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Wembley Arena - London, England

Set 1:
Hell In A Bucket
Friend Of The Devil
Walkin' Blues
Cold Rain And Snow
Mama Tried
Maggie's Farm
Stander On The Mountain

Set 2:
Victim Or The Crime
Touch Of Grey
Playin' In The Band
Dark Star
Dark Star
Playin' Reprise
Wharf Rat
Throwin' Stones
Not Fade Away

U.S. Blues

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I was outside drinking cider with my buds before the show. First thing I noticed was that the vendors were selling T-shirts for thirty pounds. Thats like $60 for a fuckin' T-shirt. Anyway, I dropped a tab of acid and when the doors opened WHOOOOOWEEEEE! The first set was great. They opened up with a rockin' Hell In A Bucket. Mama Tried--> Maggies was sweet too. I couldnt believe there were LOTS of unsold seats (but hey, it meant I got to sit closer to the band). By the time the second set started things were getting pretty fuckin' trippy! Victim had some spacey moments. But all hell broke loose when Jerry played the first few notes to Dark Star. I didn't even know they had started playing it again!!! My friend and I had big-ass grins that would not go away... that is until Drums/Space came on and freaked us out silly. Wharf rat came on and mellowed us out a bit before Throwing Stones and NFA. The encore US Blues was the perfect ending for us yanks! I also saw the show they played two nights ago, but that one paled compared to this one. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, WHERE CAN I FIND THIS SHOW????

Definitely the best of the London shows.
This 3rd show was a last minute affair as they were originally only going to play Oct 30 & 31. The entire upper stadium was filled with smoke from the readily available Moroccan hash. Smelt like Montreal in 1971. Have mediocre Nth-generation, but listenable, enjoyable and complete cassette copies - now on CD.

Man, I was flying through this show, if you catch my drift. I still prefer 10-20-90 though. This was a pretty sweet show but the fuckin dark star/drums/dark star was a little much for me, timing in at something like over 30 min. I was tripping my ass off and by the time US Blues rolled on up, I went nuts. Had a crazy, odd trip. Some guy slipped me more acid during wharf rat. I payed this shady dude like twenty bucks. I do not know why the hell I did that. I also had been trippin on shrooms during Playin' Reprise. My friends and I scored some more pot in the parking lot after the show. This was a crazy night and we had a great time. Too many drugs though. Next show, which I think was at Richfield Coliseum 3-21-94, my friends and I stayed clean, except for some pot we smoked during Lovelight. I found this girl I had known in High School named Julianne Rocco after the show and banged her so hard. It felt great. She didn't really like the dead though, I don't know why she went to the show but thank god she did, because I gave her one wild ride that night. She also gave me head. Peace out.

Julianne Rocco? Yeah, I nailed that little slut too! Nice ass!

Darkstar??? c'mon? It was well worth staying the extra day and getting chewed out at work....

I took my wife to this show. We arrived straight from a business meeting - I arrived in suit/tie, she in her power dress. In the car park, I quickly changed into jeans/tshirt. She just stripped off in full sight - it was a great sight too and we went on in. We had tickets in the tapers section too - with plenty of 420 around! What a gas.


nick, you are a nutcase :)
-gdjake (08/14/2007)

nick, i'd like to see your review for 3-21-94, 'cause that would be the ONLY one ive EVER read from you that would actually be a SHOW review as opposed to another story about how much drugs you took. me thinks maybe you missed the point here with some of reviews!!
-gdjake (02/02/2008)

You "reviewers" who love to post on here about how much drugs you took while attending these shows, PLEASE stop.

For whatever reason you seem to think you're making yourself sound "cool" but I promise you are not.

I know I speak for others who enjoy reading legit reviews ABOUT THE SHOW.

Most of us don't care how dosed up or out you were. And personally, I don't believe half of you who claim to have taken as much LSD as some of you claim nor do I believe you attended these shows. So, please be kind and STFU about your bs drug trips.

Now, I was not at this show but after listening to it, IT JAMS !

And a GREAT Standing On The Moon tease before going into Wharf Rat, which none of these reviewers picked up on.

I know had I attended this show, that tease would have stood out. I'm just funny like that.

- (05/28/2010)

Nice review, and this is indeed the show where SOTM somehow morphs into Wharf Rat. Cool to hear. And the Dark Star being broke up around Drums/Space is fantastic.
I know it was done other times (Greensboro '91 for starters) but not very often. A special performance even for a great year like '91.
-gdjake (07/02/2010)

I love how the guy that is bitching about reviews not being about the show...wasn't at the show!! I think he needs a toke and a dose!
-Anonymous (11/01/2023)

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Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Vince Welnick
Keyboard: Bruce Hornsby
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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