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Three Rivers Stadium - Pittsburgh, PA

Set 1:
Touch Of Grey
Greatest Story Ever Told
New Minglewood Blues
Row Jimmy
Mama Tried
Mexicali Blues
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
Let It Grow

Set 2:
Samson And Delilah
Eyes Of The World
Estimated Prophet
Terrapin Station
I Need A Miracle
Wang Dang Doodle
Black Peter
Throwin' Stones
Turn On Your Love Light

Knockin' On Heaven's Door

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Relaased on video, DVD and CD as View from the Vault I, and is the performance that has turned many of my friends into permanent Deadheads.

Very sweet "Row Jimmy". The Dvd is great!

In my opinion the DVD is the worst in this series, because the sound is a problem. They can't manage through the whole first set, and the sound at the beginning of the second isn't better. Row Jimmy is tough, I agree, but you can feel that Brent's end is near. There are some cool moments like the passage between Estimated and Terrapin. Pretty cool. All in all, it's not a bad DVD, but it's nothing compared to Downhill From Here. But I'm too young to call myself a deadhead and I can't know what this show was really like.
-Andy Black

I like the DVDs, except for the INCREDIBLY GAY head-trip graphics they added during D/S. What a waste of time. I would much rather see what the hell was going on behind stage during those segments.

i agree, its a good show, but they really fucked up the sound quality on the DVD for this one

Just to let you know all the footage from DVDs released in the View from the Vault series was recorded as it was being shown on the video screens. In other words, what you see is exactly what the people at those shows saw on the video boards. Yes, the stuff is gay, but it is neat knowing that you are seeing exactly what they saw.

Officially released on DVD as "View From The Vault."

i drove out from philly to see this show. crosby, stills & nash opened up, one of the best double bills i've ever seen! here is c,s,n's setlist:
love the one you're with, chicago, drive my car, live it up, got it more, just a song before i go, nighttime for the generals, for what it's worth, wasted on the way, our house, almost cut my hair, helplessly hoping, deja vu, yours and mine, got to keep open, critical mass > wind on the water, southern cross, wooden ships, woodstock.
i had to leave right after the show and drive back to philly for work the next day. i made it, but they sent me home by noon, i was toast.

i love this dvd, great set too. Tom Thumb's is great. The whole second set is spectacular, great songs very well played. Very nice Miracle>Wang Dang Doodle, the boys are shining this night for sure. Somebody said something about the weird imaging in the DVD, haha I was watching this one for the first time I remember and I almost couldnt take it serious when it trailed off into a full screen view of some guy walking, and this goats on fire. I laughed for a long while. Great show, one of my favs
-beardy (07/16/2008)

love the first set on this one. touch of grey>greatest story ever told rocks incredibly hard. agreed about a real nice row jimmy, and JLTTB is always a nice surprise. i'm not usually a huge fan of later years' versions of jack-a-roe, but i really liked this one for whatever reason.

in the second set, the jam from estimated into terrapin is incredible. i especially liked how jerry fooled around with the intro to terrapin for a minute or two before entering into the lyrics. miracle>wang dang doodle is a nice surprise. solid show.
-Anonymous (09/22/2010)

how is the sound on the CD for the DVD?
-Anonymous (04/04/2012)

Enjoyed this show with CSN opening, lucky to get in. We bought some counterfeit tickets on the way up (duh) and the guy at the gate was cool enough to still let us in. He directed us to the center upper deck section as high up and far back as you could go. Turned out to be awesome with the entire stadium in front of me, a swirling site to behold. Parked in a shitty scrap yard next to the stadium, haha, wtf!
- (05/27/2014)

Good show all around. I can only speak from the music, since I haven't seen the DVD, but the show sounded really good. The Eyes grooved right out of Samson and the Estimated peak was short but concise and the Terrapin transition might have been a little broken for a second, but it still worked. The whole show wasn't over the top, but i'm sure the people who were there had a blast.

Oh, and brent doesn't sound nearly as gone as he did at the previous two shows of this tour. He seemed like he had a revitalized voice for this one. you can still tell he's not himself, but he's a bit better then he was prior to this show. Just what I heard in the music.
-Murphy (06/17/2014)

I was really looking forward to this double bill. We were up on the second level and we couldn't even hear CSN. They must not have had the right set up for a large stadium.

The Dead's set was really good. It definitely made up for not really getting to hear CSN. When I saw they released it on DVD, I went right out and got it. Ripped the audio off the DVD for on my ipod.
-Scott (08/25/2014)

Got blessed with two 10th row center mail order tickets for this one. What a blast. Best double bill ever. This whole tour was rockin. I remember De-ja-vu was absoluteley sick.
- (03/04/2017)

This is the show where we lost Burnt Bob. He ate too much acid well before the show and went into one of the lot bathrooms while tripping balls to take a shit. Some local street nigger followed him in and told him he was gonna ass rape him (through the bathroom stall door) if he did not give him his wallet. Like the idiot that he sometimes was, he tossed the shine his wallet over the door and proceeded to have a bad trip for the entire show locked in said stall. When the show was over, we couldn't find him and our crew spanned out over the lot to look for him. Finally the cops were kicking everyone out, and told us to leave town or get arrested. Since most of us were holding, we had no choice but to hit the road. We tried finding him at the first rest stop on I-80 headed east, but the state troopers were not letting us stop there either.

We decided to cut ties and move onto the next show. Some weeks later, we saw Burnt Bob at a pizza place near his home. He was oddly not pissed, and did not like niggers every since.
-Dave Fadoul (05/01/2017)

Not sure how your ugly racists remarks help provide any meaningful context to this show or even your individual experience. But my intolerance of bigots like yourself is just another form of bigotry. Damn you logic.
-Anonymous (07/24/2017)

The idiot couldn’t get out of the bathroom. I would have found a way. Maybe the dumb shit shouldn’t have takes so much acid.
-Kdead (06/30/2019)

Holy shit I ate way too much acid that day > evening. Fuck you Dave for getting me that sheet.
-Burnt Bob (05/09/2020)

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- (02/23/2021)

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-Just Exactly Perfect Band (04/29/2021)

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