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Hampton Coliseum - Hampton, VA

Set 1:
Feel Like A Stranger
Built To Last
Little Red Rooster
Ramble On Rose
We Can Run
Stuck Inside Of Mobile
Row Jimmy
The Music Never Stopped

Set 2:
Playin' In The Band
Uncle John's Band
Playin' Reprise
Dark Star
Death Don't Have No Mercy
Dear Mr. Fantasy
Hey Jude Reprise
Throwin' Stones
Good Lovin'

Attics Of My Life

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Billed as The Warlocks

the playin' jam >uncle john>playin' has that trippy feel to it that is quintessential latter-day dead. i love it!



This is one of the best Dead shows I've seen.
I still get chills when I listen to the second set

I was there thanks to friends Billy Wells, Dave & Ann Pond getting me tickets. It was the highlight of my life.

I was in the front row Phil side for this one. I remember seeing someone backstage (Phil's wife?) bring a baby out during Dark Star to listen for a few seconds. I felt like that baby must have felt, awed.

The best concert I've ever seen. After the show the lights came on and then the crowd went crazy for about 5 min. Mr. Fantasy into Hey jude was very nice. DStar well I never expected them to play that. Saw about 50 shows from 85 to 94 and this takes the prize.

The Star returns!!! Felt like I was punched in the balls when I first heard the opening notes. Damn! Good Drums/Space too... Beautiful chime in counterpoint with the mellow beats. Some people use the interlude as a bathroom break. Me, I'd pee in an empty beer can rather than miss Mickey and Billy do their thing. Sah-weet!

The crowd goes apeshit when the first notes of Dark Star drift from Jerry's guitar. No bullshit aside, this is one of the Dead's best shows ever,

The highlight of my 60 shows.
The crowd yelled so loud when they lit into Darkstar you could hardly hear the music for at least a minute. Good times, Good times
-Cpt Marvelous

I just got this show on two cd's. It is pretty good, nothing to rave about except the return of Dark Star. Odd jack a Roe, decent music never stopped, nice playin>uncle, and good lovin. Decent show from a good 89 tour.

Great show, I lucked into a backstage pass and was right in front of Phil for the show. It was something else when they did play Dark Star. I turned around and the crowd was about 3 feet in the air. I have to admit though, the highligh for me was the Death Don't Have No Mercy and the Attics of my Life. Though I heard roumers about "attics" the " Mercy" caught me by surprise. A wonderful rarity to see.

I just read your review again Nick. It is now more than obvious that you have no idea what the dead experience is or was. A "decent show"? LMAO! How about un-f*cking beleivabl? How about one of the best all around shows the dead have done post-77?

Get an audience recording of this show. The audience goes nuts during dark star. An amazing Uncle John's too.

First "Attics" since 1972. wow. and it's sweeeeet. Like everyone has said, this show is flat out outstanding.

this was my first dead show!!!! it changed my life forever.
-walkin' will

Incredible second set--the combination of song selection, quality playing, and atmosphere was hard to beat. Check this out: the first words of Dark Star begin after a 1:00 intro (approx). By the RFK show (7/12/90), the intro was 7:30 minutes. You think the boys were amped!?!

I gave up my tickets to the show the night before so that I could take a friend to this show. I new that this might be a risky proposition considering that they were billed both nights as the Warlocks. I was devistated to hear that boys broke out Help on the Way, Slipknot. I had been waiting for over 80+ shows since 1982 and no Help/Slip. Oh well...

My disappointment was relieved (to say the least) once the 2nd set of this show started. When they broke out the Dark Star the crowd went absolutely wild. That was the loudest crowd response of any GD (or other band) that I have ever heard. I play back the CD of that moment and still get goosebumps on my arm. The Death, Fantasy/Jude and Attics were other highlights for me on an this amazing night.

If you were not there, you might think that other than the breakouts this was just a solid show. For those of us who were there, this will be a night that we will never forget.

Just a correction: billed as "Formerly the Warlocks". Incredible show, as described above.

These were certainly 2 of the best shows I've ever seen.

I remember meeting and hanging out with a "dead hour" dj from NY before the first show. After the show he said he was heading back to NY because there was no way anything new was coming the second night after they broke out Help/Slip. Poor guy.

Goes to show you don't ever know...

