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Oakland Coliseum Arena - Oakland, CA

Set 1:
Promised Land
Cold Rain And Snow
Little Red Rooster
When Push Comes To Shove
When I Paint My Masterpiece
Bird Song
The Music Never Stopped

Set 2:
Hell In A Bucket
Uncle John's Band
Terrapin Station
The Other One
Wharf Rat
Throwin' Stones
Not Fade Away

Man Smart-Woman Smarter
Iko Iko
Banana Boat Song
Knockin' On Heaven's Door

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Ticket to New Year' excellent choice for you video or DVD collection...would be nice if they'd eventually release the songs not included...Promised Land, ManSmart/Women Smarter, Iko, Banana Boat

Do You Wanna Dance?, the Beach Boys song, was also played in the encore set.

I'm not usually a big fan of Bird Song but this version is awesome. Brent's backing vocals just puts it over the top.

a great way 4 the new year. the second set was great

Officially released on DVD as "Ticket To New Year's."

nice show all around, and i believe the last true 3 set show that was performed.
you can list it as "encore" if you want, but five songs is a set in my book, and the nevilles backing is just the icing on the cake. the video is nice, but the audio with the 3rd set (video cuts off the entire 3rd set except "knockin" and also the 1st set "promised") is better. check it out. a grate new years show and a throwback to older days when the band played longer looser shows.

-gdjake (09/10/2007)

ps- for the record im NOT one of those "70's is best" types. i actually think '87 to '93 (and '88 to '92 to tighten further) was the deads best era. that said, obviously the longest shows were in the 70's.....but this one bucks that trend. enjoy!
-gdjake (09/10/2007)

nothing beats 77-81......they made a great comeback so to speak in the 89-91 yrs...but nothing beats late 77(spec may) to 81.
-steve (08/20/2008)

This is one of my all-time favorite shows. Just a fun one to listen to! Bird Song is great, especially if you can watch Jerry and Bob go at it towards the end of the jam. Just intense! CR&S is my favorite version ever!
-Bostnfn (10/31/2009)

nothing beats the keith years... '71 - '79, and to be more specific '73 - '79. not a real brent fan at all...
-doug (07/29/2011)

I remember listening to this broadcast, hammered on NYE and taping it... still have em. Loved it!! Trying to remember to turn the tapes over... hammered. Just out of high school, young pup.
-1x1 (11/10/2011)

dope terrapin
-steve (01/12/2012)

I saw the 82, 83, 84, 85, 86(?), 87 NY shows. The only one I think was really of the "old" character was 12/31/84. (Though a lot of the others still had tasty moments, to be sure.) 83 had at least some people trying. A Morning Dew was proposed but ultimately rejected. Ouch! :) This 79 one looked pretty nice. Wish I'd seen that 81. Some really nice stuff! First show I saw was from those, 12/28.
-Andrew (03/08/2014)

For the record, this show is two sets with an encore. 12/31/81 is a three set show with an encore that is much longer then this, and includes Dark Star. Sorry, no three sets for you today. Cause, if this were three sets as some have suggested, that means they ended a new years show without an encore, hence, the "thrid set" is actually the encore as listed. Just Show organization 101. Gotta give the people what they want to ring in the new year, and sometimes that means doing extended encores like this little doosy. I'm glad they started doing Bannana boat song, it always fun to dance around and laugh to that, and with the nevilles backing up, it was an encore to remember.

I also don't believe they even ended a show (or played them in this order for that matter) with NFA -> NFA Chant -> Man Smart -> Iko. All three of the Bo Diddley Beat songs. You really can hear the differences between the three rythms and melodies when they're played concurently. Slight variations on a simple rythm make each one pop out in a different way while never stopping the beat. The was probably one of the best new years shows, Save '78 and '81. '78 being top dog for the return of Dark Star and closing of the Winterland. So much energy that night, never to be matched again.
-Murphy (03/20/2014)

there is no promised land in the dvd between bertha and cold rain and snow. this i get maybe bad footage. then there's lady with a fan in the second set. its between uncle johns band and terrapin station. this setlist macthes and the song isnt in the three previous shows in oakland. dose any one know why its there?
- (08/21/2015)

Lady in a Fan comes before Terrapin Station in consequential order in almost all shows, if the GD ever broke them up at all. Maybe they listed LWAF and TS as two separate tracks for the video release tracking purposes.

Why Promised is cut off is a mystery.
-Anonymous (01/01/2017)

Lady WITH a Fan, my apologies.
-Anonymous (01/01/2017)

I saw this show at the Wilturn theater in Washington DC. Video simulcast!
We rocked til 4 am.! How many othher theaters in the US streamed this show live? Way before the “couch tour” existed.
Maybe not the same as being there, but we had one hell of a view, and a sick sound system to boot! You’d think video tapes would have been circulating at one point.
-Zippy (09/02/2018)

Nothing beats ,,Barbed Wire Whipping Party
- (01/06/2019)

Of the 5 New year's shows I attended, this was my favorite. The Birdsong was outstanding. The band played.

My favorite New year's run tho was the year before at Kaiser.

I'll never forget the dosed African American lady who worked as an aisle attendant. She got dosed and on the way out we talked to her.

'i gettin paid tonight and she couldn't stop laughing. Then she blurts out 'Michael Jackson got NOTHING on the Grateful Dead!

I'm so glad we ran into her as we left. I wonder if she ever saw more shows. Bet she did living in Oakland.
- (06/28/2019)

This show got me into the dead at 17 years old. 2nd set through drums got me hooked.
-Kdead (08/14/2020)

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Keyboards: Brent Mydland
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Drums: Mickey Hart

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