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Giants Stadium - East Rutherford, NJ

Set 1:
Hell In A Bucket
West LA Fadeaway
Greatest Story Ever Told
Tons Of Steel
Step Back
Ramble On Rose
When I Paint My Masterpiece
When Push Comes To Shove
Promised Land

Set 2:
Morning Dew
Playin' In The Band
The Other One
Stella Blue
Throwin' Stones
Not Fade Away

Set 3:
Slow Train
Stuck Inside Of Mobile
Tomorrow Is A Long Time
Highway 61
John Brown
Baby Blue
Ballad Of A Thin Man
Wicked Messenger
Queen Jane Approximately
Chimes Of Freedom
All Along The Watchtower
Times They Are A-Changin'

Touch Of Grey
Knockin' On Heaven's Door

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Set 3 with Bob Dylan

This is clearly the best Dead And Dylan show.

The show was a "transplendent" event. The crowd jumped the wall onto the stadium floor despite John Scher's pleas, and those of us that thought we had staked out turf ran for our lives.

The Dylan set was excellent--who remebers the song on which Jerry played pedal steel?

I was at this show, though I barely remember anything. My friend slipped me some acid and I was wasted. It was the hottest day ever and they were spraying us with big hoses. As we were climbing to get out of the lower level, I fell and hurt myself, while tripping my ass off. I don't remember anything else.

This was really a fun show. Everything was great, and the Morning Dew was a great starter for the second set. The second set was pretty heavy duty, and there was a surprise bertha to end the first set. Whoo!

The dylan set was kinda boring for me, though I've grown to like it over the years.

Grab it at

Can't go wrong with a Morning Dew set opener.

they used the Dew (and the split sets unlike the previous shows) to cool down the crowd and essentially prevent what felt like a riot about to develop. Awesome opener though.

pedal steel was on Tomorrow is a Long Time

-fwwank (12/12/2008)

Just a great show all around. Always wanted to see The Dead with Dylan, and this was the best of both world's. The best was that it looked like it was going to rain during Bertha, but when Jerry sang..and not a drop on me...the sun came out and the day was fine after that. Anyone may dispute that, but my friends who were there won't forgot that anytime soon!
- (02/11/2009)

This Dylan/Dead set of this show was much more cohesive than the Foxboro show. Great 3 set night. Bertha to close the first set..unusual. Addams Family tuning before the Dew opener 2nd set. Solid end the tour show.
-rob cal (01/29/2010)

Scored general admission field tickets (there were no seats) a few days earlier. We were all set with plenty of space about 15 yards from the stage, completely psyched. As soon as the Dead came on people streamed down to the field like an endless waterfall. It become so uncomfortable sandwiched between some assholes that were taping the show to sell it for profit. They kept strong arming us & freaking out if we dared to speak. Finally moved way towards the back to able to enjoy the 2nd & 3rd sets. After seeing a few shows from Spring 85 through Spring 87 you could just tell from the absurdly huge crowd inside & out of the venue at this show that things would never be the same going forward. Still fun but not as peaceful or intimate.

- (09/29/2012)

I agree with Ray and a few others I was at this show and frankly it was the last Dead show I ever saw. Sadly to say, with the release of touch of grey the Deads first top 40 hit a new element of fan came along, thisvfan was selfish and had absolutley no clue about the Dead nation. This is evidenced in some of the posts here how some where strong armed, how fans poured over the wall onto the field and made it so crowded that some almost got crushed against the stage. My wife and I had set up about 25 feet off of Phils side but by the time the band hit the stage we literally ran for our lives to the rear to try and enjoy the show. When I watched a kid get his arm broken right in front of me I turned to my wife and said "babe it's all over now we have just bared witness to the death of an era". So sad I had literally grown up with the dead from my older sister an original fan to me who would plan all my vacation time around touring from my late teens through my 20's (sigh) well you can never go back home

- (10/24/2012)

Gene you are so wrong and it's a shame for you, as there where so many more great shows to come.
I was a this show, yes it was crowded but there was plenty of space I guess you are one of those who are stuck in the seventies well to bad for you as you missed a lot of great stuff and by the way Further, Rat dog, Phil and friends great stuff and as Bobby says if you don't like it please don't come :-)
-Anonymous (11/26/2012)

Lol, i never noticed how negative all these comments have been. And to Ray, AS WELL AS Gene. Are you forgetting that most of the things you guys are complaining about also happened in 1969-1970? Seriously, the Song New Speedway Boogie is about a riot that happened at a show in 1970 and forced the dead to play a free show so the assholes that busted the gates didn't break anything else. it happened alot.

you only know about the ones in the 80's because god forbid you would talk ill of the 60's. Musically speaking, the 80's is far better and technically skilled then the 60's ever were (go ahead, prove me wrong... or try), but as far as a communal vibe at shows, i'm sure there is no comparison with the 60's. So don't disregard dozens of shows after this one, just because you had some run ins with a-holes that you refer to as "Touch heads".