I seem to remember mail order tickets for these shows had Dark Star and Help On The Way written on them. You had to hold them at a certain angle and hold them up to the light. I didn't go, my friends did.
-Nick M

Just a couple of side notes: 1)They were billed as the Warlocks because of crowd control problems,(we loved them so much),2)Great music because of our love,3)Timing is everything. Conlusions:1)Music and sound are the "International language",2)This pleases me as well as all of ya'll,3)Living in Washington DC for 35 years has changed my opinions on many things for a long time,4)In my personal opinion, this was the bands attempt at creating a home show for us on the east-coast as they would on the "Home-coast", the band was great and the fan's help was gravy. May all who remember this show, continue to enjoy and grow through all the music provided by the surviving team members, and also to grow and prosper though these experiences. Luv Al

Jeez I only heard this show on the radio (taped it of course) and to this day I feel as though I missed out on the show of my lifetime. Even through cheesy audio tape you can feel the energy. This one even time and space could'nt contain. Everyone must hear it!!

I think I was at this show. Unfortunately, it was at about the time that going to every show i could without touring was beginning to come to a skidding end for me, so I can't even say for sure. But Hampton was a cool place!

Nick, there was no mail order for these shows. Tickets went on sale about a week before the shows.

this is probably the best show ever, in the 80's and 90's. If someone has it I'd be interested in a quality copy. I have plenty to trade.

This is one of my all time Grateful Dead concerts. Still get chills while listening to 2nd set. Dark Star was back in the sets after a five year absence. Exelent Stranger. The playin-uncle johns-playin-dark star is amazing! Can't imagine how the audience felt after witnessing the dead at their best. Theres nothing like the dead!

Feel Like A Stranger is included on the officially released CD "Without A Net."

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got this image from another message board

Amazing thing is that nobody ever comments on the ATTICS from this shwo.. a true gem from the poetic years of garcia and hunter.

1st Attics of my life in 17 years.. 10/28/72


I thought Stuck Inside A Mobile was named Memphis Blues Again? Guess I have been with GD taper lingo much longer than I thought.
Lest we forget the soulful Row Jimmy?

yeah that was a killer show...i remember thinkin the tickets looked like something you would get if you were going to see a high school basketball game cept for the raised gold lettering on the miracles...the cops were so pissed when they saw deadheads everywhere flooding hampton after the town said never again...i had 2xtra tickets i gave away two girls on the exitloops...miracles to strangers seeing their eyes ignite and the spirits leap from the body as it realizes tonight im goin inside..the whole scene was like the HAIGHT people knew it was going to be epic and if you were there YOU REMEMBER...the crowd was a living organism bubbling and percolating ....pure and simple

Last Death Don't was 3 days prior, then 19 years, the 3.21.70 Portchester show, where so many songs opened, and a few as with Death Don't took a long rest.

-Brian Merrilyn

This was the coolest "suprise" gig ever!!!Tix were only available at the venue box office a coupla days before the show. It was a treat for all of us Virginia heads. 1st Dark Star since Berkley'84, 2nd Death Dont Have No Mercy in 17 years, 2nd Attics of My Life EVER...this show was the SHIIIIT!
Lets not forget the a cappella "We Bid You Goodnight" the previous evening. Both nights billed as "Formerly The Warlocks" It was a sneaky way for the DEAD to play at Hampton after crowds had caused so much trouble the previous few years and gotten banned from performing there. What a trip!!!

I could never forget this show. The opening of DS still gives me goosebumps. Best show I saw of 75+. Oddly, however, I now find myself listening to the first night (sunday) more often. Although the HSF comeback did not match DS's intensity, overall it was a cleaner, better played show.

This is a killer show. I have it on disc and DVD. Got both the 10-8 and 10-9 "warlock" shows on DVD. If anybody is interested I'd be willing to do some B&P's for y'all. The video is phenominal.
- (05/23/2007)

Best show I ever saw hands down out of the 300+ I clocked between 81 and 95. When I came out of this show I thought if that was my last dead show ever I was cool with it. The band ripped and the crowd got fed. Anyone who was there will attest to the vibe felt by everyone when it was over and the house lights came. Everyone got it that's for sure. There was no let me think about this show. That shit ripped and we all knew it! A night I won't forget as long as I live! Thanks boys for letting it flow! Glad I was there.
- (01/02/2008)

I have never seen this show or any show...but I have listened to it, and the death dont>mr fantasy>hey jude is FUCKIN' NUTS. Download this one Now (and it IS possible)
- (05/05/2008)

