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Miami Arena - Miami, FL

Set 1:
Foolish Heart
Little Red Rooster
Stagger Lee
Me And My Uncle
Big River
Brown-Eyed Women
Victim Or The Crime
Don't Ease Me In

Set 2:
Estimated Prophet
Blow Away
Dark Star
The Wheel
All Along The Watchtower
Stella Blue
Not Fade Away

And We Bid You Goodnight

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i've only heard prophet, blow away, and dark star from this show, but all three are stellar. blow away smokes, the trumpety part of 'prophet' is awesome, and although jerry's voice is hoarse on 'dark star', the jam in it is still trippy and enjoyable.

one of my top 5 fav. shows. 1st set was regular but good. second set was absolutely incredible. I knew something was up when they opened with estimated, but i had forgot about dark star. I just smoked a huge fatty w. some strange dudes way up in the nosebleeds, and boom, out of an extended tuning, the big bad dark star. technically the best one of this fall tour, it was the third since breaking it out in hampton, and it was just amazing. you could have peeled me off the top of the arena, i had the time of my life at these two shows.

too much lsd

too much toot

pretty stock opening set but the blow away was where this show went bananas still one i won't soon forget


first Estimated opener since '77.

possibly my fav GD show, the second set is amazing

raging little red rooster
-steve (05/21/2010)

This show was alot more mellow and spacey then the previous nights rager. I agree with patman once again, about something being "up" when the set opened with Estimated -> Blow Away. The Dark Star was pure bliss and the disintegration into the MIDI space/drums was really wild. I was sober when i heard this and it truly felt like an all natural LSD trip listening to that second set. The first night of Miami was definitely the high energy rager, and this night closed the tour with an explosive, yet quaint, vibe that was truly one to remember. The Watchtower -> Stella -> NFA was a nice little bit of rage to compliment the transitive opening of the set. and the NFA chant just starts to get going when they come back out with Goodnight. This whole fall tour has been one of the best i've ever heard. The dead definitely proved to me with this whole tour that they were certainly not down for the count as many have tried to convince me. The 80's had a rough patch here and there (Summer '86, spring/fall '88) but for the most part, the vibe kept growing bigger and brighter and it certainly wasn't down hill from 77. I can't wait to get to spring '90. it will be sad to see Brent go, but at least i know his swan song will be a tour of epic proportions. This band never ceases to shock and awe me, even when i think i've heard it all. I don't think i'll ever get enough of this band, even after i'm done with their chronology.
-Murphy (05/23/2014)

Will be officially released on 30 Trips Around The Sun Box (SEPT 2015)
-M C (06/10/2015)

can you give me just a god damned minute?
-clifton hanger (03/10/2018)

30 Trips Around The Sun

Disc 1

Foolish Heart 9:07
Little Red Rooster 9:08
Stagger Lee 6:29
Me and My Uncle 2:50
Big River 5:48
Brown-Eyed Women 6:01
Victim Or the Crime 7:52
Don't Ease Me In 3:35

Disc 2

Estimated Prophet 13:34
Blow Away 8:00
Dark Star 29:46
Drums 9:36

Disc 3

Space 6:33
The Wheel 4:52
All Along the Watchtower 5:25
Stella Blue 8:16
Not Fade Away 12:15
We Bid You Goodnight 2:45

-Bookkeeper (04/21/2020)

AWBYG: Do I recall correctly Bobby, at least, sitting on the edge of the stage, singing and “conducting” us? Or am I dreaming?
- (10/26/2020)

>>> thank you Sirius for sharing the 10/26/1989 Miami, FL show with us today for the 12:00 Noon Hour ...

iko iko forever & a day �
- (02/01/2021)

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Band Configuration
(04/16/79 - 07/23/90)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Brent Mydland
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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