So what would you call the a-holes from '69 and '70 who crashed gates and brought cops into shows, cause they were there back then too. cept people called em hippies. Now they are just called wooks. These "people", if you can call them that, have been around since the early days of 1968. They never went away, their numbers just dwindled during the late 70's and early 80's cause there were few well known album releases after Shakedown. The numbers of Wooks that moved in and out of the scene were dependent on the availability of gulable Heads to mooch off of. when the heads stopped givin and started glaring and telling these scumbags off, then their numbers dwindled again. They cam back hard in the 90's because no one cared and it got publicised again.

the only times there were ever huge problems in the scene was when the boys got put on TV or they did something commercial, like jerry's levi commercial. then the hipster fools came around to look cool cause the TV told em too. The dead was a comunnity that adopted idiots from time to time, and then when shit got too real for the idiots or no one would blow smoke up their ass like they were used, they left and moved onto another scene to leech off of.

The same thing has been happening to the Phish scene. I can't wait to see what those morons do when the boys come to Randalls Island this summer. It's gonna be funny as hell watching from the lot. Gonna chill with some old school heads on the lot, listen to the show, and then as soon as the last notes are plucked, i'm gettin the hell outta dodge.

So i can tell you two things for absolute certain:
1) If you left the scene because of this show or any of the Dylan/Dead run, your a fool and missed out on some of their best playing (And don't tell me that the seventies were better, cause you clearly ONLY listen to the 70's and don't know what you speak of.)

2) These shows were less then a year off of a bad coma for jerry, so to expect him to sound like '77 jerry is unrealistic and childish. Jerry kept getting better and better as the years went on, til' he got sick of the people in the scene and hipsters destroying what he once held sacred, so he just drowned himself in heroine. So i will say that the Touch Heads, Wooks, Hippies, or whatever you wanna call them, are absolutely responsible for destroying the scene and Jerry. Their petty selfish desire to be "cool" and not giving a shit about anyone else but them led jerry to say "screw it, if no one else cares, why should I?"

Sorry, but had to get that off my chest. all the self absorbed idiots on this site that think the music is for them annoy the hell outta me now. I like what anonymous quoted, "If you don't like it, please don't come". so thank you Gene, your bad vibes not being there probably helped the shows get better.
-Anonymous (03/24/2014)

-Murphy (03/24/2014)

New Speedway is about the concert at Altamont Speedway in Dec '69, which the Dead decided not to play. They did play a free show in Toronto in 1970 during the Festival Express Tour when fans started to crash the gates.
-CaptainFats (06/03/2015)

Yeah, Anonymous (3/24/14) ^^ said it perfectly. The whole "headier than thou" attitude is so tired...
-LuLu (07/11/2015)

Wow, just saw this Anonymous response. First off I can't speak of 69-70 cause I was only a year old. From 85 on I never left the scene & went to shows to the bitter end. Second off if you prefer the late 80's/90's midi era Dead, more power to you. Lastly all I did as well as Gene was recount an experience that was unnecessarily uncomfortable. This concert is up on youtube & the band themselves were pleading with the crowd to take steps back. Being crushed & physically threatened by some frat boy type tapers was not for me. Went to 60 plus shows later on & never had that type of experience again. "self absorbed idiots"?? You need to chill out bro.
- (02/22/2016)

Wasn't this the show where a kid died (may have been killed by security)? One of the last show I went to outdoors. Had seats behind the stage. The parade of wounded, dehydrated, and/or handcuffed people was stunning. The vibe was lost, for me. Saw about 15 more shows, all indoor venues. My last show would have been the cancelled Orlando show, the show where I decided to take a stab at outdoor venues. . .why was that canceled? Anything to do with a riot the day before? Jerry's health?
- (01/09/2017)

the only post hiatus show with both Stella Blue and Morning Dew
-Just Exactly Perfect Band (12/12/2017)

so wait, anonymous calls these guys self righteous for complaining about Touch Heads, goes on and on, then at the end says Touch Heads killed the scene and Jerry? am I reading this right?
-rhonda (03/20/2021)

I am sad they didnít include the Ď87 third set in the Giants Stadium box set. I was listening during an overseas run, and thought that seemed liked an out of place edit. Fuck you Rhino! You should have left that!
-Dave Fadoul (06/13/2021)

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