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Alpine Valley Music Theater - East Troy, WI

Set 1:
Let The Good Times Roll
Feel Like A Stranger
Built To Last
Me And My Uncle
Cumberland Blues
It's All Over Now
Row Jimmy
When I Paint My Masterpiece
When Push Comes To Shove
The Music Never Stopped

Set 2:
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Playin' In The Band
Uncle John's Band
Standing On The Moon
The Wheel
Gimme Some Lovin'
Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad
Not Fade Away

And We Bid You Goodnight
Johnny B. Goode

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If not "the" then certinally one of the best shows I had the privlige of attending.
Right off the getgo, they went for the meat and potatoes. "Goodtimes opened her up with a blissful/funky tone. Into an outstanding Stranger. I'm writing this like 14 years after the fact, so I can't remember all the lil details, but Jerry kicked the mutherfuckinshit outta cumberland, and Row Jimmy. This set just went on, and on, and on. at least 10 songs. I thought the music never stopped. Which closed, and most certinally kreshendowed the first set.
Me and my brother ate a fuckin stem the size of a beercan on the way in, and we really had a great time. Between sets, we had us a couple of Beers in the garden, and headed back out to the lawn. We had row d seats, but didn't really feel like going down there. I allways got bummed out down front, because of all the people down there that pushed thier sorry asses down there to over crowd, I was content up on the lawn with a more gental vibe going on. Thanks to all the wonderful people who shared that space with me in life.
The second set started off sort of like the first. At least they went right for the meat and potatoes again with a slammin "china/rider" opener The moon was full, and now hailed over the Jerry side of the stage, and alpine valley was quite a splended place to be at night. I sure it inspired the mid second set "Standing on the Moon" which was still pretty much a new song at the time, and very much an endearing poetic masterpiece. Durring drum/space me and Steve rolled a phatty, and took a charge. "Gimme sone lovin" took us to another level of conciesness that set us up with an old style "Goin down the road" which had conotations that they might actually finish it with "we bid you G'nite" But the went into "not fade away" instead, and closed us with that. The crowd did a spendid job of keeping that beat goining down , till the boyz came back, and threw us a bone with a "We bid you G'nite" (someone there said it was the first one in about 18 years)into "Johnny B". To this day I wonder how we ever found our way back to camp. Then it started to rain.

Yeah man let's roll a phatty and watch this show on the video "Down Hill From Here". Peace love and POT. drag, cough, and space.

coming off of a great one night stand in deer creek, i was surprised that this was such a great show. I was used to the boys having a flopper in there after such a clicker like deer creek. It was an absolutely great rainy summer night, and the energy level was higher than i had evr seen at alpine ever. it was one of those shows that reminded you why you went through all of the trouble to be "there". i am not surprised that the band chose this night and part of night three for the movie "downhill from here". way to memorialize one of the best deadshow venues ever!

last when push comes to shove

Best China/Rider out there, Gives me goosebumps every time i watch this show. Rider climaxes with Jerrys verse and then Jerrys improv solo after is out of this world. The boys were on fire at this show!

Not a big fan of the later shows but this one ain't bad at all. The china/rider is definitely great here and it's easy to see jerry is having as much fun as the crowd.

This show is on the DVD "Downhill From Here," and not only do I highly recommend it, but it's almost a necessity to own. Playing in their golden era, the band, and especially Jerry, are in a groove that is hard to match. There is a certain electricity in the air that the band and audience could feel from the start, and it rubbed off on their passionate and almost joyful playing that night. Jerry smiles from start to finish, and rightly so as this is arguably the Dead's top show from their golden era.

Officially released on DVD as "Downhill From Here."

one of the best times i had at a show. the three days there were some of the best i had on tour. never heard the tapes or saw the video. the rain didn't even spoil the shows. woke up in a puddle in my tent on day two. i broke down on the way into the lot. the car made it from philly and died. but thanks to, i think his name was mike from Mo., my car was ready when the dead left town. boy do i miss tour.

I will never forget this show! It kicked ass in so many ways!! I seem to recall pure chaos in the lot after the show. The rain kicked in and there were people lost and crying all over the place trying to find their cars!! It is a memory I will never forget!!

-Mr. Bear (07/08/2007)

the china into i know you rider is the shit
- (07/21/2007)

DSO played 07-17-89 and 07-18-89 on 02-09-08 and 02-10-08.

-Anon (02/11/2008)

Great set of shows in East Troy. I recall seeing the lovely Michelle as well as the Coughlin Brothers of early Burton fame, as well as a ton of Chicago heads like Tommy Springer. Some c0cksucker stole my tent poles so we had to sleep in some crappy spots as it rained in a biblical way there but overall they played strong and a good time was had by all.

- (05/09/2010)

First "And We Bid You Goodnight" in more than 10 years. Last was at the closing of Winterland, 12-31-1978, another classic, masterful show. Boys certainly knew how to mark special performances.

