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John F. Kennedy Stadium - Philadelphia, PA

Set 1:
Iko Iko
Jack Straw
New Minglewood Blues
My Brother Esau
When Push Comes To Shove
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Looks Like Rain
Terrapin Station
I Need A Miracle
Black Peter
Around And Around
One More Saturday Night

Set 2:
Tangled Up In Blue
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
Man Of Peace
Frankie Lee And Judas Priest
John Brown
Simple Twist Of Fate
Ballad Of A Thin Man
Stuck Inside Of Mobile
Chimes Of Freedom
Queen Jane Approximately
Gotta Serve Somebody
All Along The Watchtower

Touch Of Grey

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Great crowd,enjoyable cassidy-china-rider sequence...Dylan had too much to drink, however. Fell down - during Queen Jane, I believe. Could've been so much more but it was what it was.

Man what a croud. That place was huge and packed. It was great to see Jerry play the pedel steel guitar. Real good show. Look at all the songs.

Thought this was the most enjoyable of the Dead-Dylan shows. I still crack up remembering "Tangled" with Jerry playing the uptempo JGB version, while Dylan is trying to spit the words out that fast!

A fine show; Bob Dylan's best backup band ever and the Dead's set wasn't bad either.

This is one of the best played show for the DEAD.Forget Dylan he's my boy and all but...This was a night for the boyz. After a massive show of their own,backing up Robert Zimmerman was just a footnote.If you were there you would know by the encore of touch of grey.At that time nothing else would have done justice.


one of the best dead shows i ever attended. every song was a best version. iko kicked things off with a smile, and you knew this was going to be a good show. the solo and ending of jack straw is blistering! jerry was ON and we were going along for the ride! his solo's in sugaree sounded more like robert fripp than jerry! notes just rolling off the fretboard. minglewood was thumpin' (those philly phillies). althea was dripping in funk. esau was really together. a delay-washed "take a step back" really warped everone. the cassidy/china>rider was really a highlight, just wonderful. looks like rain was a welcome relief as it was in the 90's and hot as hell. terrapin was the cherry on top. drums/the beam and space transported us from south philly to mars and back again. was the sun going down or coming up?!? the post-space segment lacked the energy of the first part, but it was still well played.
the dylan set started off well enough with a great tangled up in blue and seeing jerry play pedal-steel on i'll be your baby tonight was a real treat. the rest of his set was sloppy and just a real letdown after the killer set the dead had just played. he stopped queen jane after the first verse and went into gotta serve, with the band looking confused. all in all though,set one was one of my top ten dead shows. one hot day at old jfk (which held 95,000 easy).

This was my very first show! All I remember was Iko Iko and TOG encore, and somewhere during the middle Phil,I believe, said something like "If anyone out there put something in to your mouths that didnt really belong there, there are medics walking around in red and yellow t-shirts, seek them for assistance".
Now, besides all the tye-dyes in the crowd, all I saw was red and yellow.....and purple, blue and orange,
lol. All I could do was laugh, because I thought , If I needed help from the guys in red and yellow, I would never find them. The acid was awesome at that show.....
- (04/15/2008)

My favorite thing about this show?

After traveling several hundred miles to get there; after paying full price for the tickets; the venue did not open enough gates to allow the crowd in. Hundreds of us stood in line to get in while we listened from afar as the dead started ... and then ended their first set. We finally are allowed to enter the show we have paid for - mid-second set and I was treated to the sloppiest version of All along the watchtower ever. I was amused by all the Frat-boy a-holes who were now counted among the throng after "In The Dark." I never went to another Dead show. I understand in a few years the frat boys started breaking down the gates to get into the shows. Hmmm.
- (12/12/2008)

it was a really fun day and the last event held at jfk. lots of friends, partying in the sun; but bob dylan totally sucked! his voice gave me the creeps.
-tmc (12/31/2008)

What a shame Waldo.
You should have had patience and faith.
The frat boys were mostly gone by late '89 (and their numbers decreased each tour after this one) and the Boys played some of their best music EVER in the '89 to '91 period. For my money it was never better musically and the scene was pretty solid also.

'92 and '93 were more sporadic but still mostly good. '94 our scene deteriorated again but still had a lot of good people and good shows. Spring '95 (contrary to popular belief) was very good and then yes, the tour from hell was summer '95. Bottom line is outside summer '95 this was still a "band beyond description" and even in their worst '95 shows they still had amazing moments.

Since Jerry's death we've seen the same thing. '03 and '04 was right back to the frat boy scene. Average shows (Joan singing Garcia was painful) and below average crowd.
That said I STILL kept the faith.
'09 Dead was fantastic and our community started growing close again.
And right now the Boys are taking it Furthur and Further. I'm excited, happy and PROUD to still be on the bus. Looking forward to west coast late summer tour. Long live the Grateful Dead.
- (06/04/2010)

I think you mean First Event tmc. The last was two years latter.
-Murphy (03/24/2014)

Really fun show. My buddy and I were talking about this show and I wanted to give it a listen. Dylan came out hammered, he fell over at one point if I recall correctly. That said, it was a long time ago and well you know.........
-80s head (04/11/2014)

tumbled off the belchers cut my back miss most of Dylan's set caught the last three songs,,, yeah he was hammered as hammered as I was I know he didn't even sing any words on watchtower except the last verse " and the wind began to howl!!!" what a great friggin show... I saw jerry jump in the air on watchtower he was pumped!
-tom r (05/06/2014)

Fantastic Memphis Blues the boys and Dylan are amped up!
- (05/26/2020)
- (12/12/2021)

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(04/16/79 - 07/23/90)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Brent Mydland
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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