The Help-Slip-Franks from the first night was smokin', and boded well for the second show. But who knew what we were in for? Yes, we all get goosebumps when we hear it again. That scream. The Boys must've been cracking up. People were still screaming in the parking lot an hour after the show. One kid said, "Yeah, can you believe it, Throwin' Stones-Good Lovin'!?!?!" I laughed my ass off. We won. We saw the best show ever, as far as we were concerned. And in Hampton, the best place for shows on the east coast. It was a great night.
- (04/25/2009)

You could also get tickets for this "surprise gig" at not only the venue but I bought mine at the now demolished Boathouse in Norfolk. A week before the show a radio station, (I believe it was the then new classic rock station 106.9 the Fox) announced that "Formally the Warlocks" were coming in a week and there where only a handful of places to get tickets. I remember turning my car around and heading directly over, walking right into the boathouse and maybe 20 people were standing in front of me. The tix had already been printed. Needless to say, I was late for work that day, but it was worth it!! What a historic Show!!!
- (08/23/2009)

first attics in 17 years...yikes!
- (11/07/2009)

I Was There.... right in front of the soundboard, experience grateful dead spaceship quadraphonic sound.
- (11/17/2009)

Clean Soundboard for download from Rapidshare;

Dark Star Crashes...
-Krafty (11/25/2009)

first time dark star and death don't have no mercy were played in the same show since 11/2/69. this show is amazing.
- (02/16/2010)

You had to be there to appreciate this one. After Attics the croud just dies down not daring to ask for more. When the house lights came up it was pandemonium...we were cheering each other, hugging, high 5ing, tears of joy. I never saw anything like nor have since. I was bookin' back to the hotel near the entrance to the parking lot and the croud was still pouring out of the coliseum going crazy. A cop grabs my arm and says "What's going on over there???". All I could say was ...history man, history.
-Bossgobbler (08/28/2010)

This excellent show has been officially released as "Formerly The Warlocks" box set, along with the previous nights show. (September 2010)
- (10/02/2010)

Great music. It's all about Dark Star. I was at the Greek in 84 for that one. I caught Dark Star a few weeks ago in Eugene by Furthur. There is just something so special about that song.
- (10/05/2010)

This show is overrated big time. Sure the Dark Star is a rarity but one song can't make a show..the Playin Uncle Johns Terrapin from 7.2.88 is far more entertaining in my opinion. As for the show 10.9....but both are GD and very good.
- (10/14/2010)

My last sentances got mangled..sorry...meant to say 10.8.89 is tighter in my opinion but they are both good shows...even if overrated.
- (10/14/2010)

I was at 7.2.88 and this one (and 7.3.88 and 10.8.89) There is no comparison between the two shows (I saw 23 shows in 88 and 13 shows in 89 and 30 shows in 90...and IMHO I think 89 was quit a bit better than 88. 90 was better than both technically speaking and then it was downhill from there). Read the comments mark.....clearly you had to be there. Not over rated...I don't even know how to describe these two shows. With Grateful had to be there, that is why we went to so many and now we live with the fantastic memories. My memory of these shows are ridiculous! Thanks Boys for all of it! And me get flamed for sayin' it's all downhill from 90 :) Cheers to all! We were there! YEEHAW!
-Anonymous (11/13/2010)

No "flaming" though I will say I think it's ludicrous to suggest it was all downhill after '90. And this is coming from someone who was there before '90, during, and after.
Last show was 5/21/95 and it was extremely good. 2/21/95 is so good it stands up against the best of '90, '77, '71, etc.

Summer '95 was a disaster. No one that was there really disputes that. There was still some magic here and there (Hornsby at RFK, the Rain show in Pitt, the final So Many Roads, etc.) but for the most part it was a mess.
That said no one "saw it coming" and EVERYONE I talked to was optimistic that Jerr would snap out of it again as he had done so many times before.

'93 and '94 were spotty but had their moments (especially '93) and '92 spring was often stellar.
'91 is arguably better than '90.
'90 had the Brent factor but '91 had the continuity of Bruce/Vince as well as the huge resurgence Bruce gave to Jerry.

