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Robert F. Kennedy Stadium - Washington DC, DC

Set 1:
Cold Rain And Snow
Wang Dang Doodle
Big River
Maggie's Farm
Row Jimmy
Black Throated Wind
Tennessee Jed
The Music Never Stopped

Set 2:
Help On The Way
Franklin's Tower
Estimated Prophet
Dark Star
Stella Blue
Turn On Your Love Light

Baby Blue

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I've never been right since this show!!!!!

Soon to be released as the 2nd installment from the "View From The Vault" series.

Absolutely Absurd!

my first and most memorable. what a killer set list!

great show and great to watch on view from the vault II DVD. Bruce hornsby is right on!

Row Jimmy is simply magical!!..smooth, flowing... perfect! Jerry's solos dancing on air. This was my 4th show and this one moment had me floating in ecstasy for weeks on end. I can still remember it....frozen...suspended in head in a cosmic cloud of pure delight. Ahhhhh...those were the days. Never saw a show quite like it again.

Anyway....This set gains momentum w/ every tune...and by jimmy Jerry is on from that smokin BigRiver>Maggies. And it's all uphill from there on out.



kerry, you are a tool. thats the most absurd bullshit ive ever read in my entire life. please, for the sake of everyone else, drive your car into a telephone pole at high speed.

hey 'anonymous', why did you rip on that guy for sharing his sentiments on the show? i didnt see anything wrong with what he said. anyway, this is a hot show, as evidenced on the dvd. great first set song selection, but the real meat starts with h>s>f. garcia and hornsby are on fire! estimated>ds is amazing, with some great jamming by vince, and im not even that big of a vince fan. really, you gotta check out the dvd to believe it. space>stella is magical.

I agree with anonymous - That guy sounds like a complete wanker...Anyway, a good show....was about 20 rows back in front of Phil...keep watching the DVD to see if I can see myself


Awesome DVD/Show.....

Did anyone else think Jerry looked like Gandolf? That fan and back light totally made him look wizard-like...

If you have seen the DVD, tell me where Jerry is during baby blue? It brings a sadness

Officially released on DVD as "View From The Vault II."

First show I will never the HOT naked chick during the first set.Thanks, KB
-DW (10/31/2009)

Second set H>S>F and DS, get the f@ck out. Never thought those two would show up in the same set. Boys were on.
-Dave (01/21/2010)

complete stop after lovelight , then right back into it for a mini reprise. gotta love it!
-steve (05/19/2010)

for all you haters out there.....i would love to see the dead even on their worst if you dont like it go listen to that faggy band phish.
-Jon (12/22/2010)

I believe Jerry spent "Baby Blue" in the "Black Box" fixing technical difficulties. A sad and frequent occurrence in the last years. If I had to play for a crowd that had become 75% drunk frat kids with no respect for the Dead and the legacy they built I probably would have done the same. If you remember the trash crew for free tix and camping in the lots than you were soooo lucky to catch the true love and respect the band created. Yep, in mine and many others opinions the idiots looking for drugs and nitrous ruined a beautiful thing. Now Phish has the leftover trash that ruined the Dead scene and I can think of no band more deserving. Hey kids lets play druggie tour hippie until we get tired and ditch after 3 shows of goofy music that belongs on a children's show. BTW I at least find humor in idiot's believing that if someone "kicks down" a SYF buckle than you are in the "family" and even the ones Bear made had no more hidden meaning than $550 plus P/H.The Family lives in the few that know but don't say because those that say don't know! He was a great artist and a smart business man in the same realm as P.T. Barnum, oh the suckers that paid for my rooms so many nights paid for his living and kept an artist's fed and happy. DOSES!! Doses!! Translation= bunk or please arrest me! LOL!PEACE! Bless the brothers and sisters that truly understand what the world lost!
- (07/16/2011)

i like what jared said. thank you.
- (06/28/2012)

I pretty much agree except hold back on the Phish hating. You just said it was the same drunk frat bros ruining their scene too, so why are you judging them so hard? I've seen phish 5 times since 2009 and maybe the scene has changed a lot, but most of them were some of the nicest concert folks I've ever met. Don't judge Phish as a whole because of a few bad eggs.

Also, sick show. Probably the best View From The Vault
-Anonymous (07/10/2012)

Jared, You sound like a douche.

If you knew anything about the Dead, you would know that they were plagued with technical issues for their entire career. Absolutely nothing to do with drunken frat boys ruining the party. The band always pushed the envelope musically and ran into technical difficulties.

The scene did become crazy, but the band tried to accommodate everyone, hence the stadium tours.

Please take your rants elsewhere.

-JPSanta (05/27/2014)

I can't speak for the scene since i was never there, but i can speak for the music since i've been enjoying their shows for quite a while. and i honestly believe the sentiments about the 90's come from hearsay passed off as fact. I personally loved this show and can't understand why people who pass themselves off as true heads would knock on someones experience at a show. if they thought it was good then who are you to say otherwise. if you think it was the worst thing imaginable then why are you even looking it up?

