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Copps Coliseum - Hamilton - Ontario, Canada

Set 1:
Feel Like A Stranger
West LA Fadeaway
Easy To Love You
Beat It On Down The Line
It Must Have Been The Roses
This Could Be The Last Time
Picasso Moon
Don't Ease Me In

Set 2:
Scarlet Begonias
Fire On The Mountain
Samson And Delilah
Believe It Or Not
The Other One
Hey Jude
Dear Mr. Fantasy
Hey Jude Reprise
Sugar Magnolia

It's All Over Now Baby Blue

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My favorite Scarlet Fire!! What a treat to see it live. Get the tapes!

this show captures the very essence of the Dead at their best. Unfortunately after this period it was all downhill. Brent's death was such waste in so many ways. The Dead never really quite grabbed the torch afterwards. Yeah they had some great shows later, but they were never better than when Brent was in the band. Best shows definetely from 87 - 90.

Agreed the only high spots after these shows for me anyway excluding the odd hot show were the next 2 shows in Hamilton in '92 (killer). They seemed to pull out all the stops when they visited this fair nation.

Thank You....For a Real Good Time!!!
- definetly was not all downhill from this show you hosers...take a listen to the Boston Garden shows from Sep. 91

woooooow..this is another great year for the show ROCKS..jerry is playing very, very well compared to the next 5 years..yet another reason why i love the Grateful Dead..get this one boyes and girls..

I saw some amazing shows in the summer and spring of 93.

This show was outstanding! brent was great in this show. The Hey Jude/ Dr. Mr. Fantasy will leave you speechless. It's pretty clear that he went out with a bang. The man was a so talented but obviously, if you look into what was going on with him during this time, tortured. Anyhow, Scarlet/ Fire, awesome. Belive it or Not, great slow Jerry tune. I belive it was only played one other time

The Scarlet -> Fire is tremendous!

The run before drums is certainly sweet. Scarlet/Fire is fast and midi infused, tight transition. Each jam in Fire is different which is how I judge Fires. Believe it or Not needed more plays but still nice, Truckin' rips. The set list posted here is actually incorrect. Brent attempts the full Hey Jude after Other One with miserable results. Jerry was visable pissed as the tune fell apart. To add insult to injury, when Jerry cuts into Mr. Fantasy, Jerry busts his lower E string. You should have seen the look on Jerry's face as he ripped that string off his guitar...priceless. I think if Brent had pulled off a perfect Hey Jude, this one would have gone down as one of the great Brent era shows...still, well worth the listen.

last of 7 "believe it or not"
-gdjake (08/16/2007)

one of the best shows of the 90s, these guys are on fireeeeeeee!!
-Anonymous (01/08/2009)

check out

has complete video of this show and many others....

- (01/14/2009)

1990 was fukin amazing period
-steve (01/20/2010)

in the video Jerry doesn't look pissed at Brent, Brent seems upset w himself after a few bars of Jude but then makes it his own. Jerry does a leg kick in his Dear mr fantasy solo, then busts his string going nuts in the jude finale. Then you see him fixing it & the band stalls on the finale until it's fixed, then tear up Sugar Mag.
WATCH the video, he doesn't seem pissed at all. Highly recommend the davidaron site for this, other great vids.
- (12/10/2011)

it certainly was not all down hill from here, but you have to admit they were never as consistently good after this.

- (11/15/2014)

Happy Anniversary!

-Bossgobbler (03/22/2020)

This show was released, in parts & its entirety, on the following releases: (chronological)

1999/So Many Roads - (Scarlet/Fire)
2012/Spring 1990 - (whole show)
2012/So Glad You Made It - (D1; Stranger, West LA, Easy To Love, BIODTL, Last Time. D2; Samson)
2014/Spring 1990, The Other One - (whole show)
- (06/23/2020)

Not hating Grateful Dead is so subjective to the fan. I love 87 to 90 in fact that's when I got on the bus. Spring and summer 90 both killer tours. But to discount even 79 or 80 I think some of my favorite shows from all the 80s. 85 summer was great. It's so good to get a bunch of Brent in this tour. I don't think it was the same after his death the writing was on the wall of sound.
-Chris (03/22/2021)

.. TIGDH .... thanks for sharing ...
Copps Coliseum - Hamilton - Ontario, Canada
Set 1:
Feel Like A Stranger
West LA Fadeaway
Easy To Love You
** Beat It On Down The Line
** It Must Have Been The Roses
** This Could Be The Last Time
Picasso Moon
Don't Ease Me In

tiedie rhode island - NFA 65-95
-Anonymous (03/22/2022)

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Band Configuration
(04/16/79 - 07/23/90)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Brent Mydland
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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