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Hartford Civic Center - Hartford, CT

Set 1:
Shakedown Street
Little Red Rooster
Stagger Lee
Me And My Uncle
Mexicali Blues
Friend Of The Devil
Just A Little Light
When I Paint My Masterpiece
Ramble On Rose
The Music Never Stopped

Set 2:
Iko Iko
Looks Like Rain
He's Gone
The Wheel
All Along The Watchtower
Morning Dew

U.S. Blues

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This show ripped my socks off!!
Last minute announcement and under secret name "Warlocks" made this a special night.
Shakedown opener set the tone.
The next night was an FM broadcast, but wheres the tapes of this one??

I was at this one - the recording doesn't do the show's energy justice. The band and the crowd were on fire all night. The closest thing to any Madison Square Garden show I've ever attended (though nothing beats an MSG show) Great setlist! Excellent 'Shakedown' opener - The whole first set was tight. 'Music Never Stopped' rocked, one of the best I've ever heard. Second set was incredible - massive Phil bass drops especially during 'Truckin'. You could feel the ground crumbling under your feet. A great all around show.

Rooster>Stagger Lee>Uncle>Mexicali>FOTD.
Never before, nor ever again was this country and western mini set ever performed. Brent goes all forms of crazy on Rooster "you think your a little stud boy"

Iko>LLRain>He's Gone> Truckin'_Only time this sequence played as well. Boys made up a fresh batch for the 2nd to last show at Hartford. Truckin' has the "ain't it a f'n shame" Not as long as other versions and goes into Spoonful fast.

Wheel>Watchtower>Dew-1st of 3 times this one played as well. Jerry's axe is rip roaring in Watchtower, but I still think Buffalo 89 has the meanest solos. Morning Dew is def one of the best of the 90's no doubt. Starts off with nice mellow Jerry lyrics, Brents low key playing, no slamming and Phil laying calm foundation througout.

They were not billed The Warlocks, Hampton Fall 89 was billed Formerly The Warlocks, I know I was there.
-Genius (03/18/2009)

i do believe these shows were billed as The Warlocks but im not positive. I know for a fact that these shows were announced only 3 days before and were a surprise to everyone. if you look on on the tour section for 2009 it tells a story about each venue and thers info about it in there.
-chris (03/20/2009)

according to certain people in the comments section for this show on the archive, people remember hearing these shows being announced as the warlocks but who knows if they were actually billed as that. they probably just announced them as that because they were a surprise and if you knew who the warlocks were then youd be there.
-chris (03/20/2009)

tico tico tease prior to music nvr stopped
-Anonymous (07/09/2009)

These were not warlocks shows. I did that whole tour and mail ordered the whole ltours worth of tickets well in advance.

People who think otherwise are flat out wrong.
-Dave (03/31/2013)

Interesting that mail order sold advance tickets to the stealth 1990 Hartford GD shows -- I guess some folks are highly connected. I mail ordered 8 shows from the spring 1990 tour and Hartford was not among them. BUT I was connected enough to hear when these went on sale, told my boss I had an emergency and left work to be one of the very first in line to get tickets.

Now the important stuff! This show and in fact the entire spring 1990 tour is an excellent example that the GD still had magic after the 1970s. This show and the first night in Albany, in particular, are performances beyond belief almost. Remember how they had the bank of speakers in the back of the civic center to obtain the quadraphonic sound? Made for a really outrageous LLR!

I was blessed to get into these Hartford shows along with the other 1990 spring shows.
- (09/20/2013)

This was my first show. First show. Hometown show. Changed everything.

- (08/16/2014)

My vote for best Morning Dew of the 90's.
-RMD (09/15/2014)

The regular tickets for this show were announced on the radio for a band called The Warlocks. Those who knew got good seats. I know because I was going to school in Hartford at the time and was able to get the best seats that I ever scored for a show, second row. I ran through my dorm mooching money to buy my ticket.
The show was stellar, and i was star struck in the second row.
-Anonymous (09/15/2016)

Some say this show was for Adam Katz
-Anonymous (10/18/2016)

Daves a douche
-Jeff (03/15/2017)

Dave is a douche opener. Best version ever. 3/18 was announced on radio and 3/19 added while we were still at Ticketron. First row in front of Jerry 0n 3/19. Oh yeah, awesome Dave is a douche reprise too
-Ralph (09/25/2017)

A Shakedown opener for the ages, and a Morning Dew closer for the ages, shame the rest of the show is pretty lackluster
-Snow the Jam Man (11/20/2019)

... only the 14th of 21 Brent's - Just a Little Light .. and the last heard was 7/21/1990 ...

ust a little light is MY FAV song of this show >>> now knowing it would be the last time we would hear from Brent's beautiful spirit ... WE All Sure Do Miss You ...
as We All Will >>> Find the fatal error in what's otherwise all right ... TILL THE END OF TIME

iko iko
-Anonymous (05/05/2022)

Another "Warlocks" show...
- (03/20/2024)

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