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Brendan Byrne Arena - East Rutherford, NJ

Set 1:
Picasso Moon
Mississippi Half-Step
Feel Like A Stranger
Good Time Blues
Built To Last
Stuck Inside Of Mobile
Let It Grow

Set 2:
Dark Star
Playin' In The Band
Uncle John's Band
Playin' In The Band
I Will Take You Home
I Need A Miracle
Dark Star
Attics Of My Life
Playin' Reprise

And We Bid You Goodnight

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To be released as Dick's Picks 23 -- "Night of Falling Diamonds"
-Cosmic Charlie

Nice try Cosmic, you were wrong on both accounts.

No, actually, he is correct! Just ordered mine!

Actually, I talked to a person at, and she said that Dicks Picks 23 will be released in October. Through the website and almanac.

Dave, no actually Cosmic Charlie was wrong. Arista released "Nightfall of Diamonds" not "Night of Falling Diamonds" on 9/25, it was not Dick's Picks 23.


If you don't care, why the fuck are you here?

I just got mine in the mail and sounds excellent!

I had this show long before the dicks picks..don't spend money on the dicks picks,,.trade or B&P for it. quality is just as good
great show

Nightfall of Diamonds!!!!

anyone know if this show has been shortned for the cd release of nightfall of diamonds? seems weird that a second set would fit on 1 disc. anyway, great show, lots of nice jams, and even a great first set!

Bobby's b-day...shrooms...crusing through the Lincoln Tunnel from Little Italy when the tranny blew and grinding starts, on my way to the Dead, no time to care, no worries, starting to peak during Dark Star, my girlfriend looks at me and says, "So this is the Dead?", I say there not half bad for a bunch of bozos from out west...Attics of my life.

it awes as to why we people spend money on buying dead shows....besides, i dont like the way they fuck around with the sound..

They didn't do any fucking around with this as is.

I meant "Who the fuck cares" about about the quibbling, insignificant details about whether or not an album was properly named you stupid tool.

This message board isn't about THAT

Not a bad show. They stopped playing Mississippi half way thru, they couldn't get it together. They did however get it together on Stranger - Smokin! Mobile, Let it grow, Deal, nice finish, well played, tight. DS, Playin, UJB, DS, Miracle......need I say more!!

this show was magical.

I had third row tickets on the floor, section 9, and since i had been to all 4 previous shows and counted the sections, i figured i wouldnt last long as section 9 appeared to be way in the back behind the soundboard. normally i wouldve gone right to the last row in the top of the building in the back and danced with tons of room..

so on this night, after loosing my friends selling one ticket and giving one away, i schleped into the place bummed that they were missing their first show.

I worked my way to the floor and asked a guy where my seat was. Picasso moon had begun and he pointed a finger toward the stage. i started walking when i noticed with a grin that the sections were counting up not down when i got closer to the stage. section 9 it turned out was dead smack in front of phil and from the third row i could see and comment to him about his horendously ugly shirt.

when the dark star began the place went utterly berser. before jerry started singing, i turned around and the entire place was silent and grooving. a fantastic sight!

i met my friends outside afterwards and luckily i had forgotten to lock my car door. they were bummed but ok. i was smiling so hard that one asked me, "What? Did they play dark star or something?" i couldnt answer and some starnger walking by said, "Yeah, actually they did." long silent drive back to new paltz. lol

i took them to the albany shows in the spring...its not like they knew the difference right? lol


Highlight in a great run of shows. had floor seat about mid court. During the end of Dark Star The boys started to unwind and then they turned the Arena upside down. I was afraid I was going to fall, luckily i was able to grip my toes into the floor until I could strech out and brace myself to the ceiling. What a trip. As we walked out we all had this open gapped look on our faces, :0. It was funniest things i ever saw. someone left the gate to the old grand prix track open and hundred of folks just started walking down that road rather than the tunnel to G stadium. I still think that there must be stoned heads walking up and down the NJ Turnpike looking for their cars. As close to '68/'69 as i ever saw.


