now.

The first one is a ballad originally written and recorded by Bob Dylan - and closes this show. The second one is a more rock 'n rollin' number done originally by Bobby Womack.
-Kate Feather (08/25/2020)

would be better to label the Dylan song "Baby Blue" on this website for clarity.
-Anonymous (09/10/2020)

*** thank you Sirius for playing 9/10/1991 MSG New York, NY for us today on the Noon show ...

IKO IKO On & on .......

- (10/14/2020)

...DEJA VU ...
thank you Sirius for playing 9/10/1991 MSG New York, NY for us today on the Noon show ...

iko iko, on & on .......
- (10/20/2021)

Been jamming this show the last couple days. Gonna do a deeper dive into this run and the Boston Garden run from a few days later. Haven[t revisted in years

The band is playing as an organic whole throughout this show and every musician shines through. The Slipknot is off the charts and the jam after the second verse of Dark Star flows through multiple eras of Dead jams.

Oh and Train to Cry is perfect
-Anonymous (09/12/2022)

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Band Configuration
(09/15/90 - 03/24/92)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Vince Welnick
Keyboard: Bruce Hornsby
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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