Anyway it's just my opinion but if anyone neglects to listen to anything post '90 they're REALLY missing out.
Besides what I've already mentioned keep in mind that a lot of great tunes came out in that period.
Days Between, Liberty, Eternity, and So Many Roads all weren't played until the 90's.
Listen to Boston '91 (9/26 is my personal fave), Vegas '92, 5/16/93, 2/21 and 5/21 '95 and if you still have the downhill opinion I'd love to discuss it.
-gdjake (01/18/2011)

Totally agree with jake. Don't forget 3/23/95! It's better than a lot of 70's and 80's shows
-GDspencer (03/13/2011)

So many memories. They played Ripply Ripply and I about started crying. I went to over 120 shows and always wanted to hear that trippy lippy tunage. I had my green dead shirt on and I tiedied my arms and wore a skirt to show my support for gays.
-Grayed Out (04/01/2011)

The first part of this comment I'll simply repeat from what I posted about the night before: The two Warlocks shows were among the best I ever saw. I happened to "nudge" my way to the front row both night (asshole, I know), but I couldn't help myself. I wasn't going to miss one single klink of a fret. I was in shock when they broke Dark Star out. I had said something the night before, jokingly, after Help>Slip made its return... and, of course, my buddies were like... "Oh, right... good one. And then maybe they'll play Can't Come Down or Mason's Children." [OK, Deadheads are never above obscure references, indeed.] But I did figure that SOMETHING interesting was coming, after the shocker on the first night (and the Formerly the Warlocks bit.)

The beginning of the second set was phenomenal. I've yet to listen back to that Playin>Unc>Playin, but I remember it well enough, and it was just superb. Then Dark Star. The enormous roar that went up from the crowd was insane; I imagine that a soccer match at Maracana must sound something like that. Anyhow, the unfortunacy was that people began to move forward fairly forcefully, pinning me up in front. For a moment, my feet weren't even touching the ground; I was lifted upward by the force. But it was amazing, and worth the potential physical harm.

At the end of the show, I took my shirt off and threw it Phil-ward, where it landed a few feet in front of him. My shoes had fallen off somewhere in the second set; never managed to find the second one. No shoes, no shirt... BUT GREAT SERVICE!!!
- (05/23/2011)

Check um...
-Anonymous (06/10/2011)

Excellent Cream Puff War!
- (10/16/2011)

Many comments here...not surprising. For me this one was a foreboding of things to come. The ticket lottery at various locations was a nightmare the month before. We weren't prepared. Remember, there was no spring Hampton shows that year 'cause of the increasing popularity and whatever. The scene after Brent's passing became more strained. Cops and other nefarious negativity became more prevalent. Mostly wanted things to return to their underground state before In the Dark, like many of us. Then we were there...I was about 4 people back, Phil side. This show exemplified what they could be in terms of rousing the audience. That connection. Never thought a crowd of Dead-Heads could raise such a ruckus. No matter what you may think of their fallibility in terms of a technical performance(I know some of you are scratching your heads on that one); this one was the one, and E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E knew it. Addiction comes in many forms and we were all hooked forever. Our pact was made. Our fate was sealed. Our vow sworn. Never again could you look back without reliving the Warlocks echoing in your ears long after the band had left on another cosmic journey like some comet endlessly traversing the nether. Was any wonder we all dreamed a dream? Or was it the wonder of the dream? Couldn't tell ya now; words are are mere shades of reflections. This I do know...We were all united in infinite eternity and we have that moment forever...
- (11/01/2011)

I remember hearing about this setlist from someone on tour (before the intranets) and like, no f-ing way is that the setlist and waiting for the tape to get back and passed around (Tom from Edinboro, maybe?). I also remember hearing it for the first time and the DS ripping my face off or some such. Good times, good times.
-1x1 (11/01/2011)

searchlite casting.....................................
-jack straw (01/05/2012)

whens the next east coast tour?
-cosmic chuck (01/19/2012)

Since it was a GenAd show, we were fairly close on the floor, and it still brings a tear to my eye when I remember how Garcia came out of the Playin' and looked over at Lesh, pushed his glasses up on his head and nodded as Lesh hit the first chords of Dark Star. We were hugging strangers and dancing in the air. Had I died that night my life would have been complete.
- (03/13/2012)

The funniest thing about this show was when we came out after, walking down the ramp. This guy was walking opposite the crowd - frantic saying, "What'd they play? What'd they play?". The first wave of the trudging crowd was dead silent - still blown away. Then, everyone turned and looked at the coliseum and broke into a massive simultaneous cheer. It was the cry of victory, and as others said - we did not care if we ever saw another show. I was glad to have tix for the rest of the tour at home though.

