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Shoreline Amphitheatre - Mountain View, CA

Set 1:
Jack Straw
It's All Over Now
Ramble On Rose
Desolation Row
Dark Star
Promised Land

Set 2:
Scarlet Begonias
Victim Or The Crime
Fire On The Mountain
Playin' Reprise
Standing On The Moon
Good Lovin'

U.S. Blues

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Weird show - hard to peg - one of my hardest trips ever. Dark Star - almost cried during Standing on the Moon - beautiful!


i will be obtaining this show tonight on whats the deal with dark star in the first set and scarlet>victim>fire?

badass. one of the trippiest shows if heard so far..

you might need a lifeguard to help pull you out.


They are reprising the playin from 8/12/91 Cal Expo.
-Rob Kane

One of the best shows of the 90's!! It rivals 10/31/91 and 9/20/90...

Earlier that summer (Giants Stadium) the boys were teasing Dark Star in the first set. They finally pulled it out hear. Very nice.

The Scarlet>Victim>Fire is incredible, as is Bruce's contribution. This is the only version of Victim I have ever really liked. Highly recommended!!!!

I believe this was the first first-set Dark Star since 11/15/71 and the first time they had ever gone Dark Star > Promised Land.


Only time this sequence was played.


I've got a pretty cool aud. of this. Does anybody trade anymore?

If you notice in the Jack Straw, besides the spectacular Hornsby licks, Phil's bass is "fuzzy" sounding. Word was he was trying out a new set of pick ups. This sound is only to be heard on this one cut and the bombs he drops in the jam are amazing! In my opinion this Jack Straw rivals Nassau 1/1979. Jerry tears it up as well.
-Jon G (08/01/2007)

"In my opinion this Jack Straw rivals Nassau 1/1979"

This doesn't even come close to the Brendon Byrne in 87. The whole show reminds me of why I couldn't wait for Hornsby to leave. Dark Star first about drums space too...OVER RATED.
-Anonymous (09/07/2007)

Dark Star in the first set... Hmmm the boys were always trying to mix it up to keep it interesting. That said, this Dark Star was very weak. Dark Star is a set piece song that can make or break a show.

Since the show was already broken, wedging Victim between Scarlet/Fire just seems natural. They, probably at Bobby's insistence, played Victim right next to Scarlet/Fire a bunch of times before this fateful night. Maybe thinking that some of the S/F goodness would rub off on that half baked song.

As far as Bobby songs go, Victim is very far down on the list of very good songs. It's no Estimated or Sailor or Saint. Always a let down to hear.

I am just glad that I wasn't there to experience this one and fortunately only S/V/F. I remember the let down of the crowd at MSG on fall tour that year when they opened the second set with Victim on Friday the 13th. Just our bad luck, but they recovered form that night with a rousing Scarlet/Fire and a touching Stella Blue.

If they had defiled Scarlet/Fire with Victim that night, there would have been a riot.
-JohnS (09/27/2011)

this was my favorite show without brent maybe the best i ever saw fingerprinting
- (02/19/2013)

This was the first show where "I got it". It totally blew me away. Saw 35 more before the end. I know I came late to the game but can't help when I was born.

Those that are complaining about this show are crazy. It was one of the last somewhat experimental set lists before they became really formulaic. If my fuzzy memory serves me right, Jerry laid into Vince or Bruce during the first set. It must have worked because they were on fire during the second set.
- (03/19/2013)

I'm with Mega here 100%!!! Sure the 1st set Dark Star was high novelty and not a lot of meat but let's not forget that while it was short it was NOT "packed in" and/or played poorly. It was simply played as a FIRST SET song!! Also let's remember that the Boys had been teasing it a LOT in the first set so to finally break it out was awesome. You can feel Bruce gently pushing Jerry and Bobby as he often did. Hey just my .02 but I think most anyone who has negative things to say about Bruce's time with the band is likely just jaded from the death of Brent. And this from someone who got on the metaphorical bus in the mid 80's!! Brent's passing was a crushing blow and I remember like yesterday. I was also not happy they decided to go right on with Fall Tour LET ALONE that the dude from the Tubes (and Bruce who I basically only knew the commercial stuff) in Brent's chair. That said I couldn't deny the brilliance of September '90, realized I wasn't insulting Brent's memory by acknowledging how great (and rejuvenated at times) they sounded and enjoy it for what it was. And it was awesome. :) Fall '90 and Fall '91 in particular. Just my humble opinion. :)

-gdjake (08/06/2013)

Let the haters hate. This show is definitely an immaculate one. the boys just take everyone for a ride. this is a band based in experimentation, and sometimes things just didn't work as well as I'm sure they thought it would. but it was their prerogative as to where to put what tunes in a set. As to JohnS, I highly doubt there would have been a riot if they split ScarFire with Victim again, you're just exaggerating because you have an immense distaste for the song. I can't imagine why, the song was a good commentary on what Jerry had done to himself in the mid 80's. Never forget, this band is unmatched by anyone else before or since, so to complain about something they played on one night (long after the fact) just creates unneeded tension and tarnishes the image of these fine musicians for others not familiar with the common sentiment about VOTC. it just shows that you don't look at the whole picture. Especially since this is probably one of the better versions of VOTC. But to each their own, I just don't see the point in complaining about something you can't change, better to accept and enjoy in my opinion. Good show either way, even if the DS was a little kooky.
-Murphy (08/06/2014)

This show was the day after Rick Griffin laid his motorcycle down. He died on the 18th.
- (02/19/2020)

Fenway park dead and co dropped the hammer first set fathers day outta candyman they broke out accistic guitars and did friend of the devil i believe deal and fkn darkstar. Not only first set darkstar but accustic darkstar. Who coulda called that one. If somebody did they basicly hit the lotery as far as odds go
- (05/21/2020)

You know as far as people complaining about what the dead played or who was takeing jerrys spot. You really dont have much to complain about in reality. Ive seen weir over 170times and only 7with garcia. So ive gone through some pretty lean ratdog with 150people in a bar room in springfield ma. But one thing people gotta realize is weir has never stopped grinding out tours with whoever was available. Many complained kadlechik sounded too much like garcia. Many complain mayer and weir too slow not enough like garcia apparently. And as far as bitchin about song selection people can take a hike in my opinion. Weir was part of mashine that invented mixed setlists. Now many others have done the your not gonna love evry number but dont forget if you want a hit parade go see almost any other band
- (05/21/2020)

thank you Sirius for sharing the 8/16/1991 Mountain View, CA show with us today @ the 12:00 PM Hour

Iko iko on & on & on & on .

- (11/25/2020)

#1 Thank you Sirius for playing this full show for today's 6pm broadcast.

#2 Listening now having skipped the host intro where he spoils the setlist.


#4 Wondering if the reprise is coming in Set 2. I don't think we got verse 2

Just exactly perfect band.
-Anonymous (11/03/2021)

#4 Wondering if the reprise is coming in Set 2. I don't think we got verse 2

Just exactly perfect band.
-Anonymous (11/03/2021)

A: It did happen in set 2.
The next day.
It was a memorable run I will cherish!
-Anonymous (07/12/2024)

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Band Configuration
(09/15/90 - 03/24/92)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Vince Welnick
Keyboard: Bruce Hornsby
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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