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Giants Stadium - East Rutherford, NJ

Set 1:
Eyes Of The World
Walkin' Blues
Brown-Eyed Women
When I Paint My Masterpiece
Loose Lucy
Might As Well

Set 2:
Saint Of Circumstance
Ship Of Fools
New Speedway Boogie
Uncle John's Band
China Doll
Playin' Reprise
Sugar Magnolia

The Weight

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Lunar eclipse. Crazy show. The post UJB jam into Drumz was wonderful.
There were several Dark Star jams throught both sets.
Highly recommended tape to listen to.

Little Feat opened that night and me and a friend smoked a big fat doobie that someone gave us (to this day I think it was laced with something-otherwise it was the strongest ganga I ever had). By the time the boys got on stage I was flyin'! But I digress. Anyway, the first set was alright, but the second set as is mostly the case rocked! The highlight for me was definitely Boogie which I believe was the eighth time played during the 90s. Also my first show where they played my other faves Truckin', Sugar mags, Uncle J's, and Playin' (OK, it was the reprise but it was still a treat for me). THANKS BOYZZZZZ!!!!!!

Actually, it was the second time I saw Playin'. Don't know how I could have forgotten it. I blame the drugs....

The Eyes opener? What can you say? Jerry's hair blowing in the smelly East Rutherford breeze like some kind of demigod. The BE Women was spectacular, and the Might As Well first set closer was quite possibly the LOUDEST i've ever heard them play.

Never forget this one, Black clouds rolling in leading to pouring rain during masterpiece. Two killer sets. Rain forced six of us to dispose of a sheet the hard way. Chunks of the rain.
-a nonymous

My vote for the best Masterpiece. Check out Hornsby's "Dark Star" tease mixed i there.

eyes to open the show. anyone remember space from the night before? baby seals being clubbed and skinned on the giant video screens. fuckin' awful. i think they knew that they fucked up and opened w/ eyes as a reward. just a guess.

First show ever... amazing... Eyes, Might as well, New Speedway Boogie, UJB were wonderful... hooked for life

I'm pretty sure I was at this show, but my memory's so foggy it's hard to trust. I remember little feat, though that might have been from the Oxford show three years earlier.

I know I was in the area, and went to Giants shows (took the bus from NYC). Guess it's time to listen :)

Opening "Eyes" was a treat. First time I heard "Speedway" performed live in over 20 years. Great stuff! The storm during "Masterpiece" alluded to in a previous comment was in '89, not at this show.

This was a fantastic show. Hearing the opening chords of couldn't help but dance. Wow, that was fun! It was great to hear the Dark Star tease throughout the night.

This show could be the best of the 90's dead!!

The first set was on fire, amazing !!
Eyes opener and Might as Well close
With a hint of Dark Star interwoven throughout the show - Seriuos folks this show stands out!!

Simply magical!!!!
-Lossless (08/02/2007)

best wave i've ever seen!! people pouring onto the floor!! every once in a while an eager yellow shirted security guards gave chase only to get lost in the crowd. so great!!
- (08/18/2011)

Quite a good show all up. The running joke seems to be "how we can interweave Dark Star into every other song without playing Dark Star"
-BearJones (12/11/2012)

I like how everyone still cheered for Masterpiece, like they were gonna play DS first set.

- (02/10/2017)

I was at this show with a buddy from work. Decent seats, and an Eyes of the World opener. Blew me away. In our vicinity was a younger girl at her first show. Later in first set I hear a few notes and say "Cassidy". She says that's her favorite song, then they play it - she didn't understand how I knew they would - 75 shows in 10 years, that's how lol.
- (06/12/2017)

subtle Nobodys jam between Truckin and New Speedway
-Anonymous (02/15/2019)

Saint of Circumstance

Disc 1

Eyes of the World 15:26
Walkin' Blues 7:01
Brown-Eyed Women 6:10
Dark Star 1:32
When I Paint My Masterpiece 5:28
Loose Lucy 9:16
Cassidy 7:11
Might As Well 6:41

Disc 2

Saint of Circumstance 10:55
Ship of Fools 8:01
Dark Star 1:14
Truckin' 6:55
New Speedway Boogie 9:12
Dark Star 0:55
Uncle John's Band 11:18
Dark Star 8:05
Drums 12:30

Disc 3

Space 8:47
China Doll 5:07
Playing in the Band 4:35
Sugar Magnolia 10:53
The Weight 6:20

-Bookkeeper (12/18/2019)

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Band Configuration
(09/15/90 - 03/24/92)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Vince Welnick
Keyboard: Bruce Hornsby
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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