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Shoreline Amphitheatre - Mountain View, CA

Set 1:
Picasso Moon
C.C. Rider
It Takes A Train To Cry
El Paso
High Time
Black Throated Wind

Set 2:
Help On The Way
Franklin's Tower
Looks Like Rain
Terrapin Station
Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad
Throwin' Stones
Turn On Your Love Light

The Weight

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Was at this show... just listed for first time...possibly sickest Deal.... ever IMHO..

- (03/31/2007)

gotta love cc rider into it takes a train to cry
-steve (04/23/2010)

Wait until that deal goes down .This is the real DEAL.Good setlist n some other songs highlighted too.Check it out,or are waiten for that deal come round?
- (03/09/2016)

Last show of the Spring tour. Picasso Moon has some miscues, and the ending Jerry solo tries to make up for it. Love Bruce's lines in Althea. Not hating on Vince here, but it's clear that the music is in Bruce's wheelhouse and he can comp, solo, and embellish independent of following the progressions. Note how Jerry dips into his first solo after the "self-centerd to the extreme" line. It's a small chord whose highest note is the first in the solo, he immediately abandons chords and goes right into the solo. It's a great touch, revealing the man's style. It's a really nice version. The transition into Takes a Train is smooth, and maybe caught Bobby by surprise? The vocals suffer in El Paso. The last three tunes are great, and Deal rages and gets out there real fast, sounding more like a JGB version.

H->S->F is a little tentative, especially their drop into Slipknot. Franklin's doesn't exactly take off when Bruce takes his turn because the song remains rhythmically stagnant. There are strong H->S->Fs in '91 (02-21 [love that show! Jerry is very focused on jamming], 05-05, 06-14, 09-10, 09-25, 10-31), but this is average. Terrapin, on the other hand, is wonderful. Patient and dynamic, allowing the song to flow and change as it progresses, all musicians committed. There's an interesting section about eight minutes from the end, it's very open and changes character, even morphing into a bossa groove.

This GDTRFB is very enjoyable. Bruce takes a nice turn, as does Jerry. It's not a raveout, but it brings the energy up after a mostly slow beginning to the second set.

This is a solid show, lots to like but also some misses. There are great shows in 1991 (shows mentioned above, and 03-31, 04-01, 06-17, 06-22, 06-24, 09-26, 12-31), so make sure you bump those too, then pass them along to a friend.
-Ed (02/10/2017)

Excellent transition CC Rider > Train to Cry! Gave me chills!

- (03/20/2022)

Looks like a slow the cowboy first set (CC/Train/El Paso) ... drippy second set, HSF/LLR/Terrapin.

-Paar Ulaast Vernst Borksen (05/12/2023)

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Band Configuration
(09/15/90 - 03/24/92)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Vince Welnick
Keyboard: Bruce Hornsby
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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