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Capital Centre - Landover, MD

Set 1:
Let The Good Times Roll
Feel Like A Stranger
Franklin's Tower
Little Red Rooster
Me And My Uncle
Big River
Bird Song

Set 2:
Box Of Rain
Victim Or The Crime
Foolish Heart
Man Smart-Woman Smarter
Eyes Of The World
Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad
I Need A Miracle
Morning Dew

One More Saturday Night

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The Ripple, played electrically for the first (and last) time since 1971, was done at the request of a young person dying of cancer (or so the story went at the time).


Ripple is probably one of the most beautiful songs...ever I think. Why would they stop performing it so early in their careers. Let alone it was only performed 40 times. Does anyone in Deadland have a clue?

Ripple is indeed a beauty of a gem

Weir was pulling for Mexicali but Garcia nixed it. I'd much rather see a Big River anyways. Love the hoedowns!!!!!!!!!!!

We travelled down from Ma. for the run. Funny thing though, I had 6-7 friends come down just for this one show. Did they something I did'nt. Obviously Ripple was the highlight. Met up w/our good ol friend Cid in the parking lot. The Romanovs were in force
-Bnoly (08/07/2007)

just saw darkstar orchestra perrform this show last night, it was always one of my favorites. it was a crazy crazy night, one of my favorite versions of stranger. bird song really gets going nice, and what can i say about eyes except i love that song so it always brings a smile to my face
- (07/11/2008)

hey mike from above....u talking about DSO performance?? just kidding!

Yes, the RIPPLE...I heard the same request story....touching. The last electric Ripple was 4/29/71....1114 shows ago. Acoustically....10-16-81....459 shows ago. For all us nerds. But besides Ripple....what a great night. Peggy-O, and a set ender of Bird And lest we forget the Dew....always a treat.
-rob cal (01/29/2010)

Amazing show and boys always rev it up on the east coast. i remember the first half of the second set feeling weird- i mean Box into Victim was odd - but Victim was a good time for a pee break IMO. Yes - Morning Dew!! And the Ripple was an incredible treat - from what I heard, the crowd went nuts.

My friend Ilysse got a kitten in the lot after this show - named it Ripple.

I too heard about the request for that song by a dying young person. Sad.
-Ras D (11/29/2012)

Count me among those that heard the story - heard it from an FOB who said it was a Make a Wish.

Didn't think we were getting in. Rolled in with Friday, Monday and Tuesday, but no Saturday. Two camped at box office, two scoured the lot. Bought over face for the only time in my life - $30. Worth every penny...

And really, what do you say about Ripple?

-Jebediah (04/05/2013)

Didn't realize the Make-A-Wish foundation had been around so long. If The story is true, i hope the cat who requested it died happy. You know whoever he was, he knew what was good with these boys and made the request count. Wish there was a way to absolutely confirm this story, but whatever, just onther moment in the long line of Dead Lore.
-Murphy (04/08/2014)

It was confirmed a long time ago. In the early 90s there was a book released (sadly, I cannot recall the name of the book or the author) that profiled a number of deaheads. Some of them were quasi-famous (Bill Walton, etc), and some of them just were just interesting people with interesting stories to tell related to the Grateful Dead.

If I remember correctly they did a short profile of the kid (he was in his late teens or early 20s) that made the request for Ripple via the Make-A-Wish-Foundation, and went in to a bit of detail of how the band learned of it, how they approached him, etc.
- (10/16/2017)

Hell yeah man. Thanks for the info. I looked into it a little bit but never found that. Absolutely beautiful.
-Murphy (09/02/2018)

The morning dew was very strong. Too bad for all the folks who left early when they started One More Saturday Night.... Ripple was one of the highlights of all the dozens of shows I saw.
-Wendell (07/14/2019)

About Ripple- a woman posted on You Tube that she was a friend of the young man who passed away. Both of them were 16 at the time of the concert and were there. It finally dawned me that seeing this young man and performing Ripple was a gift they could not repeat so they never performed Ripple again (except Jerry & Bobby performed it later).
-Peretz (01/04/2024)

I was at this show. People were crying int he hallways after Ripple ended. That was my 55th show, and a moment unmatched by any of my previous 54, and I had some moments... Everyone knew how special it was for the boys to drop an electric Ripple and how long it had been. And a beautiful gesture by the band

- (05/22/2024)

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