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Knickerbocker Arena - Albany, NY

Set 1:
Hell In A Bucket
Dupree's Diamond Blues
Just A Little Light
Black Throated Wind
Big Railroad Blues
Picasso Moon
Row Jimmy
Blow Away

Set 2:
Built To Last
Victim Or The Crime
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Man Smart-Woman Smarter
I Need A Miracle
Dear Mr. Fantasy
Gimme Some Lovin'
Morning Dew

Brokedown Palace

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"Alternate" lyrics on "Black Throated Wind."

ok, this is a bizarre story, but true as i know. a friend of mine was working in albany at a place for retarded people. one day before this run at the knick began he was driving a van of these mentally challenged guys around the city. he drove in front of the knick and spotted garcia strolling around. he said, "Oh man! its jerry!" and he stopped the van, got out and said, whats up to jerry who was very polite, almost shy, in his words. at the same time, all the retared guys in the van were chanting JERRY! JERRY! JERRY! loololololo

garcia said, "Soo, what's up with those guys ?" and my friend breifly explained. makes me wonder if stuff like this happened so much that jerry was used to it, or if it threw jerry for a loop.


anyway, sweet shows and the sound was the best i have ever heard them live.

Officially released on CD as "Dozin' At The Knick."

Jerry strolling around the Nick...sounds like him...
-Anonymous (07/01/2008)

yeah wow, listen to that blackthroated. Hehe good stuff boys!!
-Anonymous (12/17/2008)

great show!
-steve (01/14/2010)

The Brokedown Palace is very powerful. Fantastic vocals.
-Anonymous (09/08/2012)

This is a very great show. The Brokedown is probably the greatest ever. Brent does such a great job on it. Great Row Jimmy and Blow Away as well. As with most of the 89-90 Morning Dew's, this one is rocking. Jerry put so much heart into that song when he sang it. Just makes you want to break into tears. This show, along with some other tracks from 3/24, were released with the Spring 1990 set.

I just love the late 80s and 1990s show. Epic.

Well, peace.
-Brian (10/01/2012)

Last built to last. i guess the song wasnt. i wonder why?
-Anonymous (09/10/2013)

It was a difficult song to place in a set. Didn't work well being jammed into or out of in set 2. and as a stand alone first set tune, it was a very strange key/tuning change for the band. I also think jerry had trouble remembering all the lyrics in the right places. It is one of the most complicated song (chordal and lyrical) structures the dead ever wrote. But like My Brother Esau, it was a good song by itself and that's about as far is went.
-Anonymous (08/05/2014)

My last East Coast GD show, and my last Brent Mydland show. (I moved to SF in late 1990, and saw the band a handful of times with Welnick, at Shoreline, Cal Expo, Golden Gate Park, etc.)

Black Throated Wind was a joyous surprise, and Brokedown was quite memorable, as well. I was reminded of those "Fare thee wells" twice in the coming months: A few days after this show, I spotted Brent in the crowd as we both were exiting a Rickie Lee Jones show in NYC; I did a double take and waved, and he courteously waved back. And of course, I thought of them again in late July, when Brent made his final exit.

I hadn't realized this was the final performance of "Built to Last," but I wasn't sorry to see it go. The intro always reminded me of "Cats Under the Stars," a song I much prefer. Even after I learned to recognize BTL, it always made me wish for the better song.
- (01/08/2015)

Maybe the most under-rated GD show of "modern time". A magical night... with a killer drums/space. Agree about Brokedown Palace to close out their first run at The Knickerbocker.
-Mortified Morty (05/20/2017)

Those "alternate lyrics" of BTW are a great improvement. Bob made a good song great.
- (09/07/2020)

Hearing Hell in a Bucket and Picasso Moon in the same set is sort of like hearing the same song twice.
-Bamski (01/21/2021)

One of my favorite damn Brokedowns the band ever played... listen to Brent howl away man!
-Dartez (01/29/2021)

... last Built to Last, out of only 16 Times played beginning @ Houston 10/20/1988 ...

we miss you Brent ....
-Anonymous (09/13/2021)

,... ooops last of 18 ...
-Anonymous (09/13/2021)

First Big Railroad Blues since 9/18/88. Only one played in '90.
-Stagger lee (08/20/2022)

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(04/16/79 - 07/23/90)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Brent Mydland
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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