And as far as phish goes, i've seen 18 shows since 2011 and have to say, the drunken frat boy comment is a sign of how much you don't pay attention to the music. it's very easy to ignore drunken retards, just takes some practice and a little bit of humility. The music is why i go to shows and listen to the dead's tapes, everything else is just irrelevant side notes. especially how the scene went. i have a couple of family friends who saw The Dead from 1972 to the end, and they have all told me the same thing; the drug fiends may have been an annoyance, but the heads who gave them shit were the ones who created the bad vibes. They were the ones who brought animosity into the shows because they didn't like the change.

People were doing drugs and getting sh*t faced in the 60's and 70's. there were riots in 1970, and there have been problems with fans since '68. If you listen to interviews with Jerry and Bobby from '89 on, they have no problem with the new fans, if nothing else, they were happy that younger generations were getting into music their parents grew up with and understood they thought differently from the older heads. I used to think frat boys ruined the scene til i got over my own arrogance about the world and accepted it for what it was. you can't control the world, you can only live and enjoy what you get. I would give anything to go back in time and see just one show, even a '95 show. The music never stopped for haters before, so why should it be any different now.

This show was a giant ball of energy that had me dancin in the streets, so if that kind of raw power can come from the tape, i can't imagine how it must have felt to be there. It is truely astonishing how this band never managed to get old, and always discovered new and exciting ways to keep things fresh. and the 90's Dark Stars are really cool. they may not have the same weirdness as first generation Stars, but the raw energy and musical control exhibited during the most epic freeform jam piece ever written never changed. They were on point this night, no matter what the haters tell you, give this a listen as soon as you can.
-Murphy (07/30/2014)

Love this show!! The Grateful Dead had a great run in 1991 and this shows proves it. I had heard this back in the tape trading dayz, but for me only being able to catch shows from the 1995 era due to when I was born had to take their word for it. Then I had spun a crispy SBD of this second set and I was sold and everyone I ever passed the tape to agreed whole heartedly. Haven't heard a show from this year that really let's me down. Back then I had a hard time excepting some of the shows from the nineties era, partly because of me being a new to the music at the time. I was opening my eyes to all the mind-blowing music collectively from all thier years passed. I felt the magic from the 60's, 70's, and 80's era's just wasn't entirely there in the nineties. But what I did learn from being a "tapehead" was to listen to the whole show from start to finish and if your lucky (today we are!!), the whole run at that venue, to expierence what the band was creating for the audience. This can be lost today when "newbies" can skip around a show on CD to hear certain songs and thus might lose insight of the emotion the set convey's! This show is a perfect example with the Help-> Slip-> Frank-> Estimated-> Dark Star-> Drumz (don't forget the Drumz-> Space-> Stella!!)!!

And it seems any show, when the first set(or 2nd set) begins with Cold Rain And Snow, is going to be a well played set!! This first set rocks and I would of loved to have been there to expierence this energy that would convert anyone into falling in love with the Dead.

Back to rapping about the nineties era from my point of view. Today I really can't say anything bad about the worst of nineties shows, unless Bobby really f#$K's something up, just kidding really. The nineties brings the addition of some truly great new songs to the line up, killer keyboardist that keep the boyz in line, and even Hornsby on accordian make it another great era!! The way I see it these dayz is even if Garcia completely drops the lyrics or sounds like he is just running through the scales asleep, these were the last years of a master who poured his heart into his expression of music. Completely deadicated to getting it right, and he did set the bar the highest. We should be greatful they carried on through all the turmoil and heartache to share with us all this raw, off the grid, and down right gritty music to treasure. I really feel sorry for the ones that can't open their hearts, ears, and minds to feel the joy thier music brings each and everytime that journey begins or set opens!! Lighten up. sing along, and just say thank you. Peace and Love - The Bone
-Anonymous (10/27/2015)

Please review the show and quit being faceless bullies.
This us the FIRST TIME help-slip-franklins AND dark star in same set - OR same show.
First of only 4 times. Woo hoo. What a night!
Glad i wad there for this summer tour. Yes! DC where i broke my 'jerry cherry' 5 years earlier back in 86!
Was this the lunar ecplise night? I remember one year at RFK there was a lunar ecplise after the show. Good times!
-Mike c (03/16/2017)

And what a classic setlist!
A few newer tricks like wang dang and maggies farm, but all in all they drew from some very old material. I can still visualize where i was on the floor for this first set. Listening to it is just like riding in a time machine.
Thank you!!
-Mike c (03/16/2017) in ten thousand that come.for the show...
Your all a bunch of diaper dead head wanna be’s...just chill enjoy the legacy...the dead were never about stuff, hell i, or anyone i caught shows with ever owned a ‘deadshirt’ way way too mmercia....peace out.
- (10/03/2017)

... thank you Sirius for playing 6/14/1991 Washington DC for us today on the Noon show ...

iko iko on & on .......
- (11/14/2020)

Just curious, does anyone out there remember between sets on the field there was a shirtless steroid head who climbed the scaffolding? He was trippin balls and security was attempting to get ahold of him when he suddenly let go and fell what looked like about 20 feet onto the metal fence around the bttom of the scaffold.
It freaked me out and I have always wondered what happened to that guy. If anyone remembers this or knows anything about him please post.
p.s. for me the standout highlights were BTW, Help-Slip-Franklins, Dark Star and Lovelight
- (01/27/2021)

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Band Configuration
(09/15/90 - 03/24/92)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Vince Welnick
Keyboard: Bruce Hornsby
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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