The person who said the cops were pissed? Well they were also very cool inside and adopted the policy of the 4 Ms. More Marijuana Means Mellow. Ask a Hampton cop.
- (08/07/2012)

my dad was there for both shows, billed as formerly the warlocks. he says probably the best shows he ever saw.
- (09/29/2012)

I still get chills after all these years when I hear the first few notes of Dark Star.

The poster that mentions when the lights came on after the show everyone just stood in awe. I second that memory. Pure smiles from the entire crowd as everyone just stood in disbelief over what we just experienced.

Though I saw plenty of fun shows after this, nothing ever came close to these two unforgettable nights.
-crazy dave (10/23/2012)

It was nothing short of a miracle to be in the Colosium for this show, the way the tickets went on sale a week before, that they were banned and came back at the Warlocks - yes everyone knew it was going to be special. Incredible!!!

I remember how they went into Death Don't as clear as bell - After DS and drums and space- all was quiet and trippy- the swirling space and spent heads from the DS erruption made it somewhat erie. I was intent on the line Jerry was playing. I was hanging every note - he just lazily plays down the scale into the low register and eased right into the Death Don't signature melody. I knew they played it only days prior, I was blown away.

That show - and night one - are why the Dead are imfamous. Dead heads are family cause we all get it and we all know there will never be anything like it again. I like DSO, they can come close- yet oh so far from the one and only Grateful Dead....
-Ras D (11/29/2012)

Was one of the best shows I ever saw. The parking lot at Hampton was always incredible. Very cool/shady... The crowd was absolutely ramped up for this show. The band started and I came off the floor at least 10'! I have great memories and Attics! and DS! Crowd went insane for that... I was transfixed by the girls twirlling and twirlling and twirlling in the light of the openings that led to the outer ring. Each doorway, curtains pulled asside... sillhouettes spinning and spinning and spinning in the doorways. Magic. Coming out I was floating and the lot was electric. Pure awesome. Probably one of my best shows ever... I was 17 and the world was my oyster after this show! I jsut got the discs for this one!
-Sean (04/22/2013)

Most over rated show of all time. Just becuase it was billed as the Warlocks does not make it quality. Sorry to hate on it.......
-80s head (06/14/2013)

"Most over rated show of all time."

On tape....maybe, but not if you were there...sorry you missed it :)
-bossgobbler (09/28/2013)

Happy anniversary! I still love you after all these years...
-Anonymous (10/09/2013)

I was there d bag.
-80s head (11/20/2013)

Sure you were...we believe you. No need to call people names though Mr. being at Hampton '89 was over rated. The experience made Hampton (not just '89), the the billing.

-Anonymous (02/02/2014)

Easy......I did not say it was not a good show; it is one of the better post coma shows. It just that it is a post coma show....much different deal. You and bossgobbler should listen to some shows from '70 - '81. I am confident you can figure out the difference.
-80s head (03/27/2014)

You may have the opinion that the 70's shows are tops, but your absolutely wrong. I've been listening to their concert chronology and this show is unbelievable. were there mistakes, hell yes. but there were more of them in the 70's. Most people like you cling to the 70's like it's the be all and end all. it may be for you, but the boys had different ideas. the 80's is when they finally found the sound and set progression they wanted. hence why the pattern never changed after '79. their best year for jams and pure "dead" is certainly not '77. the reason '77 is always so revered is because it was their first full year back, nobody gave a sh*t and they were just playing for the fun of it again. When kieth left, that was when the band got the style they had been searching for all those long years. You may think your a kieth fan, but what your really a fan of is Jerry having to lead everything and take a lot more solos because kieth was gone. If you actually were as your name says you are, you'd know that. Kieth couldn't light a candle, let alone hold one to Brent. His best year was '74. Brents best years were all of them, because he came in and jerry instantly connected with him. You need to listen to more of their 80's shows instead of blindly judging them as folly because it's not the 70's.

If it wasn't for the 70's there would have been no 80's and same goes for the 60's. but to say it's their best years is to ignore the stellar work and reward of experimentation that is the 80's. The reason for this show being legendary is not because of the return of a single tune, but for the energy that return brought out of the crowd. The people in the Coliseum almost brought down the roof. Any outside opinion is irrelevant to the fact that the people at each show subconsciously decide then and there if it's good. and i think the packed house at the hampton trumps your opinion by a long shot. the people who were there will know what i mean.

