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Silver Stadium - Rochester, NY

Set 1:
Hell In A Bucket
Walkin' Blues
Dire Wolf
My Brother Esau
When Push Comes To Shove
Tons Of Steel
Me And My Uncle
Mexicali Blues
Brown-Eyed Women

Set 2:
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Samson And Delilah
Looks Like Rain
He's Gone
Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad
All Along The Watchtower
Stella Blue
Sugar Magnolia

Black Muddy River

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My first show ever. I was alone the entire time & had the time of my life. The bus came by & I got on that's where it all began. It's true. I had to Greyhound it from Buffalo.
I saw about 3 songs from the "In the Dark" album that I never say at any of the 40+ shows I attended after this one. It was also the only Dire Wolf & Black Muddy River I ever saw. It was a great first show to see. The band played well, even though I wouldn't have known it at the time. I've heard the tape. Phil makes a pretty funny comment between songs during the first set after the crowd eggs him on to sing. I think there was a take a step back right before Push Comes To Shove. I remember laughing after Jerry played that one at such an appropriate time. The second set had very high energy. Rockin'!

Everyone has their own favorite show for their own reasons. This was mine. For an outdoor show, Silver Stadium was a relatively intimate venue - a minor league ballpark in a tired section of a small city that had seen better days - and right around the corner from my apartment.
The band was tight and the crowd was festive. It was a cool, overcast summer evening with dark clouds swiftly blowing by the brighter clouds above them.
I've never heard a tape of this show and at this point would prefer to keep it that way. In my memories, every note is perfect, Jerry croons like velvet, and I'm forever that long-haired kid dancing barefoot on the centerfield grass with his girlfriend... his whole life ahead of him, not a care in the world, and nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile.

This was a sweet funkin show. I taped this show at the venue and have the masters and it is a good one. I will offer it up to anyone that request it for a b&p.
They were on this nite.

Chow for now.

this show is now being hosted on furthur.
get it while it's there

I concur with previous comments. This was a good one. Had both sets on tape for a while. I don't recall much about the show, I was rather drunk. It rained alot and the LLR was appropriate. Also remember Watchtower leaving a lasting impression.

If I recall I was able to get tix at my local box office a couple days before. Me and my brother drove though blinding rain that day to get there. Walked in as Bertha shifted into Walkin' Blues and I have never been the same since. What a place to see a summer show, a small minor league ballpark, gen ad. with the band playing in the outfield. A very good,
long first set. New stuff in the middle, I remember the Dire wolf like it was yesterday...Second set rolled on like a runaway train. During Looks Like Rain drops started to fall out of the sky and i remember walking back through the crowd listining and watching all the smiling faces and looking back at home plate as Bobby SCREAMED "no more fucking rain today" and knowing then I was hooked...What a day. The Drum/space is awesome and the Stella With Brent doing "Choir Angels" in the background and A rocking Sugar Mags complete with fireworks. As the last strains of Muddy River faded i turned to my brother and said "see ya' in Foxboro". The bus came by and I got on for sure. The Genesee was flowing freely and no hassles anywhere. A great show. I would probably, normally give it 4.0 points but it gets an extra for changing my life, hard to put an experience like that on a numerical scale. Worth the download, one of the best that summer.


you all said it already! a magic night, coming in from the show in toronto to my home town, ah to be young again. Clowns and orange sunshine everywhere...gone are the days
-for sure

Unbelievable!! In my top 5 that I had ever seen. Just gushing. This was one of those nights, for sure. Colossal! Now i better go back and listen, to make sure I am not fooling myself. SHould have been a Dick's Pick's.
-rob cal (01/29/2010)

Good show and lots of fun of course but this was where I saw something that made me gag. They had Buds (the drinking kind) for sale everywhere. I had to go pee so I went to the bathroom (not because I had been shwillin' Budwiser). It was packed and when I finally got in there guys were peeing everywhere. But what really got me were two hippies in bare feet peeing into a large trash barrel in the corner...that was filled to the brim with piss...and it was flowing over...down the side...and into a puddle they were standing in. And they were just having a friendly conversation like it totally normal to piss on ones feet. I love drinkin'...don't get me wrong, but sloppy drunk Dead crowds (in New York no less) were not on my favorite scene list.

The high humidity made for great sound and the tapes we pulled were crunchy....
-Bossgobbler (07/23/2011)

That is fricking disgusting....

Loved the Dead and saw many shows but yeah, dirty hippies and their behavior were appalling sometines
-Anonymous (03/12/2014)

The bathroom facilities at Silver Stadium were the worst I have seen at any venue, ever. No judgment should be passed on anyone for what they did there. At the '88 show here, my future (and still current) wife peed, with other women, by squatting in the open along a fence. It was her first show, so she was definitely not a head yet.
- (10/27/2016)

I love Brent... but sometimes I do skip Tons of Steel. Not always!
-Just Exactly Perfect Band (11/27/2019)

... growing up in the Rockin Chester, I was able to see 12 of the 15 Rochester NY shows 1976 to 1988. We also traveled thru New England, NYC, Philly, Baltimore & DC The deadhead crew we had back in the day wondered off to 198 shows from 1981-1995 and would never never never trade a day in the world for what we experienced....... those were the good ole IKO IKO days. Sure do miss Jerry & Brent ...

IKO IKO on & on .......
- (10/10/2020)

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Band Configuration
(04/16/79 - 07/23/90)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Brent Mydland
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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