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Nassau Coliseum - Uniondale, NY

Set 1:
Jack Straw
We Can Run
Ramble On Rose
When I Paint My Masterpiece
Bird Song
Promised Land

Set 2:
Eyes Of The World
Estimated Prophet
Dark Star
Dark Star
The Wheel
Throwin' Stones
Turn On Your Love Light

Knockin' On Heaven's Door

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Simply killer. A real audio treat.

Another tasty treat...super sound quality!

Of the 50+ shows I saw, this sits in the top 3.

Simply spectacular.

This Eyez is one of my all time favorites and I have a stellar copy of the second set!!
-RIggy Magee

Killer second set. Branford Marsallis sits in on the whole set and Bird Song(1st set). Great Improv during Dark Star.

that eyes of the world makes me believe that heaven does exist.......

This show was great but after it some fucker threw a beer bottle at my head. I went to the ICU and had to get 13 stitches by some dumb bitch who obviously just started that day. If I ever find that fuck I'll beat the piss out of him!

Getting a beer bottle thrown at your head is typical for Long Island...

This is the Eyes Of The World found on Without A Net.

The band was on, nuff said.

Cassidy is included on the officially released CD "Without A Net."

Eyes Of The World is included on the officially released CD "Without A Net."

Does anyone know what is/who plays the woodwind instrument (sounds like a pan flute?) that comes in at about 9:50 on Eyes of the World?
- (06/04/2007)

the pan flute you're hearing is Jerry's MIDI. . .found in many 90's shows in various sounds(trumpet on Ramble on Rose, etc.)
- (08/07/2008)

This was one of those nights, pure magic. Nothing to tell now let the words be yours I am done with mine.
-Dave (02/11/2009)

I bet that perrinwolf guy threw that beer bottle go beat his ass
-Enema bandit (07/08/2009)


yeah dude, it was definatly perrinwolf who threw that bottle
-Anonymous (11/08/2009)

Great Show. Nice Soundboard at Rapidshare...clean.

Set2...unforgettable, enjoy.
-Krafty (11/25/2009)

It was my birthday and it was like I'm all the way up here in long island but I feel like home
-JB (12/12/2009)

21 years later, still holds water.
-Jack Straw (03/29/2011)

Best show of the 20+ i saw. Absolutley ROCKIN with Branford

- (04/13/2011)

Perrinwolf didn't see any shows in 1990 silly.
-perrinwolf (12/21/2011)

Next nite was better
-Anonymous (05/08/2012)

Branford!!! did every show of this tour- the band was completely in control and on game
- (12/25/2012)

The next night was waaay better!!!! Listen to it and then tell me it's not true. The band was not coherent this night. But the next they wre full on !
-Anonymous (04/09/2013)

- (07/11/2014)

The 29th was the advent of the Dead's next phase of development. Too bad Jerry and Brent didn't hang on. anonymous, you are entitled to your opinion. But the only highlight of the 30th show was the help-slip-franklin's. I've listen to both, many times and was there for all 3. I disagree with you.

- (08/10/2014)
- (09/27/2015)

That Perrins guy threw the beer bottle. Too funny.. Had to pile on.
-annon (04/22/2016)

Great show, lost a beer bottle during it though which sucked
-Labatt (05/17/2019)

Wake Up To Find Out

Disc 1

Jack Straw 6:15
Bertha 6:59
We Can Run 6:04
Ramble On Rose 8:08
When I Paint My Masterpiece 6:02
Bird Song 13:05
Promised Land 4:46

Disc 2

Eyes of the World 16:33
Estimated Prophet 14:47
Dark Star 18:19
Drums 10:22

Disc 3

Space 7:53
Dark Star 2:46
The Wheel 4:23
Throwing Stones 9:25
Turn On Your Lovelight 7:41
Knockin' On Heaven's Door 8:24

-Bookkeeper (04/21/2020)

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Band Configuration
(04/16/79 - 07/23/90)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Brent Mydland
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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