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Alpine Valley Music Theater - East Troy, WI

Set 1:
Touch Of Grey
Jack Straw
New Minglewood Blues
Friend Of The Devil
Stuck Inside Of Mobile
Bird Song
Promised Land

Set 2:
Sugar Magnolia
Scarlet Begonias
Man Smart-Woman Smarter
Eyes Of The World
China Doll
Dear Mr. Fantasy
Hey Jude Reprise
Throwin' Stones
Sunshine Daydream

The Mighty Quinn

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dearmr. fantacy into hey jude reprise needed to be played at a few more shows.
these two songs are a deadly combo. i would love to hear dark star orchestra play one live. keep smiling
ross schum

One word for this second set....butter. Smooth, rich and creamy. Mmmmmmmm.

after a very average first set that had a beauty bird song, and some much welcome sunshine, there was a long, long setbreak. I got to the show late, still in my const. clothes, and had a hard time getting in becuase cars were backed up to county road zz. But the 2nd set was probably one of the tightest and most energenic of the summer tour. it was musically flawless, like seeing a real tight jazz band, not very psychadelic, but musically perfect.
it took the girl i was with and I over 4 hours to get out of the parking lot. cars were stuck in 3 feet uf liqiud mud, and tow trucks were getting stuck trying to pull people out. unlike the dustbowl shows of 1988, these were the mudbowl shows, and i refuse to camp in liqiud mud. I drove home, 45 min. away every night and worked during the day. we jumped in back and did it, got back up front, and the line did not move to get out at all. good way to wait in line if you can arrange it. god bless the grateful dead!


My oh my! I just listened to this for the first time since I went. Loved Alpine, I had just moved back from Idaho, had no job yet, and used my last $60 in the world for tickets to these 3 shows. Rode with my friends who were going back to Idaho and had to find a ride back to Ohio from there. God Bless Deadheads! That's another story...

After 1988's 5 day stint with 100+ temperatures, this run was downright CHILLY. Anywho, I remember being on Phil's side on the lawn below the concession building for this show. After the previous night, which blew me away already (LTGTR, Cumberland, Music, China/Rider, Playin/Uncle Johns, a Gimme Some Lovin, GDTRFB and a double encore beginning with We Bid you Goodnight, wow) I was expecting a mellower night. No way. 1st set was good, got my bones loose, but ho-chi-mama, what a 2nd set! I caught about 120 shows and that was the smoothest 2nd set I ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Talk about "the music never stopped"! It was literally one long song. Sugar Mag to start with the Sunshine closer. No breaks whatsoever, all intos!

The Sugar Mag>Scarlet was positively seamless, and so unexpected. Jerry just burst into "I was walking round Grovener's Square..." during the Sugar jam. Upon 2nd listen, there was about a 5 second hint. But I always heard (imagined?) snippets of other songs within songs. Totally caught me by surprise, and that was about my favorite Jerry song at the time.

Oh and the China Doll - Jerry's midi horn sound was incredible, god I miss him. And Brent too. They were really on that night. Alpine always gave up a memorable show. Remember the Blackbird the year before when they totally cracked up and managed to finish anyhow? Sigh. Those were some fun free-wheeling days. So thankful I got to jump on the bus for those last 10 years. So many memories (and lots of lost ones too, lol). It always brings a smile to my face.

Anyhow, this is a definate download, 5 stars, even if you weren't there, 2nd set's a must have.
-Barb from Ohio

DSO played 07-17-89 and 07-18-89 on 02-09-08 and 02-10-08.
-Anon (02/11/2008)

I was at this one. Trippin' my balls off. If anyone remembers I was the guy that went YEEEEEAAAAAAAAAA!!! at the quiet point during China Doll. I couldn't help myself. What a blast!

