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Shoreline Amphitheatre - Mountain View, CA

Set 1:
Let The Good Times Roll
Feel Like A Stranger
Franklin's Tower
Wang Dang Doodle
We Can Run
Stuck Inside Of Mobile
Bird Song
Promised Land

Set 2:
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Blow Away
Playin' In The Band
Terrapin Station
I Need A Miracle
Death Don't Have No Mercy
Sugar Magnolia

The Mighty Quinn

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First Death Don't Have No Mercy in 19 years! How come nobody has commented on this. I have not heard the show nor have I ever see a grateful Dead concert.

Jack-A-Roe-impressive version
Memphis Blues-Jerry's fingers are on fire from the start to the end.

Blow Away-Well done Brent!


My first show... Had no clue at the time about how significant the 'Death Don't' was... First set Franklin's is a fav of mine...

I'm just adding spam because even though I love the GD, this website is lame.
-Gus (05/19/2008)

I am starting a new website, starting today, that describes all of the exponential ways that Gus is lame!
-cliftonhangar (09/06/2009)

I was at these shows, my first Mountain View.

The place smelled but the Death don't was huge. Blow away and Playin were smokin too.

These were the first for the new midi equipment, a few " equipment malfunctions but all and all a worthy trip around the Bay.
-buscameby (06/30/2010)

Wtf are you smoking, Gus?

This is the best setlist website for any band, anywhere, period. Organization is intuitive and concise and not bulky like every other one I've tried. I hope to God someone makes one like this for Phish
-Anonymous (09/29/2010)

Long trip from Montana, but well worth it. Folks weren't sure what was coming when DDHNM started. The scene was great and the band was really comfortable and loose. Great, great show.

-bigskybry (02/05/2011)

The double set break show, after Blow Away we another 20 minute break for equipment problems. Death was incredible, by then we'd sneagled our way into the pavilion. After the show, we were some of the last ones there and groundscored a fanny pack directly under our seats with lots of goodies. Later, talking to an FOB about the Death, we had the following exchange...

"That was cool, but make sure you catch Hampton"

"There's no Hampton shows scheduled"

"Better be there next week"

And off he went. Needless to say, we made it cross country.
-jebediah (04/05/2013)

My right knee is so very sore. Could that possibly mean that we're expecting rain? I wish I lived closer to Tulsa. I've recently discovered arugula. There's a town called Dublin in Georgia, too. I recently purchased an oscillating fan online. I always prefer spring water over purified water. Macadam roads have better gripping quality than asphalt. I had 3 deer in my back yard last nite, but a few moments later, they had vanished. We saw a Native American crying by the roadside last week, and the bloke I was riding with told me that he was tempted to roll down the window and say, "Hey, smoke a peace pipe, chief", but I quietly advised him against it. I have not picked up a Frisbee in years. My allergies prevent me from buying a puppy. Don't ever use a propane turkey fryer in your garage. Very small rocks don't float in water, but sometimes they will in gravy. No one has ever told me I have junk in the trunk. Perhaps someday. I'm handy with a cordless drill, but just the smaller ones. I've been to the top of the mountain ... almost. Bye for now.
-Hoz (12/18/2014)

I was in about row 15. Dead center. I find it interesting that no one mentioned that Jerry was playing 'Wolf!'

I noticed it right off. And you could certainly hear that wolf during his scorching solo in Death Dont.

My first and only Shoreline show. Surprising considering that was about my 90th of 115. It was an excellent show. A top 20 for me.
- (06/28/2019)

The “Death Don’t Have No Mercy” from this show was professionally released on the 1999 retrospective boxed set; So Many Roads.

The show in its entirety will be shown tonight on the Shakedown Stream. You should be able to watch the professionally-shot concert footage on YouTube from there after.
- (07/24/2020)

We Can Run came after Mobile
- (07/24/2020)

Going to watch this show on YouTube 8/1/2020 since there isn’t any “Meet Up At The Movies” this year.
- (07/30/2020)

too bad the airplane weren't in the park in the afternoon

- (05/19/2021)

Jefferson Airplane played a free concert at Golden Gate Park on Saturday. Hot Tuna played intermission and when they played Volunteers at the end it was the loudest music I'd ever heard! Memorable.

- (06/27/2021)

This is an interesting show to me for a number of reasons...

Late summer/early fall shows at Shoreline must have been weather and good vibes is what I imagine...I dont know, I wasnt born yet.

But, Set I starts with three (3) (arguably four (4)) openers LTGTR->Stranger->Franklins->Wang. Franklins and Wang being the most uncommon show openers of the four (4). Franklins opened one (1) show in 1978 and Wang opened three (3) shows, all in 1983. Still cool.

Interesting Blow Away placement. I would have to think that If I were at this show, I would be disappointed with the placement of Blow Away after a rollicking China Rider. Seems just kind of shoved in there. But I am sure that it was great regardless.

And finally REVEREND GARY DAVIS gets his time again with DDHNM...a hauntingly gorgeous song!

Swing Low Sweet Chariot Come Down Easy

-Horace (09/28/2022)

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