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Knickerbocker Arena - Albany, NY

Set 1:
Good Time Blues
Help On The Way
Franklin's Tower
Walkin' Blues
Desolation Row
Tennessee Jed
One More Saturday Night

Set 2:
Playin' In The Band
Uncle John's Band
Terrapin Station
The Wheel
All Along The Watchtower
Stella Blue
Not Fade Away

And We Bid You Goodnight

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man, i love the audience participation from between 'not fade' and 'and we bid you', it's so cool!

Part of the second set is part of Dozin at the Knick I believe.

I was standing third row Jerry, all crampled together so that I couldn't really move. I just watched Jerry play with a HUGE grin on my face.

During Loser, we caught eyes and he raised his eyebrows and gave me the friendliest grin. What a sweet guy.

This show is hot BTW. Worth a listen. Get it from

this show was great, the knickerbocker was new back then. last show i got to see before i graduated college. sure would like to know how i can get a bootleg if anyone has info let me know

There is a very clear Mind Left Body jam after terrapin. Sweet.

Go back to 11/11/73 and compare. Why couldn't they have done that jam more often???

Walkin' Blues and the entire second set are on Dozin'.

One More Saturday Night is included on the officially released CD "Without A Net." Officially released on CD as "Dozin' At The Knick."

Desolation Row is included on the officially released CD "Postcards Of The Hanging."

You can always count on Bob to bring the show down with his impeccable picks such as Walking Blues...the 90's Minglewood.

most rockin wheel i have heard, not to mention the insane all along the watchtower that follows

shows starts off with Let The Good Times Roll not Good Times Blues, as per Deadbase
-Perrinswolf (05/25/2007)

"You can always count on Bob to bring the show down with his impeccable picks such as Walking Blues...the 90's Minglewood.


I burned this show onto a cd and "forgot" to put Walking Blues on it.

I'm so ashamed. :)

-Anonymous (06/14/2007)

Jerry goes nutso on loser
-steve (04/20/2010)

Nutso indeed! For some unthinkable reason the Loser was left off of the official release, Dozin at the Knick. Does anyone know where I can get a board-quality version of the awesome but missing Loser? Truly amazing show with great setlist and playing. Bought tickets from a scalper that turned out to be counterfeit but still got us in! Figured it out when we found our section and row did not exist!
- (11/03/2010)

It was spring break for me from Humboldt State...3 shows at the Knick, a well deserved night off, then 3 more at Nassau. Wheeeeweeeeee...a little crispy around the edges after those. aaaaaah...good times!!!!
-Kyle in Alaska (12/26/2013)

LTGTR, HSF, Loser, and TN Jed were included on the 3/26/90 CD of the Spring 1990 box.
-Anonymous (01/15/2015)

Had 8th row, center. Sound quality was crazy good. Set quality classic. The Dead themselves rated this night as one of the best shows they've played. Met a good friend outside after the show and he said it was up in his top 5. He had seen over 300 shows by that point... Best Loser I've ever seen or heard. Jerry was noodling around after Watchtower, I caught a quiet moment and yelled out as loud as I could "STELLA BLUE!!!" He raised his eyebrow and then started playing Stella. I was thanked by the whole row......
-Cliff Hanger (07/04/2015)

The first set being left off the album blows my mind.
- (08/24/2016)

This was about my 10th show overall, but first in my hometown. My friends and I were all incredibly excited when the Dead started playing Albany in 1990 and over the next few years. During these first '90 shows, my girlfriend at the time lived on Lark St. and we all walked down to the shows. I remember the during whole run her apartment was one big Deadhead party after each show. Crazy times...
-MattC (07/13/2017)

I had gotten 2 mail order tix so my friend and I drove up from Philly and got into the show early after scoring some looney birds in the parking lot. I had no idea where our seats were but first thought was what a beautiful brand new arena it was. We were directed down to the first section on the floor, right in the middle, 15 rows from the stage, and the smiles on our faces were painted on the rest of the night. (Thank god for the good old mail order tix system)
The show started right on time and after the merry warm-up LTGTR the place exploded with Help-Slip-Franklins. As Walkin Blues began 4 people in seats behind us just showed up saying that the security was ridiculous and masses of people were still in lines outside. They asked what song did they miss and I broke the news that they missed LTGTR and a killer H>S>F. They were so sad and pissed off at the same time. Good news for them is that the band was magical for the entire evening. The best Loser, best OMSN, best Desolation Row, best Playing>UJB and best NFA I ever saw. The Knickerbocker immediately took it's place as one of the best sounding, funky venues I ever saw a dead show.
- (10/20/2021)

1st Set, Track 1 should be "Let the Good Times Roll", NOT "Good Time Blues." (According to Live Archive recordings anyway).
- (04/13/2022)

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