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Brendan Byrne Arena - East Rutherford, NJ

Set 1:
Let The Good Times Roll
Iko Iko
Walkin' Blues
Far From Me
Row Jimmy
Victim Or The Crime
Standing On The Moon

Set 2:
Samson And Delilah
Just A Little Light
Crazy Fingers
Estimated Prophet
Eyes Of The World
Stella Blue
Throwin' Stones
Not Fade Away

Box Of Rain

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This show pretty much blew, too bad i didnt stick around for the next night

The crew at the sound board were watching the Oakland A's-SF Giants World Series during the whole show.

Two days later was the SF Earthquake.

Also saw a girl in the balcony spin around in the same direction for almost the entire show.

that info about that girl is crazy, theodore. maybe she expierenced a dilation or contraction of psychological time from that

Been looking for a crisp SBD of this show for ages --- why? because I was there....anyone up for a B&P?

Good show

Victim Or The Crime is included on the officially released CD "Without A Net."

my first show, what a blast, saw that girl too, cant believe she didnt fall over
- (01/04/2012)

Some weird energy at these Meadowland '89 shows --- both good and bad. I believe this is the show after prior concert when Adam Katz died. Naturally this put a fairly stiff damper on the rest of the Meadowlands shows, especially 10-15-89.

I attended all 5 Meadowlands shows and this was the low energy show. The 1st set wasn't too bad, but after Iko, the energy became mid-level. Victim was an interesting choice. 1st set relatively well-played, but not overly energetic and certainly a measured performance. Interesting song selection to end the 1st set.

The 2nd set was more of the same, but the energy went up a click or so. Not too bad of a 2nd set (not amazing by any stretch of the imagination) UNTIL the exceedingly rare Stella Blue immediately out of drums/space and Jerry's vocal fumble. I am a seasoned Deadhead with a fair number of shows as of this concert and I just wanted to walk out. Of all the times to screw up.

Closing of this show was fine, but if ever there was a somber GD show, this was it.
- (09/24/2013)

According to articles Adam Katz was murdered after the show on the 14th. 9 other guards were arrested and charge with assaulting fans. There were reports of vicious beatings and down right abuse of authority that night. and what did the Jersey Government do? Came out and said that the Brendan Byrne Arena was the best facility of it's kind in the country. Guess that means that guards egregiously beating fans and murdering one of them is success for them. For the people who were sceptic of it at the time, an FBI report that was released proves otherwise.

His injuries could not have been sustained by a fall of any kind. His death was caused by a single blunt force trauma to the back of the head. A forensic Pathologist reported that if he had in fact fell from the overpass, or even jumped, he would have had spinal injury, as well as scrapes and broken bones from the resulting impact. The New Jersey Government at the time covered up a witness statement, from a Mr. Ayala, that clearly showed that Katz was beaten by guards and had his head smashed into the side of a security van. When the guards realized he was dead, they threw him in the van and drove to the over pass to drop him out onto Route 120.

The FBI report that was released stated that fibers on Katz body and in his wound matched fibers taken from a van suspected of being the vehicle used in the murder. The police stated he fell while on LSD. which is kinda hard to do when the medical examiner finds no trace of the drug in your system. LSD is out of your system in 24 hours, so even if he took it earlier in the day, trace amounts would still be present. The original coroner ruled it a homicide. So, since the Jersey police and gov't didn't like that, they had the States medical examiner do the autopsy again. And what a surprise, he sided with the Polices story, even after medical professionals and forensic crime scene re-constructionists told them it was impossible.

Any way you slice it, Adam Katz was murdered and his parents deserved every dime of the 1.5 million they got from the Arena. That won't bring him back, but at least they know there are people out there that know truth when they see it. If the Prosecutors hadn't been castrated by the government of the time, any jury would have seen that. Glad they never came back after this, would have been a slap in the face to every fan that knew him and every fan that was beaten that night. Wish everyone who sees something like this in the future will stop it before it gets out of hand. Badge or no Badge, assault is assault and no authority position on earth gives you the right to do that. If you see it in the future, please gang up on whoever is beating innocent fans and teach them a lesson that fans are not doormats to take pent up aggression on.
-Murphy (05/19/2014)

And btw, i don't mean that people should start beating cops or security if they see that. Just pull the bastard off of whoever they're assaulting and create a wall between the victim and the attacker. Just give him time to run away at least, or get the cops and help the victim file assault charges on the oaf who was beating them. Violence doesn't help anyone, but laying down and taking it just means it will never stop. You can do far more damage to a person by making them a public pariah and calling them out by name so everyone knows who they are. There is no justice in the courts if you go against any government supported authority. But the dawn of the internet means you can still spread the message and make everyone aware. especially security firms who would consider someone like that a liability. If you make sure the bastard never works again, you will get justice through misery of surroundings. Keep the peace, otherwise your just as guilty as the attacker.
-Murphy (05/19/2014)

This bro is mad as hell. Fuck the police and all, but calm down man.
-Anonymous (04/22/2016)

I did this whole run, and I had a great time. I had a tough drive home to west Caldwell this night as I was tripping balls. We were staying at a relative's place there. Holy shit was that a tough drive.

I thought this was a fun show, but I would have probably been better off taking less dose. The next night was clearly the best of the run, and gets all the love. This show however, was not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. I was not aware of any murders or assaults, but it is sad if they killed a boy.

Ending the first set with Standing on the Moon seems like an oddity, as it usually sits towards the end of the second set. As Jerry used to say: there are first set songs, and there are second set songs.

-Dave Fadoul (04/22/2018)

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