-babdbob (05/29/2010)

This was a really strange trip this show, musically it was beautiful, there were a lot of weird energy at these shows as during the first set an Army helicopter flew over the crowd making a lot of people pretty paranoid, by the end of the set it began to rain Non-Stop for the next 48 hours and many of the tribe believed the clouds had been seeded with silver nitrate to make it rain, however this night was fantastic as far as how well the Dead played and the unexpected return of Sugar Magnolia which hadn't been played for some time according to the tapers I talked to, there was a lot of busts at this show because the rain made most of the deadheads duck for cover inside buses and tents so the only people out walking around were dealers swinging their wares and Fed's looking to bust them, this kept the good vibes scattered and I don't believe the band ever returned to this venue.
-Summer (07/11/2011)

Sugar-scarlett-women = fuckin awesome
-Steve (12/04/2011)

I took my 4-year-old son to this show! He's 27 now. I remember he danced like a dervish before the show started (lawn seats), and then feel asleep during the first song. That was a week of rain in Wisconsin, and many cars got stuck in the mud in the parking lot. I remember hauling Matt on my shoulder back to our car as they encored with "Quinn." Alpine was a great venue for the Dead, but there was always twice as many people in the parking lots as the number of tickets sold, and it eventually deteriorated as a favorable venue. Long live the dead!
- (03/16/2012)

These were an awesome run of shows the weather was wet but the shows were awesome and I had a blast. If you happen to read this comment between now and April 19, 2012 - you can see this show at a local theater but only this date. E-mail me if you need details... and enjoy the show again or for the first time :)
- (03/16/2012)

This set is being released as a limited run movie, and it is playing 4/19/12 at the Century theaters in California. Please check your local Century theater, or any other nationwide theater for the correct listing and times. Keep on truckin'!

- (04/10/2012)

Just returned from watching this show in the movie theater, Hyde Park in Tampa, very plush new Bistro Theater, lots of Dead Heads. Listening to my 2nd Alpine Valley show right now, very nice, but the 89’ shows were probably the best three night run at Alpine Valley. I was in the Phil side aisle, about 20 rows back for this show. The camera in the movie was used from this vantage point a couple of times. After being blow away by the first night, staying up all night at the camp site teaching some of our campers the lyrics to “We Bid You Goodnight”, rolled towards to the show mid-afternoon. I think the final night was the complete Mud Fest, but it had rained before this show as well. The first set was average until the “Stuck inside of Mobile / Birdsong”, however the previous two Birdsongs, Dear Creek and Giants’ Stadium are superior, but this it still is a great version. The meat of this show is the second set, Sugar>Scarlet, the transition is seamless is very beautiful. The Scarlet jam never takes off and no Fire was a disappointment at the time, going into Man Smart (Woman Smarter) but still very well played, can’t fault them for mixing up the setlists. The Eyes is very nice. The magic reappears after the drum, Jerry with the old wolf guitar with the MIDI gear attached to the face of his guitar, the new sounds were amazing and the transition to China Doll was very moving. Something whet wrong on the new gear during Dr. Mr. Fantasy and Jerry switched back to the Tiger, still a great version, the 89’ Hampton show would be the next Dr. Mr. Fantasy with the full MIDI effect that I would see. The Hey Jude Refrain tonight is not as well played as other recent version, but still nice and the closing Throwing Stones > Sunshine Daydream rock. The Mighty Quinn finished the night, back to the Bong State recreation area, how we made it out alive is one of the many blessings I have received.
- (04/19/2012)

These three shows at Alpine were absolutely fun in everyway. Drove up from Illinois with some friends and stayed in the lot for the duration of the three nights. Tripped my arse off. The setlist was great and everyone seemed on it that night, very tight. To my surprise I sat a couple of seats away from Bill Walton on Phil's side. After the show the mudbowl in the "parking lot" (a.k.a. corn field) provided hours of entertainment watching cars trying to get out of that mud. I was in no condition to help any of them but was actively cheering them on throughout the night. God Bless the Grateful Dead and Alpine Valley for these shows!
- (08/07/2012)

Fantastic 3 show run at Alpine
-steve (04/07/2016)

Unreal . Butter is right . Beautiful music ! The older I get the more time passes I still miss the Grateful Dead . Special stuff
-Jeff (07/18/2020)

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Band Configuration
(04/16/79 - 07/23/90)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Brent Mydland
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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