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The Met Center - Bloomington, MN

Set 1:
Hell In A Bucket
New Minglewood Blues
Row Jimmy
Far From Me
When I Paint My Masterpiece
Victim Or The Crime

Set 2:
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Estimated Prophet
Eyes Of The World
The Wheel
Gimme Some Lovin'
All Along The Watchtower
Black Peter
Turn On Your Love Light

Black Muddy River

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Sadly, this show marks the introduction of Victim or the Crime....the most heinous song ever was always amazing to watch 20,000+ people become deflated whenever this piece of shit was played.....Bob was the victim and this tune is a crime
-Anonymous (08/08/2007)

I love all of the songs written by Anonymous. Remember not every Bobby song is going to be WRS. He sure does have a lot of great ones written over the years. I do think that Victim is a really good song and I think that most heads did like it especially when coupled with Foolish Heat. Most dead songs took a little time to develop, this was the 1st go at it.
- (05/06/2008)

this was my first show - it does contain the first "victim", a song that would follow me around for the rest of my GD touring career. I also believe this shows encore "Black Muddy River" is also a 1st time played at this show.
- (08/21/2008)

Yeah, dont mean to sound cliche..but music does come with preference. I think I read somewhere that even Jerry thought it was an odd, and strange song to play but it had a lot of fantastic presentations, so im down with listening to it. Weir wrote a lot of good stuff too, a lot different than jerry material but solid great stuff that can hold with anything else. So happy for all this music, thanks a lot for sharing
-Beardy (11/19/2008)

You're cracked..... spooky eerie song with deep, deep, symbolism. Great tune by Barlow/Weir. That's all I have to say.
-A. West (06/16/2011)

Weird show...weird venue to kick off summer tour. Buddy and I snuck around behind stage towards the end of the first set where all the seats were blocked off, chilled with a j, and stayed there during break. Toward the end of break, someone at the back steps starts jawing at us to get the hell out of there and says he's gonna get security and starts making his way up to us. About the same time, Jerry walks up the steps, sees what's going on, looks at us, a couple of j'moke 20 year olds, and says, "hey man, they're cool, bring 'em down here."

And that's what happened...watched the second set from backstage. Wasn't the first time I'd met Jerry (Alpine '86), but it might've been the coolest
-Jebediah (04/05/2013)

And...lost my keys during the show. Luckily there was a roving locksmith in the lot after, and he cracked the car open, but had to get in the glove for something. When he did, lots of stuff fell out and he never said a word...

-Jebediah (04/05/2013)

First Victim or The Crime, worst song....well maybe Day Job.
-80s head (09/11/2013)

I'm with A. West, I love the eerieness of V or the crime. I thinks it's a cool tune. Day Job on the otherhand.....
-Anonymous (09/12/2013)

Victim....worst song ever!
- (12/20/2013)

I dig victim. It kind of fit in better with Weir/Wasserman shows and Ratdog, but I always enjoyed. Kind of bugged out tune when you're dosed at a show, though, I admit.
- (11/12/2015)

Everyone talkin' shot about Victim and Picasso Moon but i've always liked both of those, i'll take 'em over most Brent songs any day
-Snow the Jam Man (10/11/2019)

Worst Dead song was Samaba In The Rain. Victim is a great tune. Bobby fans are people too!
- (06/16/2020)

BTW, Victim Or The Crime was written by Bobby and Garret Graham, not Weir and Barlowe.
- (06/17/2020)

Victim is great, they did great stuff musically in it and the midi stuff Jerry was doing in the last couple yrs was INCREDIBLE in the song. It's one of those rare cases in my opinion that a song peaked in the last 3-5 yrs. Jerry's Bday 8/01/94 has an amazing Victim>Scarlet>Fire and it's 30+ min of amazement...
- (06/17/2021)

Anyone who try’s to defend Victim or the Crime should be publicly flogged
-Anonymous (06/17/2021)

Give me Picasso Moon, Corrina, over Victim. Although, I think Easy Answers and Eternity are worse "new" Bobby songs than Victim.

And its bigger than a drive in movie ooh wee
-Per Ulrich Ellingae Von Gosh (06/16/2022)

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