I was at this show. I was 17 and had my non Dead head brother drive me. We came down from Mass. and drove back after the thaat is a cool older brother. Cool parents too. Absolute dream come true show. The ones you keep going for. I had only dreamed of catching a D Star in my life, never mind the One of those ones where it is just 'something' in the air. maaaan...
-Neal Mc

This is a night to remember.Bobby's B-day.The dose was clean,The nugs were green,and the DEAD were mean.They threw down from jump street. You don't get a better played 2nd set then that.They were on like popcorn. Magic only happens musicians make it happen.Some people say that they're not the best band in the world,but on 10 16 89 you bet your sweet ass they were. FITZ


Tool Boy, you are an ass.


the show of shows! most amazing probably of the 80's. I was in the parking lot, but couldn't get in.
that always sucked!

actually, I've changed my mind, the better show is right before this in hampton, va. this was just a follow-up. even though I didn't get into either show.

I saw the Hampton show as well as this one, i actually perferd this DS. Hamptom was unbeliveable of couse but this DS much more spacier, 89 Fall was awesome.

Officially released on CD as "Nightfall Of Diamonds."

This was an excellent show with lots of energy from the band. They came out hot in the first set and after a short break they blew the Meadowlands completely away and then charmed us back home with a superb version of We Bid You Goodnight!

this show ROCKS :)

I Will Take You Home-Brent stretched out the last vocal for a long and impressive amount of time. Heard this song as 1st dance with bride and father few years back, made it that more special to me.


that song was what my wife and her father danced to for their father/daughter dance also. wonderful song.
-gdjake (11/10/2007)

There had been talk about Dark Star in the parking lot before the show. Apparantly, Jerry made reference to it in an interview earlier that day. Needles to say, it was one of many highlights in my Dead show career that started in 1979. I feel very fortunate to have had the Dead in my life. in peace.
- (05/31/2008)

Hey everybody. Yeah, this along with 2 other shows were picked apart to create "Nightfall of Diamonds" If these have any reference to a commercial release series, it would be From the Vault. I guess instead of releasing From the Vault One, two, three and so on they made up some clever names like "Dozin'" "Steppin' Out" "Terrapin Lmtd" I dont really like how the shows were picked apart like this, kind of ruins the original vibe, anyone agree?
- (07/16/2008)

i went to this show ,the hightlight was jerrys playing on deal,dark star put me to sleep show was o.k
- (07/29/2008)

This Was The Last Grateful Dead Show I saw(last time I Saw Brent & Jerry too).I started going to shows in 1979 and my last show was the best.After that I moved to the keys and every time they played Miami I was Stuck at work.That last show I finally caught a Dark Star plus an "Attics" and We Bid you Goodnight.They must have liked it also because I bought "Nightful Of Diamonds" several years later.It Wasn't a long show but they packed enough music into those two and a half hours to make up for it.Now I've been back in Jersey for the past 10 years where I can easily catch 25-30 shows a year,and My last memories of Jerry and Brent very fond ones.Sorry for babbling on for so long.See you at the Theaters and Festivals!
- (11/30/2008)

P.S. The double CD called "Nightfall Of Diamonds" is exactly what they played that night.I already had an audience source of The show and I got a soundboard of the show from Live Archive.I bought the CD to have a profesional copy of it and to continue to support my favorite musicians!
-BeachHavenHarry (11/30/2008)

I was at this show as well

Dark Star

Bobby's 42nd Birthday.
-fwwank (12/12/2008)

I was at this show as well. If it didn't blow you away, you should not bother going to shows; stay home and watch VH1 Classic or something. After the 2nd set mayhem (DS, Attics, Etc) the boys walk back on stage; my buddy Rich looks at me and screams "BOBBY DOESN'T HAVE HIS GUITAR!". All of a sudden, the most angelic "We Bid You Goodnight" fills the Byrne. There was never another show like that; never.
- (03/26/2009)

I was at this show with Jeff Gluck, whom I had woken up after the Hampton show. He had said, "You won, you got the hat trick." So, I was able to make it up there to see this show with him, and they made him very happy with the DS, etc. One could argue one way or another which show was better. The Jersey 2nd set was very well-sculpted, truly satisfying. And, for those poor shleps who missed Hampton, total redemption. If anyone else who saw both shows honestly liked the Jersey show better, I could understand it. However, for me, it still comes back to The Scream. The prayers of a million deadheads, answered in one ecstatic, orgasmic moment in Hampton Coliseum, utterly baffling to bystanders, ushers, and rookies. There could only be one of those moments, and that tips the scales to the Hampton show, IMHBPAO.
- (04/25/2009)

A friend and I were going to the shows at the Spectrum in Philly and we got there from Minneapolis early so we decided to try to catch the last show of the Brendan Byrne run. I got tickets at 7:18pm after walking all day looking for them. I ended up getting two tickets, one upper and one lower level seating. I took the lower level seat and I was blown away. My favorite years are their pre-74 era, and I couldn't have seen a better show. I had a friend that flew over from England and this show was the first he had seen since the 9/9 - 9/11/74 Alexandra Palace shows. All I can say was "WoW!" I was in the parking lot after the show listening to the magic we just heard inside.
- (01/09/2010)

Why are there so many negative comments on this page? Keep the good vibes flowing people.

