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Sullivan Stadium - Foxboro, MA

Set 1:
Playin' In The Band
Crazy Fingers
Wang Dang Doodle
We Can Run
Tennessee Jed
Queen Jane Approximately
To Lay Me Down
Don't Ease Me In

Set 3:
Friend Of The Devil
He's Gone
Eyes Of The World
The Wheel
Dear Mr. Fantasy
Hey Jude Reprise
Sugar Magnolia

The Mighty Quinn

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It was soooo hot they came out and hosed down the crowd!!!(I'm talking about the temperature)

My first show, my first trip, my first night in a 78 VW camper... how could I stop touring after this show? They played my favorite Dead tune (Friend) my favorite Beatles tune (Hey Jude) and my favorite Dylan tune (Queen Jane.) What a first show, what a show!

I accidentally took 2 tabs of acid at this show (with a bunch of friends), and spent the show wandering around the upper deck of the stadium after starting out on the floor. I have no idea how we got up there, and no idea how we got back from Foxboro.

The sugar magnolia sounded pretty good, as did the mighty quinn. But who the heck knows, really?

my first show! the day before my 16th b-day. I was hooked and addicted. "there is nothing like a grateful dead concert" finally made sense to me. we were right there next week in giants stadium.

Great show, very very hot! los lobos opened. During crazy fingers there were people jumping from the first tier of seats over the chain link fence to the grass. It started as a trickle then turned into a waterfall of people as I melted into my seat:p

the Fantasy>jude is amazing
-dave (07/07/2008)

playing in the band is reprised from this show on 7/4/89
-Anonymous (03/13/2009)

My first show. Wow. Some jackass gave me a joint laced with formaldehyde and send me spiraling towards passing out for the first set. Somehow before passing out, my boy Ray got us to the floor and when I was out, the heads surrounded me with a cocoon of their Guatemalan style packs and kept me safe from the dancers I suppose were all around me. I work up for the second set, feeling great and ready to go.

Good times.
-Dave (07/16/2010)

my first show also, it was all started there never looked back i knew i was home
wish there was a soundboard

- (03/05/2012)

Great tour opener. The Playin' -> Crazy -> Doodle combo through me for a loop and the Closing Lay -> Cassidy -> Ease was a nice build to a monster set ender. The opening of Set 2 was a new one, the Friend was very up beat as opposed to it's usual laid back tempo. The Truckin' -> Gone -> Eyes was a great combo too, sounded like they were gonna drop into Rhythm Devils, but then the first chords slowly slice through the ambience and accelerate into a pretty jazzy Eyes. The rest of the set sorta settled til the end, but the Quinn gave the crowd one last blast before it was all over. really great show from what i've been told is one of their best summer tours.
-Murphy (05/06/2014)

I was not even going to be at this show. @ 1:00 am July 2nd my wife, a friend and I started drving towards this show from Jersy totally stoned with $100 in cash and plastic in hopes of having enough cash to get into the show. This was a great show to be at, it was about my 50th or 60th show and it was a blast. The traffic jam was horrible and we parked about a mile away. We all scored tickets and got in. I was totally blown away by the Dear Mr. Fantasy - Hey Jude mishmash. That alone was worh admission to the show. Brent was off the hook
- (07/07/2014)

"During crazy fingers there were people jumping from the first tier of seats over the chain link fence to the grass. It started as a trickle then turned into a waterfall of people" - yep, I was one of them. I was all the way on the left side if you were looking at the stage, so I saw the whole waterfall wave come around the stadium and jumped on cue. The security people knew it was coming too and their eyes were bugging out. Ended up about 25 feet from the stage, front and center, amid many friendly folk who shared their water and etc. Got hosed down and the water looked like diamonds falling from the sky. I only saw them with Jerry twice and this was the first. SOOOO GLAD.
- (07/30/2014)

To me the start of the best year in Dead history summer of 89 thru summer 90 best four tours in a row . Summer 89 fall 89 spring 90 summer 90 fun fun time in Dead history glad I caught it .
-Jeff (07/01/2017)

Jeff I have to agree...happy anniversary.
-Bossgobbler (07/02/2020)

Amazing show. Playin>Crazy opener is ridiculous.

On the other hand, I think it's ironic that people rag on Vince for his "casio keyboard" sounds when Brent played what sounds like the world's worst violin solo during FOTD.

Overall, five star show, esp for summer 89 which wasn't exceptionally "jammy" in the way fall 89 was.
-Sylvan (07/17/2020)

an absolute outstanding summer east coast opening show. we got in early on thankfully because there were many traffic issues getting to foxboro. it was so goddamn dry, hot and suppressive. around 5:30 a helicopter descended onto a cordoned parking lot. i remember the dirt and dust blowing out like a bomb went off.
as the plumes of dirt blew all over the place and all over us the band departed the copter and were escorted into the stadium.
from the first chord of playin they sounded perfect. the playin> crazy fingers> wang dang is super tight, loved the to lay me down. it was so enlightening and refreshing to hear the fotd start pouring out in the perfect tempo. they stretch it out into one of the best i have ever heard for sure.
then into truckin'> he's gone> eyes. post drums is outstanding as well and we were left with huge smiles with the mighty quinn.

- (11/20/2021)

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(04/16/79 - 07/23/90)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Brent Mydland
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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