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Nassau Coliseum - Uniondale, NY

Set 1:
Help On The Way
Franklin's Tower
Little Red Rooster
Dire Wolf
It's All Over Now
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
Picasso Moon
Don't Ease Me In

Set 2:
Iko Iko
Playin' In The Band
China Doll
Uncle John's Band
Terrapin Station
I Need A Miracle
Gimme Some Lovin'
Standing On The Moon
Not Fade Away

Attics Of My Life

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This was my second Dead show, but it was
the show where "I got it". Luckily, it
was broadcast live on the radio, so I
have a great-sounding tape of that night.
-Jeff B.

What an amazing show. The Standing on the Moon is so beautiful. The only thing they could have improved was the song choice for Encore. I would have wanted a Box of Rain.

Help On The Way / Slipknot! / Franklin's Tower is included on the officially released CD "Without A Net."

"box of rain" was a nice encore choice, except that phil couldnt sing it in 1990. i still enjoyed it, but to want that instead of an "attics" seems a bit off.


you got an ATTICS you lille shit...shut the F UP ....go smoke a bowl in the parking lot with the your buddy selling the nitrous...
-raredawg (12/10/2007)

I have to say - Nick may have many drug and sex related posts, but his other content is usually pretty close to right on for me. This is a beautiful SOTM, and I mean incredibly. Also the Attics is awesome - that's where I think your wrong Nick, but otherwise.
- (07/03/2008)

I wish they would have played Dark Star or even GODZILLA for an encore
-st. steven (07/12/2008)

better encore then attics? you sure your a dead fan? Doesnt get better then attics
-steve (10/16/2008)

We want Phil! We want Phil!
-keith (04/21/2009)

We definitely DO NOT want Phil instead of an Attics.

In this case the ONLY Attics from 1990.
-gdjake (09/10/2010)

Carryover Energy from Previous Night with Branford
Great Triple Jerry
China Doll>UJ>Terrapin
and a Attics Encore!
- (05/03/2011)

Perfectly played show! Much better than the previous night!
-Anonymous (05/08/2012)

I lived down the block- and was there trying to get a ticket but couldnt land one. I had cash too- not a miracle ticket. Listened to it at home- glad I was at the 2 nights before. Man I do miss thee Jerry
- (05/25/2012)

"Much better than the previous night!"

Good one...

But a good end to a great run (including Attics), I enjoyed it anyway :)

-Bossgobbler (01/25/2014)

Saw all 3 nights of this run. All 3 were amazing shows.
-Misterpid (03/29/2014)

My wife and I had seats to this show and met a friend there who had 6th row center. We ended up sitting there with all our friends. To make a long story short, just as the lights went our, my frind lost his bottle of liquid. My wife found it. I had alrady dropped some blotter, I asked him if he would put a coupld of drops on my hand, he dropped a puddle and said oops. Needles to say my word were, I am gled I am 6th row center. The show was absolutly amazing from my perspective.
- (05/06/2014)

Wow, China Doll > UJB > Terrapin all in a row, never before has that been done and never after, the closest 3 incredible Jer songs in a row preivous to that was Hershey in 1985: Birdsong > Comes A Time > Deal, and even that doesn't quite match up
- (03/30/2016)

I was serious bossgobler!!!
Dead serious. This show blows away the Branford show. IMO of course!
-Anonymous (12/28/2016)

When it was new, raw and experimental it was like a secret between them and you. The places were small, intimate and smokey. If it took you too far, there were sofas upstairs, and chicks in braids with orange juice. No cops, no security, no hassles. Shows began at midnight and ended at dawn. Our times.
-Dobbs Baby (01/03/2017)

This is a great later era show, the playing is flawless and inspired. The changes that would have made it elite:

1-Cassidy, Deal instead of "Drive in movie ooh wee," Don't Ease to close the first set. Notice how I used the dumb lyrics instead of the song title mockingly.

2-Flip the two set openers. Iko to open set one and Help > Slip > Franklin's to open set two. H > S > F packs more punch in the big jam portion of the show.
-Jack Straw (09/07/2022)

Btw I know they closed the first set on 3/28/90 with Cassidy Deal at the same venue but even if I was at all three, I'd rather get the repeat than what they got here.
-Anonymous (09/07/2022)

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Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Brent Mydland
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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