Anyways this is a great show, I had a tape which was transferred to CD and sounds great cept for the women screaming for the first few minutes of dark star. I like what Brent brought to the band, that is why he is my favorite keys man. He had the 3 way attack, the Hammond B3, mind melting synth/MIDI, and regular keys. I love the sounds that come out of the woodwork during dark star and uncle johns band. The "submarine" noise as I always called it during dark star was scary in a good way, also the space from this show is just a crazy sounding jam in my opinion.

God Bless
-Justin (01/04/2011)

This reminds me a lot of an "Other Ones" show I saw in Chula Vista (or maybe it was "The Dead"? They kept reprising into Darstar throughout the 2nd Set.
-billy sunday (02/02/2011)

My dad was at this show. It was amazing. 3 openers to start the show. A monster let it grow. A spacey dark star. A nice playing>uncle>jam following need a miracle was. A beautiful attics. To top it off a nice appapella we bid you goodnight. I was born years after this show. But i've heard all about this show. Wish i was hear!
-Connor Whelan (06/04/2011)

Yet another show that I didn't attend but saw the setlist after the show and waited patiently* for the tape. College, heh.
-1x1 (11/04/2011)

A fantastic latter era Dead show and on Bob Weir's 42nd birthday!!! Nightfall Of Diamonds indeed!
- (11/12/2011)

I was also at this show. After hiding our beers from the Yellow jackets it was off to a great night. Deal was really chilling.
- (12/01/2011)

That was a shitty as Cream Puff War if you ask me
-Anonymous (12/21/2011)

Shitty ass cream puff war***
Also the Operator sucked, it sounded like Pigpen had bronchitis that night
-Anonymous (12/24/2011)

To be honest, this is a rather disappointing show-in my opinion. The Jam>Drums>Space is quite sloppy, short of creativity or quality improvisation, and the jams comprising the usually pleasing Dark Star, Playin' and UJB were rather disappointing. 1989 is a favourite year of mine, but I cannot say this show supports that. Unfortunately, I spent $20 on Nightfall of Diamonds without really getting a feel of this show beforehand on or something. BUT...the Picasso Moon, Never Trust a Woman, Stuck Inside of Mobile and Deal were pleasing to me. Also, a treat of the Attics+AWBYG combo was pleasing.
- (12/29/2011)

"BUT...the Picasso Moon, Never Trust a Woman, Stuck Inside of Mobile [snip] were pleasing to me."

Well...that qualifies your summation of this concert perfectly Tono, thanks.

-Bossgobbler (01/27/2013)

I will always remember my first kiss, fuck, toke , trip and Dark Star. Snuck down to row 9 with previous nights stub wearing a yellow windbreaker which probably helped a little. Looking back 2nd set could have neen epic if the boys subbed Take you Home - Miracle with Death don't have no mercy- Other one. Drove back to Ma. after the show, took the day off from work and let it all sink in . You could hear a pin drop during Attics, pretty impressive for a New York crowd.
-Al Kaholic (11/30/2013)

BerdyBison, this show wasn't picked apart, it was just mixed to the point of destruction. When the hell was the last time you heard a live show with distinguishable stereo image. It felt like you were standing between bobby and jerry faceing the drummers in an empty studio. Not the vibe of a live show. The official release ruined the vibe of this show. i have heard the "Warlocks" show in both official release and AUD, and you don't get even half of the energy exuded by that DS from the official release. It is aweful. Thats probably why people have a hard time deciding which one is better, because most people listen to the official releases thinking it's better because theres a corporate tag on it.

and i don't wanna hear any of that crap, if you payed for it, your a rube. If you stole it, more power too you, at least you didn't waste your money like a stooge. I love how a pretty package and some pictures can get a person to shell out 25 bucks for something thats available for free. the only reason i even have any of the official releases is because they were given to me in trade along with a bunch of other aud tapes for my digital Phish Archive of post 2000 shows. I now have a complete archive of the dead and am begining to mix AUD and SBD tapes of shows together to create life like matrix recordings. If you listen to one of these, you will think your back in the center of the floor feeling every move the crowd makes.