One of the best shows of the '80s, and probably one of the best 3-night runs in the Dead's career.
-Ed (09/27/2010)

First Dark Star, second to last Golden Road to Unlimited Devotion
-Anonymous (12/24/2011)

You must be on a different show brother (or sister. LOL). This show didn't have a Dark Star and Golden Road was only played 4 times all in '67
-Anonymous (07/04/2012)

It was a great show, the vibe was hot, the parking lot was muddy. When they come out for the encore with no instruments it tipped me off. I really had feeling it was going to be Bid you Goodnight. And they were about to rip into a fall tour playing as the Warlocks and break out a ton of oldies- I remember that Bid you Goodnight as a prelude to things to come. (11-29-12)
-Ras D (11/29/2012)

Another close Encounters tease during space. Interesting show, although i did think certain parts were shot, overall it was tops compared to anything from '87 or '88. I can get why people walked out thinking it was the best show because of the Standing and Goodnight, but i still think 7/10 Meadowlands was the best show of the tour. Or Deer Creek two nights prior. This whole tour has been the best one since '85, so no complaints here.
-Murphy (05/09/2014)

Out of the 161 shows I saw between 1988 - 1995, this one was probably the best. Keep in mind (because many of the other comments have got it wrong) it did not start raining until early the next morning. The 7/17 show was a very warm, but not too humid, clear summer Wisconsin night with a beautiful moon.

Spectacular weather, great vibes, and the band was really starting to ascend their final peak. Very early the next morning (7/18) the first drops of rain began to fall and it did not stop until about 2 days later.
- (07/25/2016)

My Mom died this day, I didn't find out until I got back to the campground
Bid You goodnight was played for her, the magic of the GOGD
- (05/22/2020)

... thank you Sirius for playing 7/17/1989 East Troy WI today ...

IKO IKO on & on .......
Let the Good Times Roll ... forever Brent, we miss you dearly, xoxo
- (09/30/2020)

Wife and I were at this show and the next.Lawn this night, seats next night. Both shows were great...wife was kind of freaking at how much I was freaking out about the And We Bid You Goodnight.

Rain started overnight. Next day it rained pretty much all day; until, lo and behold, late afternoon the rain stopped and we were able to fire up the Smoky Joe and then walk the path to the show.

Rain came back 2nd night during Jack A Roe. 1st night was really hot, 2nd not as much but it had its moments, including Jack A Roe, a mighty Bird Song and China Doll out of Space (always a favorite).

By the end of the show it was steady rain again. I don't remember having much trouble getting out of the lot.

These shows were the end of the camping at the show scene for us. No camping the next year at Tinley Park or later at Soldier Field.
-kbreihan (07/18/2021)

My first show! But grew up close to the venue. Boy if I would have know about the Dead in 1980 all those shows I missed. College buddy called out of the blue from Omaha had extra tickets. Met him in park in my home town drove to show with 3 or 4 car loads. It was brutal hot day turned to lovely full moon night. Was impressed cuz everyone sang along to Uncle John's Band and Not Fade Away. Took a friend from up north he was hooked. Weird thing was after the show no one left the lot. We only had one nite ticket so had to leave. They were banned from playing there after that.
Great times. Fireworks from top of ski hill. They did that for Phish shows too.
Love Alpine More shows this year I hope!
-Peru (02/01/2022)

... this was the last show that " When Push Come to Shove" was played. It began 12/15/1986 @ the Oakland Coliseum & ended 7/17/1989 @ East Troy WI. i was able to hear at 12 of the 58 days, & was still one of my Fav's

Knock you down and beat you up and give your ass a kick, when push comes to shove, you're afraid of love... NEVER Jerry!

... Cause I know you will: Put my arms around ME, love you until you cry & wrap you in your sweet perfume and squeeze you until you die....

... go Jerry go....iko iko
-Anonymous (02/04/2022)

Great 'Built to Last' here. An under rated Hunter gem that was sadly short lived. Only played 18 times from 10-20-88 to the final version on 3-26-90. It's such a good song, it was even the title track of the album. I have a theory why it was dropped. Jerry could never get a handle on the lyrics which is understandable if you look at the words. It has a pretty standard structure:
verse, verse, chorus
verse, verse, chorus
verse, verse, chorus
chorus, chorus,chorus.

But here's the rub: the chorus is different each time. So there's 3 different choruses and they each repeat at the end. Check it out. It's more like nine verses and a bridge. That bridge and the two verses right after the bridge are freaking profound.

Built to Last (Garcia/Hunter)

There are times when you can beckon
There are times when you must call
You can take a lot of reckoning
But you can't take it all

There are times when I can help you out
And times when you must fall
There are times when you must live in doubt
And I can't help at all

Chorus #1
Three blue stars rise on the hill
Say no more now just be still
All these trials soon be past
Look for something built to last

A wind held by the collar
Yes a cloud held by the breeze
You can walk on coals of fire
But sometimes you must freeze

There are times when you offend me
And I do the same to you
If we can't or won't forget it
I guess we could be through

Chorus #2
One blue star sets on the hill
Call it back you never will
One more star sinks in the past
Show me something built to last

Built to last till time itself
Comes tumbling from the wall
Built to last till sunshine fails
And darkness moves on all
Built to last while years roll past
Like cloudscapes in the sky
Show me something built to last
Or something built to try

There are times when you get hit upon
Try hard but you can not give
Other times you'd gladly part
With what you need to live

Don't waste your breath to save your face
When you have done your best
And even more is asked of you
Fate will decide the rest

Chorus #3
All the stars are gone but one
Morning breaks here comes the sun
Cross the sky now sinking fast
Show me something built to last

(And then repeat the 3 choruses)

-Delia DeLyon (10/05/2022)

Love “The Wheel” from this show/video, coming out of Space. Jerry goes for it on that one vocal and the crowd erupts, and Brent gives Jerry room.

- (09/23/2023)

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Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Brent Mydland
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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