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Ventura County Fairgrounds - Ventura, CA

Set 1:
Hell In A Bucket
Tons Of Steel
Ramble On Rose
Me And My Uncle
Mexicali Blues
Feel Like A Stranger
Might As Well

Set 2:
Scarlet Begonias
Fire On The Mountain
Playin' In The Band
Terrapin Station
Wharf Rat
Throwin' Stones
Not Fade Away

The Mighty Quinn

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My friend Mike's first show... Walked in without a ticket... What a Treat for a first show... Scarlet > Fire, Playin' > Terrapin

I took so much acid that my eyes temporarily saw huge circles with Jerry's faced placed in the middle. When I came down, Not Fade Away had started

Show almost didn't happen. Ventura County was pissed about the goings on outside the fairgrounds at the previous two gigs

For a show that was thrown together at the last minute and almost dident happen delevers very well. Fire on the Mountain is at it's best, so is Hell In A Bucket. On a side not this was the day befor the hottiest, nicest girl was born, my girlfriend.

So high the day before I couldn't see the Sat show & gave my ticket to a girl parked in the space next to me. The next day she made me a steak and gave me her Sunday ticket. Went w/ my best friend and the sun came out for our 3rd or 4th show. AWESOME!!!! Only at a Dead Show!
- (01/17/2008)

Some assholes loaded up spray bottles filled with water and LSD and sprayed them over the crowd during these Ventura shows. A few people went to the hospital and the local authorities were not pleased. At the first night of the following Greek performances, an announcement was made before the show started. You can listen to it on the Archive.
-Andrew (11/22/2012)

Guess thats why this is the last performance at Ventura. The guy on announcements even told people to chill the night before or it would happen. What dumb fucks, whoever would dose some random head with out a word deserves to have a real bad trip next time around. Not cool, i hope anyone who did that ended up seeing the seventh circle of hell while on their next dose.
-Murphy (02/25/2014)


2/3 times played. 1st wad 10/8/81 Copenhagen & last 2/26/90 Oakland Coliseum. Just when I thought I'd seen all the interesting combos by the boys. They just keep on making me happy.

Combo usually had Samson instead of Playin through the late 70's. Another special night
- (06/01/2020)

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Band Configuration
(04/16/79 - 07/23/90)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Brent Mydland
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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