Corporatizing these shows and selling them is a travisty to the dead culture. I never got to see a show, but because of the deadication of the tapers i now have listened to almost all of them. When i'm done with the Matrix archive, i'm going to figure out a way to release the entire thing online for FREE and prevent any company from taking it down because of official release purposes. If they try and take me to court, the fact that i did the work to create the new matrix versions and mixed it all on my time, makes the shows my intellectual property, since they are mixed to my ear. That means that if i want everyone to be able to get them for free, no company can say boo. well they can, but i'll just tell to blow it out their ass. I will figure out a way to spread the word once this is done. hopefully after i do this there will no longer be "Official releases".
-Murphy (05/20/2014)

"Not a bad show. They stopped playing Mississippi half way thru, they couldn't get it together. They did however get it together on Stranger - Smokin! Mobile, Let it grow, Deal, nice finish, well played, tight. DS, Playin, UJB, DS, Miracle......need I say more!!

They did omit the "Rio Grandio" section, but it's ridiculous to say they "couldn't get it together"--it's a really great version! Almost everything they did that night was good, although I can't say I was blown away by what was my first exposure to "I Will Take You Home"!
- (05/28/2015)

"Hey everybody. Yeah, this along with 2 other shows were picked apart to create "Nightfall of Diamonds""

This is false, Nightfall of Diamonds is the complete 10/16/89 show, no other shows mixed in, nothing omitted, just the show. It is a sbd recording and sounds pretty good.

This is probably the best show I saw (about 40 from 84-89), it is heavy on Midi which isn't always my favorite thing but I don't hate it either, it's just one of the periods of the band's sound and, sound-wise, not the coolest period but not chopped liver either (although the Midi could be overdone at times, like the Scarlet Fire from Copps Coliseum--a rightly well-regarded version, but you wouldn't want them to do that every time!). Anyway, this is the peak of the Midi Dead, and such a great performance that it is one of the peaks of the Dead period. I agree with Al Kaholic that DDHNM>Other One would have been better than IWTYH--really, just about anything would be--but it's the Grateful Dead, you're never going to get everything you want. They probably could have covered an Air Supply song and it would be better than "I iIll Take You Home," but what can you do--Brent was a horrible singer and not exactly Bob Dylan in the songwriting department, but he did manage to kick ass on the keys at times. Great show!
- (05/28/2015)

Not that anyone has a reason to care, but there is an error in my above post--I saw the Dead 40 times between 1984 and 1994, not 1989...
- (05/28/2015)

A band beyond description.The music played the band.Come on n clap your hands.Woodstock to Soldier field and the days between.Now only the strange remain.
- (03/01/2016)

Still digging this into the latter part of 2019...please donate to if you feel so inclined to keep this amazing music free and available!
- (10/25/2019)

Nightfall of Diamonds

Disc 1

Picasso Moon 7:10
Mississippi Half-Step 6:40
Feel Like A Stranger 7:38
Never Trust A Woman 7:15
Built To Last 5:20
Stuck Inside ... 9:20
Let It Grow 11:59
Deal 8:39

Disc 2

Dark Star 11:55
Playing in the Band 8:02
Uncle John's Band 9:36
Jam 9:15
Drums 6:05
Space 6:01
I Will Take You Home 4:27
I Need A Miracle 4:02
Dark Star 5:20
Attics of My Life 4:45
Playing in the Band 4:00
We Bid You Goodnight 3:10

-Bookkeeper (04/21/2020)

... Attics did come back after 17 years of silence, from the last play 10/28/1972 Cleveland OH... I then had the luck to see the 2nd play HERE at the Brendan Byrne in East Rutherford NJ.
WE FELL out of the Attic when the band started playing it ....

iko iko on & on .......
-Anonymous (10/28/2020)

I farted at this show cleared front 2 rows back cleared them right out big time lol
-I farted (02/05/2021)

your comment on 2/5/2021 is childish, grow up cheeseball
-Anonymous (08/14/2021)

Dick’s Picks 23 and Nightfall of Diamonds are 2 (two) different albums.

-Amy (02/22/2022)

Actually Night of Falling Diamonds is an appropriate title.

I was there and these huge ass diamonds were falling out of the sky. One landed on my friend Bush Rod and killed him.

RIP, Bush Rod.
-Andy (03/01/2022)

I wasn't at this show but farted nevertheless.
-too many eggs (04/04/2022)

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