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Alpine Valley Music Theater - East Troy, WI

Set 1:
Hell In A Bucket
Mama Tried
Mexicali Blues
Victim Or The Crime
West LA Fadeaway
Desolation Row

Set 2:
Box Of Rain
Foolish Heart
Looks Like Rain
Terrapin Station
The Other One
The Wheel
Morning Dew

Turn On Your Love Light

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Ooooh the Rain. The rain wouldnt stop.
Last show for the shrine known as
"The Valley".
Box of rain and Looks Like Rain were
so fitting.
Goodbye to a great venue....a fitting end.

Nice Foolish Heart and terrapin. one of the better shows in the late stage of their career. Morning Dew also rocks

The Wheel was a nice song

West LA Fadeaway, Desolation Row, and Deal are included on the officially released DVD "Downhill From Here."

Isn't Donna gorgeous!!! She is beautiful on Looks Like Rain. Good bless Donna!

Hey Steve -

Get a clue douchebag....Donna left in 79.....
-Anonymous (08/02/2008)

Smoking Deal.

-Robert (08/08/2008)

Hey are a total fucking douchebag. You eat douche. I just listened to this concert and Donna sounds gorgeous. You go take that finger you have up your nose right now, stick it far up you butt, and run down your street saying "the aliens have me, the aliens have me!" You're an idiot and Donna is wonderful.
-Steve (02/06/2009)

Donna left the band in 79. Her last show was 2/17/79....
-Anonymous (07/01/2009)

I was there I dint see Donna
- (10/05/2009)

Drugs and trolling make for a powerful combination.

I was there as well. Donna was not.
- (05/09/2010)


I'm not sure what you were on when you started typing or where you're obsession with Donna comes from (she sang completely out of key and often took away from shows as opposed to adding to them but that's a different story) but the fact is she was NOT at this show. As mentioned above this is TEN YEARS after Donna had left the band.

Yes, if there's one song she added something to it would be Looks Like Rain but even that one took on new life without her and became a more upbeat song and vehicle for Bob to stretch out vocally.
-gdjake (07/02/2010)

Wow wasted so much space talking about nonsense instead of about the final night of a boxset worthy 3 night run. Booo.

-Anonymous (04/12/2011)

they parked everyone in the fresh cut corn fields going with the rows (instead of against), no one could get out, i watched 2 guys in a 4x4 with a winch make about $2,000 pulling people out for 3-4 hours.....
-big minty (05/13/2011)

whoever this steve guy is..get a grip, wow man . youre off by a lot. and if you want a cold hard fact.. the band configuration is on the right side of the page. Mydland was the man, keith( bless his soul) couldnt touch him. Brent 79-90. RIP
- (08/16/2011)

Why did they stop playing the valley? I mean the dead continued to tour another 6 years. so why was 89 the last trip to alpine?
-Anonymous (04/17/2012)

I beleive they basically got thrown out of Alpine valley and asked never to return. The 'scene' by then was starting to really become problematic, as many people were coming to Alpine without tickets and just dozin' in the parking lot and surrounding area....hell the music was loud enough where you didnt need a ticket to enjoy the whole thing.... You could trip and boogie out in the parking lot and enjoy the music just as easily as if you had bought a ticket..... But this then began the summer tour stops in Chicago until the end in '95. I still miss Jerry!
- (04/19/2012)

The locals were upset with the parking lot trolls urinating on their lawns and loitering on their property and such.
East Troy voted to "ban" them.
When the Other Ones played there in '02, the town started having a conniption fit again but they decided that they like the money the heads bring in and voted to lift the ban with the stipulation that the parking lot was cleared out each night.
- (04/24/2012)

Alpine,Red Rocks,Ventura,Frost and I think the Greek were places they were banned from in the 80's because of total disregard of the surroundings and drug dealings that took place after the "Touch of Grey" folks entered the scene looking for a party. Thank god I got to see them at some of these awesome places before it was ruined!
-Anonymous (05/29/2012)

so that aslo helps to explain why apline and many other venues no longer allow camping.(exception DeerCreek)Most places They clear the lots by 1am.In aplines case this just sends and extends business to all surrounding areas which of course all surounding cities enjoy. Its unlikley camping will ever be allowed again. But there arn't many reasons to venture to alpine anyway except for phish. Even that lot scene isnt quite the same. Long live the Grateful Dead!!!
-Anonymous (07/12/2012)

anyone notice that the only song they repeated on this three night stand was The Wheel....

the wheel continues to spin on today!
- (03/27/2013)

Yeh, the scene changed quite a bit between 83-89. Crowd became younger with a greater emphasis on drinking. They never seemed to get it. Do we blame Touch Of Grey? ;-)
- (02/28/2014)

I blame the media who reported about the Dead always bringing up the Drugs rather then the music. All the trolls saw that and decided to jump on the bandwagon for the wrong reasons and destroyed what was once a great scene. then, when Jeryy died, all the trolls went to the Phish scene and pretty much destroyed that too. best advice to anyone who plays music, DON'T let the media do stories on you. Just play your music and the fans will come. And the ones who come through will be their for the music, not just to be high.

It was kinda disgraceful how the last Phish run i saw at SPAC was tarnished by a bunch of raging drunks who had nothing better to do but screw with people and bring unwanted police attention to others. There was a drunken fool at Lee's campsite after the second night who climbed up a big ass tree to plant a flag, and the fire department had to come with a TON of cops to get the jack ass down. This led to quite a few people getting busted apparently as well as a bunch of vendors closing shop and leaving. The drunken frat boys ruin everything.
-Murphy (05/11/2014)

As a side, note, i think this was a big reason for "The Warlocks" shows. A failed attempt to get rid of the Frat Brahs.
-Murphy (05/11/2014)

will be the next Meetup At the Movies. Maybe 7/17-19 will finally be released as a CD/DVD complete series?!
-Anonymous (04/03/2015)

Anything cool ceases to be so as soon as everyone figures out it's cool. It's not the media's fault or Touch of Grey... it's just the nature of cool. The problem really was that they didn't disband after Brent died and instead lumbered to a bloated, sloppy end. They were getting kicked out of places for years before. Their own City of SF kicked them out after the 1984 New Year's run and only let them back after Jerry survived a coma... and only for one set of shows. They also did a set for the Bill Graham Memorial in '91. But that's it.

Everything Jumps the Shark. That's the nature of a consumer culture. SXSW now officially sucks. Burning Man has sucked for years. None of these things should have gotten so big. But no one can stop it.
- (04/07/2015)

Just saw / heard the show at "Meet up at the movies". Overall it was very good. Some really moments, jams. Jerry looked like he felt good.

-Mark (05/04/2015)

Just got back from the Meet At The Movies, the credits started rolling and the house lights came on before the encore. This guy starts yelling at the projector "You owe me a Lovelight!"
-Anonymous (05/04/2015)

Bobby goofs on The Other 1! Bob laughs
and Jerry over at him and shakes his head!
Hilarious Bobby Spaced out!
Grate show
-EricMadisonWI (05/05/2015)

I remember sliding down that hill all night. It was the end of 3 days and it stunk but this was an awesome show.

- (08/01/2021)

Desolation Row is on YouTube, thank goodness. Awesome cover version. Love it when Jerry erupts on that vocal about five minutes in, the crowd goes wild, and Bobby smiles.
- (09/23/2023)

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Band Configuration
(04/16/79 - 07/23/90)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Brent Mydland
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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