The 80's was a triumphant decade which was a culmination of years of suffering and failure. they had the machine oiled and firing on all cylinders for the first time and didn't let go of the gas til near the end when the years of heart ache and loss of friends finally took their toll on jerry. It doesn't matter what you want because you didn't play the show, they did and so did everyone inside. This is and always will be a defining moment which rightfully overshadows the "perfection" of '77. Not for any other reason then the energy the music brought out. the dead was all about evoking continuos euphoria through music, and this is when they got it on the mark. And for those who will undoubtedly throw the Barton Hall cliche at me for this statement, you need to get your head out of a single show and enjoy this band as a whole. They are far more then just the 70's and one head who commented on here stated quite eloquently that the 90's hold even more treasures that you stubbornness causes you to miss out on. I pity you not getting to experience it because of some preconceived notion it isn't worth the time. It's pure beauty through sound.

There is no best year, because every year is unique and a build on the previous one. they try and test new ideas and if they don't like the results, then on to the scarp heap with them. the ideas they dig get put into the rotation until they either peak or bust. hence why they started to move away from the consistent progressions like Estimated -> Eyes and Scarlet -> Fire. they got old and predictable. The boys wanted something different, and as another commenter stated, a return to the underground culture that was the band, pre In The Dark. I seriously take pity on those who believe the band peaked in the 70's and revere and respect those who know better, because they were probably there and i was born in '91, to late to ever get the experience. This show exemplifies what the band was all about, Pure Blissful Chaos. To all those lucky enough to have been there, don't ever let anyone convince you this was anything but Legendary. Your cheers and energy will live forever in this show, and will be remembered every time someone hears it for the very first time. Overrated... maybe, but that only happens when something so good gets talked about more then other things. So revel in it's "overrated" glory, it's a compliment to any legend.
-Murphy (05/16/2014)

Right on Murphy! '77 was a horrible year, especially May of '77. Europe '72? Sucked! '74? Sucked! The '75 shows? Sucked! Nothing tops the 80s, a shit load of brent tunes and a strung out Garcia forgetting lyrics and chord structures. Yep, the '80s are da bomb baby.
-Grateful Dave (05/21/2014)

Clearly you didn't read a single thing i said. I'm basing my statements on what i've heard in the music. not on social convention. If you really think the 80's and brent are so terrible, then why are you even commenting on this show in the first place?

And btw, '74 is my favorite year personally, but my analyzation is based on the music itself, not my personal bias.
-Murphy (05/22/2014)

And I've been listening to all their shows in order for the past two years, which is what i'm basing my analysis off of.
-Murphy (05/22/2014)

Peak of the touch head area
-Anonymous (06/24/2014)

I was at this show and its still one of my favorite weekends of my long life. Passed out at a bonfire party,in CT, from drinking too much and woke up in the back of an Isuzu trooper driven by a friend of mine and the owner of said troooper. Realized we were in Philly and my buddy had burned his hand getting coffee so I drove the rest of the way. All day looking for tickets in the lot seeing old friends and making new ones, all tour heads very few posers. Got tickets for the first nighrt and had such a great show I was able to procure tickets for the second night even though it would mean losing a job...IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT! I would still like to thank that big harry man that picked me up and twirled me around for the start of dark star!

Looking at the debate above about which shows were better in what decade kind of loses what it was to be a deadhead. The entire idea is to live in that moment and enjoy what you can that is around you. Jerry had good days and bad days I have the same as do you.
- (09/05/2014)

Simon you blow dude.
-Anonymous (10/01/2014)

The Dark Star is certainly big news here but the real gem comes later during the over the top Death Don't. Powerful POWERFUL stuff.
- (10/10/2014)

ate 2 magic strawberries and almost left the arena. in stead i worked it all out about 50 feet from garcia the whole night. at 6'5" i had a terrific view and of my more than 100 shows, this one ranks at or near the top.....i think he played 2 different guitars this night, the jam after dark star is some of the finest playing i've ever heard.

-big daddy (08/19/2015)

Good lovein to finish the set. Thatís the dead
-Kdead (09/16/2018)

Happy Anniversary!
-Bossgobbler (10/09/2018)

I am an early 70s dead fan. Listened to this based on the recommendation of a friend. I don't get it. This show is terrible compared to anything in the early 70s. Why would people spend time listening to this stuff?
-Anonymous (05/17/2019)

Thatís your opinion the dead had many different sounds though out the years thatís what makes them great. Terrible is a little harsh.
-Kdeas (11/16/2020)

I missed this show but hit the Brendan Byrne Arena for 5 nights in a row i think maybe 4 .
But the 2nd night
- (04/28/2023)

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